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An arc of concentric colorbands

Date : Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Time : 9:33 AM

I saw RAINBOW this morning!!!

Kid u not, its a special rainbow. Not those half broken rainbow can... Its a full bow rainbow i saw this mornin' =) It was complete and vividly bright at both legs.

Mm.. I m those who fall asleep the moment i get into the car's backseat. However this morning, i was wide-awake somehow. And here it appeared, right in front of us. My heart leaped when we stumbled upon the seemingly perfect colour bridge. It was drizzling and the sky was cloudy, but this did not affect the astounding beauty of the full bow. Rainbows are one of the most beautiful spectacles nature has to offer -- so beautiful, in fact, that they've inspired countless fairy tales, songs and legends. The
science behind the rainbow is so simple, the phenomena is yet so wonderful and breathtaking that it makes all your trouble melts like lemondrop.. A flock of bird flew past the colorband in a straight line, making a picture perfect morning for 4 of us stuck in the 4-wheel box. Beautiful things always come at the least expected moments..

Sorry readers for not being able to take any picture. I was stunned by the natural beauty and when i regain my consciousness, we already drove past the arch. However, i shall share this piece of entry with all of you, wishing you a beautiful day ahead with your pot of gold waiting at the end of the day.

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Witness Statement for An arc of concentric colorbands
It sure is a long time since i last saw a rainbow...

I can still remember the 1st reaction that i always gave when i was still a KID. "Ma ma, Ma ma... i saw a rainbow"

Scientific explanation: Rainbows can be observed whenever there are water drops in the air and sunlight shining from behind the observer at a low altitude or angle.

Beautiful picture! I also love rainbows. We usually see them rather often in Springtime.
Thanks for dropping by!!!

Ivy- came to brazil then u can see plenty of rainbow. =)

Hee, i remembered i saw one at Iguazu falls, also darn nice..

Simple science but astounding beauty, dunt u agree? (^_*)

Hey sailorgal, good to see you blogging again. =)

Hehe.. it juz melts everybody heart, isnt it? Spring is good.. Wat is the season in Lisbon now?

Beautiful shot. Would make for a great skittles commercial...chase the rainbow

I remembered the beautiful rainbow in Iguazu Fall too. Hardly we have the chance to see rainbow in Spore, wat a pity!

Hi scott, nice shot i reckon. however not by taken by me. I din get a chance to take any pix as mentioned.

I haven't seen rainbows for a long, long time liao.

Hope to see one again.

Eastcoastlife, u dun see it becoz u urself r the rainbow of the ppl ard u!!

aiyah zeezee,
You make fun of me lah!

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