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A parcel of surprise

Date : Saturday, April 14, 2007
Time : 2:07 PM

Was juz ranting on my bad health recently and deng deng deng deng i receive this speedpost parcel from SG this morning.

A box of Panadol Extra and some vitamin C supplement. No name, no addressee nor any sort of notes. Its a surprice parcel and I hv no clue of who the sender is. Regardless of which kind soul out there, if u r looking at this post, i m expressing my deepest gratitude to you. I m fine now with no more fever. I lost my voice but worry not, i m gonna find it back real soon! Thanks for the concern.

Gals are funny animals. We tend to touched by all these lil' acts which u guys might find it too dramatic or showy. For me, I m glad there is someone who care but it would be juz pure gratitude, if only the kind acts were shown by the people I love or care abt, then that is where happiness steps in.

Prob age is catching up.. or prob thats becoz of peer pressure. Everybdy ard seems getting married within the next few years, and i ve been asked when is my turn coming. Beside giving evrybody a bitter smile, i cant find other words to say.. When i was a lil' gal, i believed tat the happiest day of my life would be my wedding day, and now.. its not tat i cease believing, it just dawn upon me that to find a soulmate that i can spend the rest of my life with seems the biggest challenge i hv ever met.

Fren A: Its abt time.. just get urself out from the shelf and married off ur butt.
Fren B: Dun u tell me u hv no woo-ers or BFs. Forget abt ur criteria lists and get realistic!!
Fren C: Treasure the man in front of u! U'll nvr know, give it a shot.
Fren D: Dun think too much, just go sign the paper and u will know hows married life is.

Arrgg.. as if i m going to become an old spinster soon. I m still in my twenties.. aint it my time to focus on my career and embark on my next big thing in life? but somehow.. i can hear that lil' voice in the deepest corner of my heart, yearning for a stable and looking-bright relationship leading to a blissful marriage. But how do i tell if he is the right man for me? if I were at one time in love, what has changed that precipitated my falling out of love with that person? how do i find the spark back or izzit natural for the spark to go away and i might feel not in love anymore but Im just in a different stage of love? The main point is, if i cant sort all this out, wat right do i hv to jump into the marriage cruise and how far u think the ship can sail off?

There are so many doubts in my bombing head, and i juz cant seem to get 'em cleared. How i envious those who can be so sure of what they want/need in life and then fight hard for what they think they deserve.

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Witness Statement for A parcel of surprise
well.. who cares those comments.. as long u r happy.. haha... well.. at least u still got this fren who are still single n older than u.. haha...
  • Statement made at 2:32 AM | By Anonymous mashi

Hey Zee, no worries about finding the right guy and getting married and all that. When the time comes, I am sure it will happen. What's more important is to focus on the people who matter and to be a loving person to all first and foremost. A girl like you shouldn't have any problems getting a great guy. ;)

Zeezee, when you feel tat he is e man tat u could like 2 b 4 yr life, then prepare to marry. If not, dont think too much or bother how others comment, everyone ve their own opinion.
Now most importantly, take good care of yr health ok.

That Vitamin C looks like what FELS Medical Center is giving to the staffs...

=) like wat u say.. wat most important is one got to enojy his/her life.
I got to be sure of wat i want in life b4 i can continue my steps further....

Coolinsider, agreed. Be able to love and give is our biggest gift.
I will rem this and continue putting effort to people i care and to ppl who care for me.

PP, haha. sounds like some words i have been telling u.. okie okie.. i will drink more honey water =) u take care too!

Ivy, so are u saying it could be from someone from FELS? hehe.. i seriously doubt so, noone that i can think of.

Anyway, i got one bottle of this Redoxon supplement pills from my mum too. I think u can find it in any drugstore or pharmacy. I hate popping pills thou =(

Take your time to look for your soul-mate, dun bother about getting hitch to please people and to stop others nagging.

You are so friendly and a easy-going person, so you should have no problem finding your other half.

My best wishes for you.

There's no end to all those asking, trust me. So don't feel the pressure.
When you are young, still in school, family and relatives always like to ASK about which school, blah blah blah etc etc.
When you are out from school, pple start asking about bfs (those Frens' A,B,C,D qns)
When you are married, without kids, ppls start to ask "when are you having one?"
Never-ending...sigh ...

Meanwhile, I choose to be on the side that as long as you are happy, don't fret too much about such things.

ECL & Tigerfish.. juz grumbling.
Ya.. gotta cheer up and stay happy man.. hehe.. advice from those who had been there, seen that, must listen .. must listen...

o.O u got a secret admire... but how he get 2 know ur addie @_@ hehe. lastly, hope u able 2 find ur "prince on white horse" soon

Hehe.. all my fren who got my email will prob hv my addy in BZ.. so this secret admirer/mysterious fren hv to be someone i know. =)
u too enjoy ur days wif ur ah boi lar ;)

panadol works wonders eh?

panadol extra some more.
but cure for it all is satay. haha...

LOL... Oh my!! those juicy satay.. cant wait to go home!!!!!

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