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LASIK surgery- Day 1

Date : Thursday, July 05, 2007
Time : 5:09 PM

The day of my LASIK surgery finally arrived, i was a lil' nervous yet excited at the same time.

The operation was scheduled at 2:30 and I have to report to SNEC one and a half hr before surgery. I went straight the the LASIk center registration counter where i was told to make payment. hopefully this would be the best money i ever spent!!

The nurse first took photos of my original/pre-surgery pupils' sizes. I was told to lay still on a bed which the operation gonna take place later. The photography section was done in a blink of eyes. After that the friendly nurse instilled 2 drops of eyedrops into my right eyes in order to dilate my pupil in prepartion for the surgery. I was then told to go have my lunch before the operation. 1/2 an hr later i went back for another 2 drops for the same purpose.
Soon, my name was called again and the nurse checked the dilation of pupil. She was satisfied with the results and the surgery was abt to begin. The hurse helped me to clean my eyelid, and gave me some anaesthetic eyedrop. I had to don a cap, a gown and shoes cover before i was brought into the laser room where the doctor was waiting.

I laid down on the same bed where i had my pupils' photographs taken. The doctor warned me not to move my head nor drop my chin and keep loking starigh up at a red light. The actual surgery was actually quite quick but i felt like forever lying down there. I can barely figure out the details but i remembered the super uncomfortable feeling when the doctor put the eyelid retainer between the lids. Probably those with bigger eyes will experiences less pain =P. Thurout the surgery, i can hear some "zzzzzz" machine sound while the laser is working. could also hear the doctor reapeating his words: 'Wah.. a lot of blood.. a lot of blood.. haiz.. so complicated..' The more i heard te scarier i became. I also smelt burning at the end of the surgery. My only thoughts: Can i just jump down from the bed and run away from the room??
Why backside itchy hiong hiong came for the surgery. now then u know u r asking for torture urself lar. =( Oh no.. tmr still got another eye to go thru. sob.. sob.. sob...

Dunnoe how many minutes had passed before the doctor announced my freedom! I was toled to blinked rapidly and sat straight slowly. Already i could see out of the eye which had just been operated on. Kinda incredilble!However, vision was still blur and i was told it wiill gradually stabilize to a better result.

After removung the cap and gown, i was given a drink while the nurse gave me a bag which consisted two types of eyedrops. an antibiotic type and a lubricant type. There wass also a protective eyeshiled which double up as a sunglasse, which i had to wear for the next 24 hr and also during bed time for the following week. I was told not to rub my eyes and also instilled the eyedrops timely as intructed.

After a final check with the doctor, i was given the 'OK' to go home. I was warned not to stare at anything for too long, blink my eyes every 5 to ten minutes, do not take any naps before 11pm tonite. I had to keep on watering my eyes to prevent inflation and dryness.

All and all, the surgery is rather minor and painless, however its not very comfortable either. I am doing fine and able to blog now within 2 hrs post surgery. Tmr i will hv to report at 7:30am and that will be another rd of suffering. However, I am looking forward to having a pair of eyes with a clean bill of health. =) Cheers!!


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Witness Statement for LASIK surgery- Day 1
Errr ... all along I thought you would be sleeping during the surgery!

Glad that the first eye went well... I don't think I will ever have the nerve to go for a lasik unlike you. Well, I guess if I do want to enhance myself look-wise, there is a lot more work needed in other areas beyond the eyes... ;)

Show us the new girl after your surgery OK?

I can never keep my eyes open to let someone operate on it.

eh? 1 eye for each day wan ar?:O

mine i straight away go for both eye on the same day. and at that night itself i can see very clear already :D

maybe u wanna check my post regarding it

I had a minor eye surgery when I was young. It wasn't painful but rather scary cos I can see the knives n needles coming towards my eye. And the last thing u wanna hear is the doctor mumbling to himself "a lot of blood, a lot of blood".

Btw, why r u blogging when u r not suppose to stare at anything for too long? Better go rest your eyes....

Ms Loi, actually i can see quite clearly when the doctor approaching my eyes with teh excimer laser. Infact, its rather scary.. i can still feel the uneasiness now. =(

Ms Loi, actually i can see quite clearly when the doctor approaching my eyes with teh excimer laser. Infact, its rather scary.. i can still feel the uneasiness now. =(

cool insider,
if u were to ask me, i would tell u frankly there isnt such a need to go for it. haha.. i m not sure i would still choose for the surgery now given a 2nd chance,esp after i had experienced it myself. Really has to take my hat off for those who went for plastic surgery in order to enhance their appearance.

DK, as far as i understand, u hv a perfect eyesight aint u??
Ee.. thats really one-hell-of-an-experience. =P


I did ask the doctor if he can perform two eyes on the same day, but he refused to do that. The explanation given was: Patient will normally too weary to handle two eys surgery on the same day.
Probably thats the policy of SNEC, only snr consultant are allowed to operate two eyes on the same day. Instersting, I will check out ur post NOW! =)

The uncharted waters,

Oh yea.. u felt my pain.

Haha.. i m too bored doing nothing at home. I took a longer time to finish this post then usual as i had to keep reminding myself from looking away from teh screen every 5 mins.

Hey, u stop updating ur chinese log??

Congrats for the successful lasik operation!

oh man you're brave...i don't know if i'll ever get lasik....something about a laser in my eye doesn't sit well with me...

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