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Samba beckoning

Date : Sunday, April 01, 2007
Time : 12:17 PM

I am flying again...
Another tendering job in Brazil require my expertise.
Ticket already booked, leaving tuesday nite.
Haiz.. there are so many friends i hvn meet up with, so many fav food store i hvn visit, so many errands yet to clear from the to-do-list. Hate this last minute arrangement, i m not prepared at all. Its like life is not within my control anymore.
Tongue Out

Went BBQ at Arandar Country Club (beside Downtown East) on Saturday. Wow.. we had lobster, crayfish, king prawns, stingray, cuttle fish, satay and otah!! Not to forget the premium spicy sambal recommended by Alan. Jimmy's neighbour - an SIA inflight supervisor who juz came back from Germany brot us some German sausages and Pork Knuckles. Food wise, it was definitely the most luxurious BBQ gathering i ever attended. I wont say we had a lot of activities but it was a good time getting together.

Sunday was another busy day. Finally got a chance to visit the much-talk-abt Dim Sum restaurant. - Redstar Restaurant at Chim Swee Rd. Their Dim sum is still served off push-carts in the traditional way. Food is good, especially the egg tart. However, one hv to chase after the dim sum ladies and dim sum carts, for chances are they either miss passing by your table, or by the time the carts reach you, the items you want are all gone. The service aint very good esp during the peak hr ( 12noon to 1pm on weekend). The taste of the food however can compensate that.
They start serving dim sum as early as 7am till 3pm. The customer flow is fast, so generally you do not hv to wait longer than 15 mins. No reservation on Sunday hence do come early to avoid disappointment. Price is rather reasonable, suitable for a Sunday family gathering.
HDB- Chin Swee Branch Office
Blk 54, #07-23 Chin Swee Rd (S)160054
Tel: 65325266 (no reservation on Sunday-First Come first Serve)

Brought Zico to WestCoast dogrun, the ground condition was too muddy for a good doggie flip.
Instead we played some fetching and went down to Holland V for Laksa. Zico got so jealous and he couldnt stop barking when i gave this handsome King Charles a gentle stroke on his forehead.

As u would hv guess, me n my weekend chill-out joint - Wala wala again. I'm juz so desperately hooked by their Hoegarden Draft & Wala-Wings!

Thats pretty much of my weekend. How abt urs? Flirty 2

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