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Time to Go Home

Date : Monday, May 28, 2007
Time : 4:45 PM

Dear readers, imma leavin' Brazil and heading home now.
Will probably blog lesser but i will try my best to drop a few line here n there.
Subscribe to my RSS reader if u dun wanna keep on coming back for nothing new.
See ya soon in June!

XOXO, beijos!

My luggage.. nothing left in this apartment which i have been staying for the past 1 yr(on n off). Seems like lotsa things to carry back, but the heaviest of all is the invisible baggage that weighs one down. I nvr mentioned this but i was a runaway soldier. I ran to Brazil partly due to memories and people tat i dun wanna face. And now.. i going back again.. hopefully leaving all the haunting past behind.
One thing that keeps me going all these days..
Things gonna be better =)

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Witness Statement for Time to Go Home
Quote Chow Yun Fat from Pirates of the Caribbean: "Welcome to Singapore."


Home Sweet Home, Welcome back!

Wow! You're comming back from brazil? Cool trip. Be safe... ;D

You're back for good this time?

gimme a tinkle when u r back m'sia (esp when wanting to hav a short hols at kl)

coming home for good? hmm... u have shown me enough of brazil

wow, 1 year in Brazil, and that's all you got ? hehe, kudos to you !:)) Have a safe flight home, cheers !:)

nice luggage :D
welcome back home ;)

no better time to be back in sg for the singapore great sales.
things will be better. cheer up..

@ DK,

i shall add a 'back' after 'welcome' =) Hurray!!! i can smell roti prata tissue, bbq sambal stingray, satay & etc...

@ PP,

see ya soon in office! Muakzz Ü

@ sailorgal, thank u for ur good wishes =)
the airline - hehe... u can checkout generatorblog, lotsa neat stuff over there!

@ curryegg,
thank u , sweetie! i shall go shopping at Paris first, wahaha!

@ Miss Loi, hopefully this time for real...

@ johnny,
sure thing, u gottq bring me to the dunnoe wat street wif lotsa hawker food, okie?

@ wizcoder, LOL, 'nuff of Brazil? i myself hvn had 'nuff of bequtiful Ipanema gals n caipirinha =P but home still the best =)

Are you back yet?

Let's not use "runaway soldier". Let's just say, to seek a space and the room to re-organize our thoughts and directions.

But you know what? You've already said it... its the PAST! Everyone has a past, me too. It's only when we are able to put down the hatred, resentments or whatever it is, that we will gradually see life beginning to pick up again.

@ melting wok,

Oopz.. smart gal, u must hv seen the other two boxes at the port ready to be shipped to SG.=P

@ soul&body,

nice luggage w/ even betta content inside =)
thanks for ur well wishes.

@ shern's mom,

Oopz.. plzzz dun tell me dat. i just burnt a big hole in my pocket, coming out from Tiffany & Co in Paris. =(

zeezee: you reach Singapore already huh?

Hmmm... sound like all the food that I've been having for supper lately. Haha... Shall we come out for supper? Can get ECL along. :D

I link u aled... sorry so late ya...

Welcome backkk!!!! For how long?

hey, have a safe journey home k? hope to hear/read from u soon. :P cheers

~~Oh give me a hooome.. where the buffalo roams... and the deeeer and the antelope plays...where seldom is heard..a discouraging words...~~

@ DK, touching base! =)

Keke.. i ored went for dinner, hey, dun mind go for supper one day, when when when??

@ Endoh,

reacha! feel really great to be back.
How true. u just helped to put my thots into words.
Chin up, look fwd!

@ Patchay,
No prob at all.
mm.. hopefully no need to go back to Brazil animore. Not confirm yet, still need to discuss with the management.

@ calv, thanks for teh well-wish!! Here i m again =)

thats sweet, Nas!

dunno what street - prepare for the coming of the hungry ghost

What a name! "Heading Home Airways" Lovely.

Or did you photoshop that? Haha.

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