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'303' Day

Date : Thursday, May 10, 2007
Time : 7:18 AM

Hoho.. 18 degree!!! The weather is sure acting up these days. It was still singing sunny summer during the weekends and yet the temperature started dropping after yesterday's rain. With a cool breeze, grey skies and the smell of the first drops hitting the ground, how i wish there is a bowl of white porridge with some You Zha Gui(aka fried doughstick) to start the day with!*Bling* *Bling* *Bling* checked my the clustmapr counter juz now. Guess wat, a wickedly cool '303' visitors on the previous day!! Hurray, it might be peanuts for u popular bloggers out there, but hey, its a pretti kewl thing for me!! *Chirping!!* (With me doing some backflip stunt and some twirls ard at the backgrd!!) Second thot, Somehow it doesnt really tally wif the Neocounter stats, but wat the heck, who cares. Thank YOU all the visitors from all over the globe =) and yea.. i mean YOU, who is reading this now.

Some of you reader might notice and frowned over the fact tat i dun hv a RSS feed embedded in zynamic-gala. Miss Loi, a full-time private tutor in Singapore specializing in O-Level Maths who owns 'Joss Stick': a blog which helps students studying for O-Level Mathematics in Singapore had kindly pointed this out and given me some FOC tutoring to encounter this prob. (Thank u so much Ms Loi!) I shall try this out later and hopefully my old-age programming knowledge still leave some trace inside my solidified brain to help me figure it out.
Switched on my office pc, bringing with it the 2nd ever exciting news: FINALLY the office Internet Explorer has been upgraded to IE7. I m soo spoilt by Firefox & IE7 tabbed browsing function which i find myself terribly handicaped without this function integrated in IE6 and below.

Watmost, its ored Thursday counting down to Friday, definitely looks set to be a good day =)

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Witness Statement for '303' Day
That's great actually 313 unique visitors in a day. They find you mostly from SE ?

Hmm..I think so. =) according to the Neo counter.

eh..Zee..u back oredi ah?

oh oh..haven't used IE7 yet tho...wonder if its stable enough for my organisation..they all so kia su one..must wait long long before an upgrade...

Err.. not yet ler...

Thats y missed those sinful You Zha Gui. So coolling here. Winter is coming. =)

I find it pretty okie ler. Hv been using IE7 for the past few mths on my laptop.

wow congras! I count for 1 of those 303 visitor...

ooo... 18 degrees. Cool.

You extend your stay until when huh? They like you so much, later make you extend again. hehehe...

i think neocounter records page refresh... :)

>_< thank you, Wizcoder!

ECL, even thou Brazil is nice.. but i miss SG food too much!
I hv a serious craving for food these days, no kidding. Hopefully can come back by end of May.

Zewt, oooh.. izzit?? so comparatively neocounter isnt dat accurate then.

u can cook the porridge right?

but you tiao, hmmm maybe we can post it to you? hehe...

by the time it reach here.. wah.. must become 'You Tiao Gan' ored.
I would rather u post more nice food on ur blog. i can at least 'look at the plum to quench the thirst'

nah, you should get stats counter. they will separate the 'page refresh' and 'unique visitors' for you. much better...

mmm.. i rem i read it somewhere tat it affect the loading speed. since u recommend it, i shall check it out.

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