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Date : Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Time : 12:06 PM

28th April 2006

730pm. Pauline called and its time for dinner!!
Met CK (my future boss), Jimmy and the gals in the car. Well.. its gonna take some time for ice-breaking.
We went to a small but nice restaurant. The gals are vegetarian, hence the guys and I shared the Picanha( pi-ca-nya). Its a part of the cow and it was served grilled. The waiter only cut and grilled sufficient amount so that it can serve fresh and hot. Despite the fact that i truly enjoyed the tenderness of the beef, i had to stop the waiter at the third serving before i got as fat as a cow. The dinner ended with a bottle of Guarana, sth taste like "kickapoo" but solely found in Brazil.

Got my keys from the reception when we got back. The room was nicely done and i really love it!

Unpacked my stuffs from the two boxes of DHL.. and it ended up 12 plus.. Nite and sweet dream!!

29th April 2006

Oh Gosh.. It was freezing cold last nite. Woke up in the middle of nite, putting on socks and another few layer of clothes.. I must get a blanket today!!

Had wholemeal bread and yoghurt for breakfast. Reckoned this gonna be my standard breakfast for the following days..
The gals called and i joined them for their weekly laundry and grocery shopping.
The laundry shop is located above Sendas, and it cost R$19( for 1 wash 2 dry, i learnt that 2 dry is required to make sure that the laundry is really 'dry', many of the times it leads to unavoidable shrinkage in clothing too) which is claimable. It take two hrs b4 collection.
We went for our groceries shopping at HortiFruti, 15 mins walk from our place. You can find a lot of fresh veges and fruits here. Got myself some green leaves, carrot, tomatoes, lemon and olive oil, thot of making some salad. Mm.. beginning of a healthy lifesyle, i reckoned. Anyway, it tooks me great effort, trying to pick the veges.. Guess there is a lot more things to learn along the way in the future.

In the afternoon, we went out for lunch @ Rio. This time with KC, Edward, Danny and the usual gang. We had a marvellous meal at a Japanese restaurant. I love the sashimi, esp the Salmon special, salmon skin sushi and the Bifum(Beehum). At least there is sth great in Brazil! Yum... yum..

After the meal, the Boos and we gals headed to Carrefour in Niteroi. I got a long shopping list and managed to get most of the things. Thanks Boss for lending me another R$200. Now i got my bedsheet and the other household items equipped. Great its claimable, coz it really cost a bomb.The exchange of Reais(Hee-ias) to SGD is only abt 1.2! Thanks to inflation.

30th April 2006

Woke up early for breakfast. The dawn came in rather early due to winter. (There is only two season in Brazil. Winter or Summer.) Today i added a cup of milk to the menu. =) Got my luggage yesterday before lunch. Hee..

Went out for a walk near the apartment. Felt so handicapped as i dont understand what the hell the rest are saying.

Made some salad for lunch. Caught a nap.

Pauline cooked some bihun and we had a simple dinner at Dawn's place. Over the dinner, the conversation are discouraging. I wonder what the hell am i doing here in Brazil where everyone else is so eager to go back. Em... Dawn is going back in another 2 months time, and Pauline will be here for another 11 months. Hopefully i am already well adapted by the time.

1st May 2006

Mm... My first Labor Day in Rio.

Went out for lunch at Amineira near a beach called 'Sao Francisco'.
A buffet lunch.. My first in the lifetime Ox Tail.. Yum.. Yum...
Looking at this rate of eating.. hahaa.. i guess i m turning into an ox sooner or later!!

Boss drove us up to a hill after lunch. I called it Niteroi Peak. A nice place where you can get the view of the whole Niteroi and Rio. It was rather hazzy since morning.. hence everything seems under the shadow. It was magnificient still though.. How nice if its high enough to see Singapore from here...
I didnt bring my camera wif me..Shall take a pix of this place the next time i came. (Probably when Steven arrive)

Went to Sam's Club after that. A warehouse like store where you need to be a member to make any purchase here. The mineral water, a brand called 'MetroPolis' is much much cheaper than in Sendas. I got another half dozen of that and some biscuits. Funny things is that you need to buy for plastic bag( @ 50 cents) or bring your own carrier coz they dont provide any. After paying, before we stepped out of the store, there was a guy who would ask for your receipt and signed on it. Another position created just to provide a job to the local. Thats common in Brazilian based MNC i presumed.

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