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Call me Tuna

Date : Friday, April 27, 2007
Time : 6:33 PM

I wonder if this is wat we called 'Karma'.

I m a huge sandwich lover. i love bread more than rice or noodle. If u know me in person, u can probably see me munching sandwiches for meals, in between meals, right after meals.

It muz be Karma-came-to-fruition-day. Hv u ever seen how the tuna paste being sandwiched between the baguette? That's exactly my situation now. I m the tuna paste in between two slices of fat & spongy breads, which was being squueeeezed until oozing out.

Why cant the managers communicate among themselves. If they dun want to talk face-to-face, they can always use phone, sms, msn, emails and hey even post it up in their blogs (provided they hv one) . Why must I be the messenger????!!!!!!!!

This is the email i rec from Manager C--

Dear Zeon,
please print out hard copy of attached form and get Manager K to access Section C(i) and sections D & F. He should then sign off and e-mail back to me. also please remind him to confirm that he will do the same for xxxx by next week 3 rd May07, Ask him to get all forms signed and e-mail back to me.

Manager C

Doesnt he know that an email can send to multiple receivers???? Doesnt he know there is such thing called 'cc' ?????? And who am I to direct Manager K to do all these???????
And yet I thot 'Communication' is the 1st Chapter we learn in Management Lesson?

Now you know why we need all these delivered to Brazil??--

A parcel I received in the office today, thru UPS:

Jimmy too got a bag of goodies hand-carried from Singapore to Rio:Lets take a peep at wat's inside>> Salonpas pain reliever-patch, panadol and herbal tea... AND ... RED LABEL!!! Mmm.. i think Black Label will be betta?

Reason being: We're vomitting blood and bleeding internally constantly under the 'HARSH' environment of the poor management!!

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Witness Statement for Call me Tuna
Why the reciever have to pay??? Hmmm...
  • Statement made at 8:46 PM | By Anonymous Ivy

according to the UPS guy, the R$43 was for federal taxes.. well the fact is brazil got a lot of wu ah bo taxes. So our 7% GST is peanuts compared to teh taxes here.

the prev parcel i got from the mysterious person was thru Singpost and i dun hv to pay, but this time my fren send thru UPS and i hv to pay, funny huh??

This is not surprise, each parcel excess certain $$, the receiver will have to pay for it at norm case. Especially at BZ, so try to ask yr family or fd not to send parcel unnecessary cos it might turn out u need to pay more than e freight cost, due to their high taxes there. And u might ve custom check when all these r w chemical product.

As for e mgn, I think most of our managers need to take (refresh) course for their daily work. In most cases, the lower lever ppl will have to suffer in their 'communication'.

Take Care!

Why not just fwd that email to Manager K and write "FYA"


mm.. then u should tell all those secret senders to send via Singpost so that you no need to pay.. since it's consider a gift to u...

y u keep falling sick? must take care of yourself wor...
  • Statement made at 6:58 AM | By Anonymous mashi

Pauline, if i only i were to know they r sending sth for me earlier- i would hv stop 'em from doing dat.
but i pay it willingly lar.. heheh..ppl got the heart wat.. furthermore the cough syrup did help to loosen phlegm and expel mucus, and it seems to work on me. =)

DK, i thot of doing that, but i noe Manager K will then ignore that email even if i cc to manager C. then Manager C will come back haunting me again and again!

I got a betta solution: call up Manager C in SG, told him my internet connection got problem,and the next 4 days are holidays(we hv a long weekend here) which means no tech support. So he has to write to Manager K directly to expedite the process.

Mashi, i think this virus is an international virus, was coughing in Brazil, and i brot it back to SG, then bring it back to Brazl again. Then, my colleague introduce me to get antibiotic from the drugstore( here in Brazil, we dun need prescription to buy antibitic), and i think i finally recovering now.
Hip hip hurray!!

Sigh.... I think both managers need to grow up and mature a little. This isn't the most efficient way to get things done, plus it gives the officers who have to do the messaging a lot of unnecessary stress and aggro.

While I am supposedly in senior management (something I am still grappling with), I always resolve issues with my fellow directors directly and not through a third party. Sometimes its with a phone call (preferred) or occasionally email (not so good).

My philosophy is that it doesn't matter who is right and wrong so long as the job gets done. I have no problems in saying sorry and eating humble pie so long as we can both move ahead in our working relationships.

I have no respect for those with "management egos" who try to pull rank on others. They belong to the age of dinosaurs and don't deserve any respect in the new age of work.

Hope you are much better now!

I agree with cool insider. I've always preferred the personal touch. Phone calls are the second best if you can't meet the person personally. And now in this age of technology, messages are relayed through computers. So I dun see why your managers are so geng one.

You have people who care for you, feel thankful wor!

i think it's more about incompetence and laziness. sometimes people just stop trying at a certain point....which sux royally...

Zee, have you every watched The Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

If it is good news, the leaders will inform each other directly. If it is bad news, they will send their messenger to inform the other party. Usually, the messenger will be killed because they bring bad news.

This is known as killing the messenger who bring you the bad news even though it is not his fault.

In your case, you are the messenger who is being send by manager c to inform manager k. Essentially, he is placing you on the chopping board since manager k is like to execute you once he got the news from you haha. kk just my own thoughts.

Bill Chen

Walter, we ve a lot of managers like to pull rank on others, no wonder I saw so many dinosaurs walking around, ha ha.

Sigh..as a fellow civil servant, I agree with Walter man...these people need to mature...I am having problems like this at work too man..sigh~

ooi ooi..Zee..take care man..its been buggy all around...~dodges virus~

AAaaahh... communication barriers eh? Typical of these managers. Hahah! Goodies looks good! Anything free is GOOD!

CoolInsider, i hope my managers can finally see the importance of communication. Not only that, but also the proper way to communicate with subordinates. Manager C likes to discuss work over the phone even though all of us are sitting in the same department. Grr...Really dinosaurs from the ice age!!

ECL, i oso dun understand. Can u hold a talk in my company to educate them???Ehhhhhhnyway.. manager C finally EMAIL to manager K today. So i officially wash my hand from this communication sandtrap. =P

Hi Frank,
welcome!! =)
I think its more about stupid self-pride. its sucks big time!

Wah.. Bill.. yep, i read the book and watched the show b4. One of my favourite chinese book.
so looks like i m the deadmeat on the chopping board??!!
Oops, maybe can borrow some idea from Zhu Ge Liang.

Jason, aza aza fight!! The managers hv their own playgrd, we also hv our own strategies wat. Siam!!

Hey Nas.. haha, absolutely agreed with u , anything FOC is good =) Its even greater to know u r being cared, rite?

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