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Date : Friday, May 18, 2007
Time : 1:44 PM

Antonio, a waiter tat we got to know from our favourite hangout joint, work two shifts a day. He works in Farani in the evening, which we normally go for dinner at; during the day, he works in another Japanese restaurant in downtown which is called 'Tanaka-san'.

Jimmy & I was thinking where to hv lunch at, and we decided to try out this place since Antonio has since been highly reccomended this restaurant. According to him, this is the ever-first japanese restaurant in Rio!

Situated near our office in Rua da Assembleia, Tanaka-san welcome its guest with a small door leading to the 2nd floor.

The restaurant was nicely decorated, and the ambience was good. We were happy to see one Japanese chef standing behind the sushi counter, concentrating at his work. The sashimis displayed in the freezer looked promising indeed! We chose to sit upstair as downstair was already half-seated. One can choose from Rodicio(all-u-can-eat) or ala-carte. Being two hungry gluttons connoisseurs in nature, we opted for the Rodicio which is R$50++ per pax. (USD 25 or SGD 38++)

Lets started with some entrees and appetiser. A sake is not be missed for a complete sashimi meal!
then came the sashimi springroll: a crispy layer outside the sushi rice with sashimi and a little bit of mayonnaise as the inner ingredients.
the next dishes to come was the beutifully presented salmon roll with rice croqutte:
now its turn for some real deluxe, *drumrolling* deng deng deng... the long waited sashimis(SSSSS):
do i need to say more, the glow & the color of the sashimis speak for themselves..
wanna try sth special?? tuna sashimi dipped with sesame seed and teriyaki sauce. The aroma of sesame seed mixed well with the teriyaki sauce, giving the tongue another level of tantalizing effects. Not extraordinary 'nuff?? Tried this!!! Spicy tuna special - tuna sashimis with a tint of red chilli to spice up ur tastebuds:
Not 'nuff of salmon YET?? This one was my favourite: Sliced salmon with sliced lime and minimal teriyaki sauce with sesame seed. Perfect ending of a sashimi feast!! Giving u a freshening sensation without destroying the original taste of sashimis.
There were some others variety to choose from but there were only two of us! Our desires still craving for more, but our stomaches could not afford to accommodate more foods. Thats the reason why i think all of us need a portable stomach. You know, sth that can be taken out, cleared and put back, continue serving for our craves!! =P

I shall not elaborate more on how excellent, how tasty and how ingenious the chef combines different raw materials with the sauce. Words is soooo redundant suddenly and if i may juz add-this is a meal full of wat u people called multiple oral orgasm! Ooooo......... i gotta need more!!

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Witness Statement for Tanaka-San
Nice sashimi :-)

Looks yummy.

Is the grilled cheese nice? Sound interesting. :D

Wah...all their sushi not traditionally wrapped with nori wan hor...either with springroll skin or salmon. Creative!

SASHIMI!!! I Want!!!! Looks so yummy...

@ KuanHong, they r even nicer to eat!!


if u put 10 of this in front of me, they will disappear even before u blink!!

@ tigerfish,
yep yep. not traditional sushi that we always see in SG. rather unique and most importantly, tasted heavenly!!

@ bee nee, r u drooling??
keke... they r super duper delicious!!

That plate of Sashimi is sooooooo inviting, especially for a Sashimi lover. You ought to try the raw beef slices (if you are ok with beef) at Mohd Sultan when you're back. It's sweet!

Wow your lucky. But Chinese food is better :D

zeezee: Save some for me leh. :P

the crispy seawood looks nice to me.. =)
  • Statement made at 8:01 AM | By Anonymous mashibaby

@ Endoh, kobe beef??

I m not really into beef but im into everything delicious!! thin slices of beef sashimi are enticing!! hve u tried bashimi(horse sahimis) before??

@ Alex: No doubt at all!!
Chinese cuisine is the all time best. But.. Chinese food in Rio sucks. Not authentic plus they are either too salty or too oily. =(
Sometimes i think i can stay here forever if I can still get Asia local delicacies and homecooked food here. =P mm..neverthless, good food are meant to be shared hence i will also need my families n friends here. in another words: I cant stay here forever.

@ DK: Haha.. okie i will save u some (bamboo sticks & picture!!) =P

@ Mashi, it tasted nice but i think u can get it in SG too!

yummy yummy!!!!

Looks yummy. Didn't know they have such wicked Japanese restaurants in Brazil. The dishes do look somewhat different from those you get in Singapore except for the usual sushi and sashimi. I like the customised ones though!

See lah! Make me want to have sashimi now! The dishes look yummylicious! ok, gotta go find sashimi now. hehe...

I just had sushi yesterday! At sushi Quin. There was this new sushi.. I dunno what it is but it was good. :-)

Goes to show how well I know my food. As long as it tastes good. Hehe.

oh man...i loooooove sashimis...darn it..its lunch time and I am feeling for jap food..lemme see if I can con my colleagues to joining me...~evil though~

i just came back from my lunch, quite full actually. But once i saw those sushis and sashimis, i start feeling hungry again! :(

U did it again! Im hungry just reading you. Yummyyyyyyyyy

@ Cool Insider:
There are a lot of Japanes in Brazil esp SAo Paolo, hence Japenese restaurants are pretty popular here =)

@ EastCoastLife,
Hehe.. dun worry, sashimis is healthier than Roti Prata!!

@ Bernard,
keke... as long as the food is nice, who cares?? Sometimes, the more u know abt the food, the less attractive it becomes.. (imagine if u go to the kitchen of those nasi padang stalls. =P)

@ Jason.. haha.. brudder, sashimi is good!! enjoy enjoy!

@ yipguseng:
hehe... maybe save for dinner than. =P

@ Fa Sy,
do u like sashimis too?? It sure tasted heavenly =0)

Yes, I love it and I live next to a japanese restaurant hehh :)

ok all this food I'm hungry now. So when can I come for a plate?

No Seriously I'm hungry what time?

Fa sy,

Ooh.. You r a lucky gal!!

Hey Andrew, u come to Brazil and i shall cover three meals per day!

just wondering how u put 4 pics into 1? which pic software do u use?

nice coverage of yr food adventure, really pricey but i guessed u enjoyed yrself (that's the most important part)

johnny, this time rd i m using Picasa, u can download it online. =) pretty handy stuff!! try it!

picasa....okie dokie

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