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How often do u complain?

Date : Friday, April 20, 2007
Time : 7:24 AM

How often do you complain about your life, your work, your social status and your wealth? Do you rant about your monotonous routine and swear on your wearying job? Do you vent on how boring your relationships are and how wicked your superior is? How frequent or do we ever love the fact that we are alive, have a shelter over our head, have food to keep us warm and energetic, have work to keep us occupied and paid?

Pardon me for the 'Carrie-esque' questions above. The after-effect of too many dosage of Sex and the City. These questions struck me when i saw two homeless ladies on my way to office this morning.

Our car couldnt move an inch, together with the many cars in the middle of the road due to traffic jam. Despite the amount of cars and people looking, there were two black ladies changing their clothes by the roadside sooo naturally as if there wasnt any pair of eyes watching. I bet they are mother and daughter. Mother first got herself into an old, rugged T-shirt, she wasnt wearing any bra underneath. Then she helped her daughter to get change. Daughter is at her teenage years, but acted like a dim-witted child. I assured you, a nude ebony teenager's full-blossom torso exposed in front of your eyes under this situation wasnt sexy nor arousing at all. In fact, i felt an indescribable uneasiness and sadness.

After putting up an similarly torn T-shirt on the daughter, mother took out a small comb,started to brush her daughter black, curly locs just like any other mother do. Soft and gentle, with love and tender.. I believed she wanted to give her daughter the best that she could, but all she could do is to be with her. She couldnt even give her proper place to sleep nor a decent place to wash up. Heart-wrenching, and all i can feel is a twinge in my heart. Wat an irony... to think I was worrying over the issue of how to doll myself up for the wedding dinner tonite when some people dun even hv a proper clothing to wear. Shame on myself for being sucha vainpot.

There are plenty of homeless in Brazil. I ask myself wat can i do to help 'em but i dun hv an answer to my question. Give 'em food and money, that isnt a way to cure the root. All of a sudden, i feel endowed and glad for being where i am and for wat i have. Life has been good to me and i shall stop myself from ranting any further. My frens, be gladful and be contented. Wish all of u a good day ahead.

Till then , xoxo.

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Witness Statement for How often do u complain?
You see poverty everywhere. Even in Singapore. Not meaning to be a wet blanket but we have our own family to take care first, then the rest. Everyday, count our blessings for there are many people less fortunate than us.

Its interesting that you blogged about poverty and the importance of being content. I often visit the Chinatown and People's Park area and see the many homeless older folks there sleeping by the corridors on cardboard boxes. Sometimes, I wonder if I should do something to help them but then I realise that they probably are already approached by social welfare workers and have refused assistance.

I have ever told myself before that one day in the future, I will be rolling up my sleeves to do something for the disadvantaged and poor. Unfortunately, work is so busy for many of us that we don't have the time to give of ourselves to others. I hope to change that though.

That will be very meaningful. sth tat i always wanna do too. More volunteering work! Not onli bring happiness to others but also to ourselves. =)

EastCoastLife, ya.. agreed. I m glad i hv enuff to eat, enuff to spend and some surplus to splurge. Less complain and more content =)

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