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About the Devil: Missy ZEE
- A super blur gal on the wrong side of twenties who eats too much but exercises too little, spends too much but earns too little, and acts too fast but thinks too slow.

Current Location: Samba Land, SA.

Current Deed: Job Assignment in Brasil.

Devilish Indulgence: sleeping / travelling ard the world / good movies / good books / playing wif cammie / ice-cream n chocolate / retail therapy / exploring & experiencing new things / falling in love / rolling with zico / singing in the shower

Expertise: sleeping / eating / self-encouraging / forgetting names / losing things / procrastinating / lending a listening ears / bullying zico / shopping

Current Favs : Singer-Corrine Bailey Rae.Jack Johnson.Ben Harper.Damien Rice. Eason Chan / Book-Marley and Me.Angels and Demons / Actor-Eric Bana.Jude Law / Accessory-Sun Glasses.Watch

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Sweet Temptation

Date : Monday, January 14, 2008
Time : 12:22 AM

Cant get enuff of Tequila?? Hehe.. now u can get ur dosage b4 the sunset.

Colleague Jimmy-boi got this from thailand. I wonder is its ingredients are alcoholic, but it indeed taste like Tequila! Wat a straight shooter to kick-start the week! Hiakzz Hiakzz...

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Time to go again

Date : Sunday, December 16, 2007
Time : 7:38 PM

Its time to go again, packed n leave.
Tucked the emotion neatly away and say goodbye to the sunny, bouncy city.
With a jolly mood, and a longing wish, i m returning to the familiar, warm, cosy city once again, knowing that there will be a open arm waiting for me. Ya.. there's a place called home, and i can smell it now even from a thousand miles away..

Vyvy, take care of yourself and be strong! Enjoy the samba-land and i shall see u soon in SG.

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Date : Friday, December 14, 2007
Time : 6:11 PM

I m too free and i m literally popping zits all day.
Yikes.. There are so many breakouts on my chin recently and its hateful!!
Life sucks, esp when ur skin is as dry as a nun's gusset! AND with zits!!! =S


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It never fails to bemuse me..

Date : Thursday, December 13, 2007
Time : 11:05 AM

.. the vicissitudes of the weather here.

It is just the onset of summer. The capricious weather is as worse as the Highness's whimsical mood. Last few days were hot like hell & the temperature even went up to 40 degree celcius. Just when i thought the cold spell is finally over, the temperature plunged again. First it was the ominous dark clouds, then without any warning, rain started dropping. The overnight shower simply swept off the heat n leave me trembling on my working chair like a nobody-kid now. A 72 hrs straight downpour? Geez.. its gonna be depressing. (i shall overcome it thou)

I can feel the festive mood welling inside me, compounded by the whole xmas theme on my pc, the glittery christmas lights along the streets, the oh-so-tall floating christmas tree at Lagoa, the christmas tunes from radio station(come to think of it, why dont they hv an exclusive station that plays only xmas carol? i m so gonna tune in to it days n nights), and definitely the gushing excitement of being able to see the people i miss so much soon!

The office secretaries organise an advance xmas party. Nothing big, just a small BYOFood gathering AND the 'secret friend' gift exchange. Thats how it works. We get to pick the name of our 'secret friend' written on a paper note from a pandora box weeks ago, and then everybody could start go gaga over the xmas present shopping ritual. And then in the party, someone will start the ball rolling by describing his/her secret friend, and everybody will make a guess of who that 'secret fren' is, followed by gift exchange.
My secret friend is Jeane, whose bday is one day before mine. Wat a coincidence.. we happened to pick each others name and we exchanged our gifts. =D

The Prig announced his upcoming one month vacation. Oooh... all of us agreed thats the most worth celebrating reason! CHEERS =D

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The Prig

Date : Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Time : 3:27 PM

The Prig: Ooh.. let me introduce. This is Z. One of our main buyer. Z, this is X, our project deputy director.
Z: Nice to meet you.
X: Nice to meet you.
The Prig: Wat a pity, Z is leaving the project this week. To 'Come' back to her country. (Pardon French guy's English)
X: Oooh.. why? You dont like Brazil? (Looking at Z)
Z: no.. no.. of coz not. i love Brazil. but.. well.. its company decision, so i just hv to go.
The Prig: Ohh.. She doesnt like French guys.
Z: (Smile charmingly towards X) Hee. no.. i like French ppl. I just HATE proud and snobbish people. (Give The Prig a derisive smile.. turn gracefully n walk away)

See.. I m NICE but some people just like to ask for it!!


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The high..

Date : Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Time : 4:03 PM

Imma as happy as Marry freakin' Poppins now, despite the stuffy nose and undesirable body aching.

Reason being...
First i got a sweet sms from Mr hooligan.
Next , i received this cute ecard from my beloved dd.
Then i was treated to a great lunch today at Outback.
No saint could be mean after being pampered by their signature ribs on the barbie, blooming fried onion, spicy kookaburu wings, gold coast coconut shrimp and the delectably sinful chocolate thunder from down under. No..no.. not even a bulging stomach could spoil the mood.

And then this!!! A nice orchid table arrangements which i have just the right spot on my desk for it. =)
Thanks a zillion to the u-noe-who. Lets juz say u certainly knows how to make a gal's day.
Well.. it might be a lil' later than expected, but now.. thats the high i m seeking.. got it?

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Seeking for a hug

Date : Monday, December 10, 2007
Time : 9:22 PM

If there is an island in the earth called frequent sicka, i could absolutely be the queen there.

juz recovered from the world most serious sorethroat and now I m officially carrying a blocking nose and a leaking bowel. At one moment i have to breathe thru my mouth like a puffy fish, and the next moment i m running up n down for toilet like a nuts.
Arrggh.... now u got me.. a suffocated fish on the dry land..

Desperately in need of a hug now. A hug that gets me high, high enuff to fade all the uneasiness away..

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I need my McDreamy

Date : Saturday, December 01, 2007
Time : 8:00 PM

Went to the beach at Campoinhas.
The soothing seawaves and and the cooling seabreeze hv the magic of bringing all the stress away.
Wat a captivating scene but it only makes me miss u more.
I know how much u love the sea yet I couldnt bring the calming seaview neither the smell of the ocean back..
I can only whisper in my heart and hope the seagulls can bring across my blessing to you who is a thousand miles away.

=( Enchanted is out in SG.
Wont be able to get back in time to catch it. I need to get my dose of McDreamy!!
Oh boi.. need u remind me of that melt-me-in-my-shoe Patrick Dempsey's smile??
Okie.. i shall juz bear with it for the moment and catch him more on my Laptop.
Bye.. ppl. Time for Grey's Anatomy Season Four.

Oh ya.. before i forget, its finally December. Xmas is just round the corner. Imma in the mood to get a silky lil' dress, and dance the xmas nite away wif a special someone. Will the wish comes true?

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Banana - Laxative or Costive?

Date : Friday, November 30, 2007
Time : 8:44 AM

Its gonna be a nice day watsoever.

I got a red apple from vyvy early in the mornig and then the cute lil' boxes made by Carmen's daughter. Oh my, i m such a blissful damsel wif u gals ard =D

Well.. this is totally unrelated, but somehow gotta share my ponder here.
Vyvy is having her first constipation in her life.. ever since she took the banana(s) from the mkt last thursday. So... we were just jokingly pointed out aint bananas help the body to detox, Suely overheard our conversation and gave us an astonishing look.

"Oh no gals.. you all should not eat banana. Banana is bad.. Banana makes you to tighten not to let go!!"

Oops.. in my whole life i thot banana is the best natural laxative other than papaya??!!
I decided to do a survey among the brazilians and to my surprise the result is doubtfully assertive. So now i m totally confused , does banana act as a laxative or a costive?

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Silicone No More

Date : Thursday, November 29, 2007
Time : 11:39 AM

Traffic to Rio is really bad..
Every morning we are stuck in the traffic congestion on the bridge which links up Niteroi and Rio. Boss often jokes that there is already plenty of 'jam' and all we need is a loaf of bread then we can hv our breakfast in the car.

When the traffic situation is dat bad, we need to find some entertainment. Saw this billboard commercial advertisement on the way to office. Kekeee.. gonna buy tons and tons of this club social biscuit back if its really effective. ö

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posted by the little red devil at 11:39 AM | Close-Up Evidence | 2 Witnesses
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