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Expertise: sleeping / eating / self-encouraging / forgetting names / losing things / procrastinating / lending a listening ears / bullying zico / shopping

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Date : Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Time : 5:17 PM

I feel like my muscles are now all turning into fats...i haven't been able to exercise at all! Argh.

I feel like I'm imprisoned in the room. The sun is beaming out there, and the heat is sweltering.
I've taken to holing myself up in the room. The good thing is i hv been leading a very systematic life these few days. Wake up at 7am, sleep at 9pm. Take three meals a day at regular timings and instill eyedrops promptly.

Besides not being able to goto work, having some spare time of your own while everybody else is quite a blessing actually. I did so many things yesterday which i had been contemplating for months:

1. Woke up at seven am and had breakfast with my darling mum.
2. Bathed Zico. ( Well, mum did the job while i m just helping by looking. =P)
2. Finally got myself a queen size mattress and dumped the old single size mattress. We all deserve a good bed to sleep the night off and recuperate for a better tomorrow!
3. Went shopping w/ mummy and got her a new handphone.
4. Shopped for my new bedsheet/mattress protector/quilt/quilt cover/pillow/pillow cases & etc..
5. Had dinner wif dad/mum/dd/zico.

Ha.. i thot I can hear a collective gasp:" Thats sooooo normal!"
True enuff but all these are simple chores i have been missing for years-- some quality time spent with family. Suddenly a week of rest seems like a nice way to break the monotony of working life!


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So bored!!

Date : Monday, July 09, 2007
Time : 1:36 PM

I am given one whole week outpatient sick leave. However, i am doing absolutely nothing at home. My dad will start lecturing whenever he see me watching TV while Mum will start nagging the moment i on my laptop. I cant do my reading either as i cant focus well especially near-reading.

So the only entertainment i have is playing wif Zico, which i think he is getting too much of me and he is sick of my presence now. He doesnt want to play catch animore and all he want is his afternoon nap. =( Went out yesterday fisrt time after surgery. Had dinner and ice-cream with Kate, Bear and Alan. Even thou lighting in the shopping centre was still too glaring for my eyes, no doubt i need to stick to the sunglasses indoor like a f*ck-up celebrity-wanna-be, I just cant tell you how WONDERFUL it felt, to be able to see clearly without the aid of any hard or soft lenses. Almost felt like having granted a 2nd life. Well, a miracle which costed me a few thousand buck thou.

Oops.. mum is coming, gotta go! Some photos to share:

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LASIK surgey - Day 2

Date : Friday, July 06, 2007
Time : 10:48 PM

Woke up wif a better vision, my right eye vision is much clearer then. and that was certainly a boost of spirit!

My left eye with astigmatism was scheduled for operation early in the morning. The procedure was similar as yesterday. However, the doctor had to draw marking in my eyes using a tiny pen pre-surgery. The thot of having someone using a pen poking into my eye sounded pretty eerie but its actually painless. I was quite nervous and scared still but mentally prepared. Hence the whole surgery seemed to be shorter and more bearable. this time, doctor no longer crying for bleeding. That certainly eased my thumping heart. I remained absolutely still thruout the whole surgery as instructed and was quite relief when the doctor finally blurted out the word 'DONE!'

Whew.. the toughest part already past! Now i can sleep well and eat well even though i have to take extra care of my eyes. There shall be no rubbing of the eyes, no eye makeup, no water, shampoo or soap near the eyes for a week and absolutely no swimming for at least two weeks. However, there shall be no more fumbling of glasses in the dark, no more uncomfortable contact lens, and no more blurry harry when i go for swimming!! Thats kinda cool, isnt it?? Both my eyes can see clearer now! Life had nvr looked any better than this, Wahaha!!


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LASIK surgery- Day 1

Date : Thursday, July 05, 2007
Time : 5:09 PM

The day of my LASIK surgery finally arrived, i was a lil' nervous yet excited at the same time.

The operation was scheduled at 2:30 and I have to report to SNEC one and a half hr before surgery. I went straight the the LASIk center registration counter where i was told to make payment. hopefully this would be the best money i ever spent!!

The nurse first took photos of my original/pre-surgery pupils' sizes. I was told to lay still on a bed which the operation gonna take place later. The photography section was done in a blink of eyes. After that the friendly nurse instilled 2 drops of eyedrops into my right eyes in order to dilate my pupil in prepartion for the surgery. I was then told to go have my lunch before the operation. 1/2 an hr later i went back for another 2 drops for the same purpose.
Soon, my name was called again and the nurse checked the dilation of pupil. She was satisfied with the results and the surgery was abt to begin. The hurse helped me to clean my eyelid, and gave me some anaesthetic eyedrop. I had to don a cap, a gown and shoes cover before i was brought into the laser room where the doctor was waiting.

I laid down on the same bed where i had my pupils' photographs taken. The doctor warned me not to move my head nor drop my chin and keep loking starigh up at a red light. The actual surgery was actually quite quick but i felt like forever lying down there. I can barely figure out the details but i remembered the super uncomfortable feeling when the doctor put the eyelid retainer between the lids. Probably those with bigger eyes will experiences less pain =P. Thurout the surgery, i can hear some "zzzzzz" machine sound while the laser is working. could also hear the doctor reapeating his words: 'Wah.. a lot of blood.. a lot of blood.. haiz.. so complicated..' The more i heard te scarier i became. I also smelt burning at the end of the surgery. My only thoughts: Can i just jump down from the bed and run away from the room??
Why backside itchy hiong hiong came for the surgery. now then u know u r asking for torture urself lar. =( Oh no.. tmr still got another eye to go thru. sob.. sob.. sob...

Dunnoe how many minutes had passed before the doctor announced my freedom! I was toled to blinked rapidly and sat straight slowly. Already i could see out of the eye which had just been operated on. Kinda incredilble!However, vision was still blur and i was told it wiill gradually stabilize to a better result.

After removung the cap and gown, i was given a drink while the nurse gave me a bag which consisted two types of eyedrops. an antibiotic type and a lubricant type. There wass also a protective eyeshiled which double up as a sunglasse, which i had to wear for the next 24 hr and also during bed time for the following week. I was told not to rub my eyes and also instilled the eyedrops timely as intructed.

After a final check with the doctor, i was given the 'OK' to go home. I was warned not to stare at anything for too long, blink my eyes every 5 to ten minutes, do not take any naps before 11pm tonite. I had to keep on watering my eyes to prevent inflation and dryness.

All and all, the surgery is rather minor and painless, however its not very comfortable either. I am doing fine and able to blog now within 2 hrs post surgery. Tmr i will hv to report at 7:30am and that will be another rd of suffering. However, I am looking forward to having a pair of eyes with a clean bill of health. =) Cheers!!


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King of Fruits

Date : Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Time : 11:25 PM

Went for durian feast at Serangoon Teck Chye Terrace with colleagues after work.

Teck Chye Terrace is a tad hard to find for someone who is not familar with that part of Singapore. It’s on the junction of Boundary Road and Upper Serangoon. Near the Paya Lebar Methodist Church. However, its definitely not a new name for foodies. This is also the place where the Channel 8 Drama Series - 'Holland Village' was filmed.

The shop is called Durian 24, owned by Jimmy's friend. The proprietor once took part in a Mediacorp TV competition with two other durian sellers to see who was the best in identifying the different types of durian & he won hands down. There were different types of durian sold in this shops: " D24", "Cat Mountain King" & etc. There were other fruits such as starfruits, mangosteens and cherries available too. We were given some free Lychee thru the courtesy of the proprietor. =) For those who like durian cakes & durian puffs, you can find emicakes outlet here too.

For the unintiated, durian is actually a tropical fruits with heavy, thick-skinned, brownish-green, spiky shells. Mainly planted in Southeast Asia, each individual fruit is divided into few compartments, each containing a few sac of thick, creamy pulp with brown seed, with an aroma that is legendary. Those who loves it call it 'King of Fruits'. The litany of legends and myths surrounding what Malaysians call the "king of fruits" is long and colorful. The durian is said to be an aphrodisiac: When durians fall down, sarongs fly up, goes a Malay saying. For those who cannot accept its strong smell and ugly look described it as smelling like garbage, moldy cheese, rotting fish or worse still: a bunch of dead cats. Thailand durian is good for beginners who cant stand the 'pungent smell' but for the real connoisseur, nothings beats the native durian grown in Malaysia's dusun(aka orchard).

It had been years since i last tasted durian. I aint a durian lover but this kind of gathering always bodes well for the tastebuds. Besides, my colleagues are all good people which are great fun to be with. Hence, regardless of the ulcers in my mouth and the lasik surgery scheduled 2 days later, i braved myself to the durian buffet spread.

We ate the most expensive 'Cat Mountain' which is so called the best durian. The colour of the durians were golden yellow while the texture were creamy wet and sweet, the taste however decent but nothing to rave about. I still remember the good old times when my families and I used to eat durian by the roadside stalls. Those durains seemed to taste nicer and richer in terms of flavor. Those are the best durians i had ever tasted, perhaps what i hv been pining for is a taste of nostalgia. I can also remember after a hefty durian feast, mummy would insist that we fill the empty shell with water, add a pinch of salt and drink it. She would explain that by doing so, the shell which contains "anti-heat" properties that would help cool down body heat. It is believed that durian makes the body feel warm. Another weird but useful tip: Rinse your mouth and hands with water poured on the durian shell. This will neutralise any bad after-durian binge smells.

10 of us had about 5 durians before going over to Lim Tua Tow restuarant which is located 2 doors away. The food were generally too salty and too heavy after our durian feast. The attraction of durian is fatal. We were drawn back to Durian 24 after dinner by the durian smells and started our 2nd rd durian buffet. We also dabao some back homw and all of us vowed to return next week to relish the sensation again before this durian season draws to an end. If you have not sampled durians before, I highly recommend that you do. You will either love it or hate it. No two ways about it. Whatever the consensus, one must admit there is nothing quite like the durian – "king of the fruit".

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Getting a pair of new eyes

Date : Monday, July 02, 2007
Time : 12:55 AM

Haha.. m back!!

Been busy practising geisha stare -- stop men in their stride with a single look! Why???? Coz i m getting a new pair of eyes soon!! Well.. to be precise.. i m expecting a perfect eyesight in the next few days. Keke.. after soo many years of talking, i finally went for lasik consultation last week and the operation is scheduled on coming Thursday and Friday. Wish me luck!!

Found this cute tiny cakes from GOBI on my desk after lunch =) Its easy to bring a smile on a gal's face, isnt it?

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