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Current Deed: Job Assignment in Brasil.

Devilish Indulgence: sleeping / travelling ard the world / good movies / good books / playing wif cammie / ice-cream n chocolate / retail therapy / exploring & experiencing new things / falling in love / rolling with zico / singing in the shower

Expertise: sleeping / eating / self-encouraging / forgetting names / losing things / procrastinating / lending a listening ears / bullying zico / shopping

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Sunday's Deluxe Indulgence

Date : Sunday, May 21, 2006
Time : 9:16 PM

Hurray. after a week of uncontrollable craving, we finally revisit the Japanese restaurant 'Farani'!! Oooh.. how i miss the salmon special sashimi and salmon skin sushi and my fave ebikko!!!!! Ooops..sorrie.. I'm drooling. =P

Very very filling.. and very very satisfied.. At this rate of eating, i will hv no doubt putting on weight veri veri fast too. Mmm... Must start exercise!! Thinking of dat, i had been a typical couch potato for a year. Sucks.

Intend to catch 'Davincci Code' at Plaza after lunch. Yet we cant get th e slot dat suits us, just too bad. Next week perhaps. Actually do not hv a veri high expectation, coz i enjoyed the book sooo much which i disbelieve a 90 mins movie could outshine it.

Guess wat we did instead?!! Hahaa.. 3 clumsy gal trying to bake a simple pudding!! Well.. Pauline was the mastermind cum master chef whereby Dawn n I were just following watever instruction given by our lady chief. Keekeee.. we shall see how it turns out tmr!!

Recipe of Pauline's Pudding
1. Prepare the mixture.
1 can of condense milk
2 can of milk
3 eggs
stir and beats the pudding mix.
2. Mix half a cup of sugar with water and stir it on the stove
until it turns slightly brownish.
3. Give our Brazilian colleague Claudia a cal to make sure the
procedure are correct.
(This is verii IMPORTANT!)
4. Pour the syrup into the container, let it cool down.
5. Pour in the pudding mix.
6. Put the pudding mix container into a shallow basin of water
then leave it in the oven for 1 hr.
7. Let it cool down
8. Put in the fridge
9. Done!!!

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