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Romantic vs tacky?

Date : Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Time : 9:32 AM

While hunting for dinner yesterday nite, we parked the car rite in front the restaurant where a pair of couple was creating quite a scene on the passenger path.

A 40++ uncle was trying to blindfold his 30++ gf/wife. Apparently, uncle had some romantic hanky panky thot on his mind, probably got the idea from the evening soap opera. Gf/wife was kinda irritated by clumsy uncle who tried so hard to tie a white towel (who the hell in this world will use a rough towel to blindfold his gf??!! Pls lar.. use sth more delicate can..) over her eyes. One can sense her impatience and unhappiness clearly from her tone and expression esp when she almost sprained her leg trying to figure her way out..

Ha... if you only you can imagine the scenario. All of us were laughing real hard and it certainly made our day. Our bad.. our bad.. but its real hilarious man.. Successful romantics are idealists,the sentimental dreamers,the imaginative and the fanciful artist that love look like an art form with all the romantic things they do for their special someone; and the lousy one.. arggh.. tahts when rosecolored dreams turned tacky when came to glorious reality.

And only in Brazil you can see this.. Brazilians are so straightforward in expressing their passion of love, no shame or shy when come to showcasing their act of love in public. You can easily spotted a couple from far because they are either hugging like a unseparable Siamese twins or french-kissing lovingly on the street like there isnt tomorrow. This happens in anywhere, anytime: while waiting for the redlight turning green, while queueing up for the cashier, while waiting for the bus or even while driving on the streets. However, this is the first time i saw people transorming the movie tricks into real romantic stunts-blindfolding his partner for a evening surprise - on a street. Being an incurable romantic, some sympathy pts is given to uncle's courage and adventurous attitude, but i do pity his gf who was the guinea pig of his primitive try. Need some fine-tune on the settings and plottings, i muz say.

I bet u will say: All this showy stunts could only happens smoothly in the movies where the actors and actresses remain handsome and pretty 25 hrs a day. While cooking up further romantic ideas, probably we shall juz start wif sth simpler. Yes, love is an emotion but it's also an action. I guess many of us including myself have never really put love into action. Regularly ask yourself, "What am I doing to keep love alive?" Then, commit to doing something every day that will make your partner feel good. Say "thank you" a lot, send a loving e-mail, buy flowers, light some candles at dinner, plan a surprise weekend and so on.. Romantic is sth very personal, everybody has his/her own definition. Some might prefer a surprise now-n-then, some might be into adventurous outting, or some might do fine with just lazing under the star.. No matter what kind of romantics your are.. put ur feeling into the real dough. Action is a way of keeping us conscious of how blessed we are to have our partners in our lives. So y not get some spice for ur lovelife, go turn urself into a lil’ puddle of romantic comedy-loving mush today!! (^_*)

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Witness Statement for Romantic vs tacky?
This entry make me remember an incident when my good friend's husband blindfold her in the intend to surprise his wife with a romantic candlelight dinner in one of the rooms @ swissotel, which are filled with rose petals & candles light in the room.

Can you imagine this game start off at the hotel lobby till the lift hit the 20++ storey.

Well... my friend did get a bit piss-off with this idea & thanks GOD she was blindfold thus escaping the hundreds pairs of eyes staring at her.

Friend: *Just kill ME*

During the gals-sharing session, we almost laugh our heads off... You guys out there, STOP trying to be ROMANTIC with these silly games.

If we gals do play along with you, its because we do not wish to break your little heart & waste your so-called splendid IDEA!

Keke.. see.. the difference between reality and fairy tales.

But hor.. being a loser romantic, haha i still think its quiet sweet for the guys to come out wif all these idea, crappy but sweet thou ;)

i dun mind being blindfold. haha!

Well I dont mind if my bf blindfold me to a romantic place.

Why feel paiseh/piss off w this idea? At least he made effort to do something to make you happy (at least he thg he is). Anyway when come to romantic, everyone have their own opinion to it.

I hope that somebody saw what you comment... Hee hee, should you got a chance to taste it, do tell me your blindfolded experience! LOLs

ya, I agree with zeezee. I would act stupid or retard if hubby did the love acts. He probably has put in effort and days or even weeks of planning. And also risk embarrassment.... hehe...

It's so sweet of him. It makes our marriage more exciting.

Ivy- ya man.. haha.. i hope teh whole world can see it.. Come come blindfold me. =P

;) see.. i noe u will like this, eastcoastlife. Hiakz.. hiakz.. hiakz...

Pauline, ya.. i agreed. evrybody has his/her own definition when it comes to romantics. Some might find it too syrupy or unrealistic, some might just enjoyed that sentimental moment.
Hence, betta check wif ur partner, tyr to understand ur the other half b4 u act. Hehe..

3 out of 4 gals like such stuff...

I zipped :X

No story-telling next time!
  • Statement made at 9:05 PM | By Anonymous Ivy

Oopz... C'mon, my dear Ivy.
I enjoyed ur story-telling.. but I nvr experienced b4 mah.. not harm trying sia.. keke. =P

Oops Ivy,
I am lomantic mah! Dun like tat lah, tell some more stories leh!

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