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Hoppy Easter

Date : Thursday, April 05, 2007
Time : 4:06 PM

Finally touched down. Keke.. guess wat!! i got upgraded to business class during the Paris-Rio sector. Teethy Hohoho.... its definitely heaven n hell! Feeling good even after twelve hr flight - thanks to the genius who invented the lie-flat seat.

Saw this Lindt Gold Bunny at the Airport Duty Free Shop.

Bought two for the neighbour kids and one for myself... Its Easter coming again! Child Basket

My apartment was full of dust after a month vacant. Spend half an hr cleaning and tidying up before going to Sendas (supermarket downstair) for groceries shopping with Jimmy. Sendas was full of people doing last minute shopping for the holidays. Its fun n smile-inducing looking @ those beautiful packed easter eggs hanging on the overhead racks. There are so many of them: big and small, modern and traditional -- I felt like a kid once again- hopping in joy and amazement.
Mmm... Life in Brazil is starting again. This time rd, the song of life sings at the right cue and it feels right too =) Wish me gd luck!

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