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My First Brazilian Wedding Party

Date : Saturday, April 21, 2007
Time : 2:24 PM

Attended Bruno and his wife Viviane's wedding party yesterday nite after work. Boss got stuck in the meeting hence we set off rather late. Took us a good two hours effort to find the party location-Garden Party II as the traffic was bad and we were not familiar with the route. I was badly sick with nose running like tap water but it was real fun looking for the road sign as if we were participating in the amazing race.

Wedding was scheduled at 8:30pm but we reached ard 9pm. Most of the invited guests had arrived in their best suite and gown. The ceremony was held at an outdoor pavillion under the starry sky. Decorated by my favourite white Cala Lilies-simple but stylish.. well. simple put.. the setting was just LOVELY.

90% of Brazilian are Roman Catholic. Most of their wedding ceremonies had been patterned after the modern religious ceremonies, so was this one. Guests seated at 9:15pm sharp, waiting for the Groom. Led by the Preacher, the groom and his mum walked down the aisle first. Then each pair of 'Padrinho' aka witness walked in one by one. This is what the Brazilians do in their weddings. Instead of bridesmaids and groomsmen, they invited couples or match their 'Padrinhos' into couple. These couples are normally the bride or groom's relatives and best friends, they can be husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, brothers and sisters, cousins, or friends, etc who will be sitting in front together with the bride & groom during the ceremony. In this wedding there are 10 pair of 'Padrinhos' altogether. Sucha a grand way of entrance. =)

Then came the flower boy and flower girl holding the bridal bouquet. The cute lil' boy was very nervous thru-out the whole way, his expression is too cute to be described by words. =P

The bride arrived 10 minutes late escorted by her father. Can you imagine if that happened in Singapore? Everyone would be worrying and feeling sorry for the groom. But here, it's expected. A Brazilian wedding ceremony will consist of the Brazilian bride being late at least 10 minutes after the groom has arrived. But the Brazilian brides are not allowed to be more then 30 minutes late for the ceremony. The wedding dress is not meant to be seen by the groom before the wedding as it is considered to be very unlucky which is also common in most other countries

The preacher started his blessing. The blessing was in Portuguese, it sounded so nice and touching even thou i dun understand a single word.

Its then time to exchange the wedding band. Another pretty lil' flower girl brought the wedding rings in a nicely-decorated basket. It is important not to drop the wedding rings, this is considered to show that your wedding won't last if this happens when the Brazilian brides and grooms are at the altar. Rings are used differently in Brazil, they are still on the fingers of course but when you are engaged you shall wear it on your right hand. Only when the the Brazilian brides and grooms finally get married, then you shall tranfer the ring to your left hand's finger.

After exchanging wedding rings, the bride and groom then exchanged vows and signed the wedding certicate. Ceremony was short and simple, but it was really special and beautifully done. I love the bride's gown especially the long veil. It was Sooo lovely dat it made me feel like to get married immediately for the sake of the gown. Ha!

Guests then proceeded to the buffet area where the party was held. Brazilians party bound to have food and drinks. So as a wedding party! There was a crew of waiters serving fingerfoods and beverages. Most of the Brazilian Wedding parties serve only finger food but some do serve full course dinner. We chinese normally give Red Packet to the newly wed, but in Brazil the couple would generate a wishlist online with furniture shop or household item provider. Guest would then purchase online the items chosen by the couple before atttending the wedding party. In case you are curious, generally people are willing to fork out R$100-R$200 to purchase a single or a few items, OR chip in to purchase a big ticket item.

Guest will mingle around, chit-chat, taking pictures while enjoying the foods and drinks. A cute traditional custom on the Brazilian wedding: The bestman cut the groom’s tie and sold pieces of it to the guests to help alleviate some of the wedding/honeymoon cost. =)

The party started about an hours later. There is a dancefloor with DJ's spinning some Samba and techno mix. The dance is different as is the music. The bride and groom dance the pagode, which is a form of samba. This dance is often played at Brazilian wedding ceremonies. Aftermaths, guest joined in, letting their hair down, dancing till drop.

Brazil has some of the most vibrant customs of any country in the world, and the Brazilian wedding ceremony is no exception. Brazilians love to party, and look upon weddings as an opportunity for a personalized Carnival. With its soulful mix of Indian, African, Japanese and European roots and traditions, this multi-faceted melting pot has always represented an exotic, passionate, tropical paradise, between the passion of Carnaval and the Amazon. A Brazilian wedding . . . rich in treasures, tropical outdoor pleasures, and so much more. It was sucha a rollin' good time, i sure enjoyed myself! Best wishes for a life filled with love and happiness for Bruno and Viviane. Felicidades, Amor e Paz!

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Witness Statement for My First Brazilian Wedding Party
Wow beautiful wedding and so are the couple. Guess you enjoyed a lot.
So are you feelin better?

the bride was pretty... like her face feature.. very sharp... the ladies guests were sexily dressed up.. including our ms zee... however, you can be more sexy....=P
  • Statement made at 1:41 AM | By Anonymous mashi

The bride looks beautiful! You too! Nice to experience brazilian wedding. Never seen it before in my life so far! Lucky u!

Nice blog you have here! Nice shades of red! RESPECT!

PP. nice wedding indeed!! Even the Brazilain themselves said its kinda special to hv an outdoor wedding like this. Haha.. i m so lucky to be their guest!!

Arrggh.. super serious now.. no voice. sorethroat, coughing, sneezing, blocked nose... watever u can think of lar.. =(

haha.. hopefully by looking at teh pretti pretti dress makes ur day betta. I noe the pain-in-the-ass guy stil there, but chill! u would be able to get him outta ur sight soon after u get a new substitute.

LOL.. see i told u , i m sooo underdress. i was wearing a cocktail dress, not even close to gown!! Felt like a highschool attending Oscar award. if u get wat i mean.


haha, r we visiting each other blog at the same time?? hehe..

Beautiful wedding indeed. i dun mind to marry off for a wedding like dais.. keke.


Nice wedding party and an interesting way to describe it too. I enjoy the casual and carefree style in which such al fresco wedding parties are held, often with much partying, dancing and celebrating. Your coverage was pretty good too!

oh man..I love wedding parties..and yeah I am one of the weepers..dunno why..I usually cry at weddings..

but I love to attend weddings of different cultures..so interesting..you got a good experience there man..steady..bet you enjoyed the food..oh lovely lovely food..

Hehe! Hey I've already linked u! Link me ya! I wanna read more of ur posts! So interesting!

Zeezee, now then I saw Jimmy was wearing sooooo smart.

Nice wedding, beautiful couple! I love the veil of the bride's gown. So beautiful!!! I want to get married again just to wear that veil. hehe....

hi Sailor gal, i like to attend special and beautiful wedding too =) Wedding tat touches my heart..

Thanks coolinsider, after reading ur recent post, i reckon there is lotsa tips to steal from u . (^_*)

Jason.. haha.. food wise, only finger food ler.. but the ambience and party mood is 5 stars!!

Cant help but to brag, =P I m so lucky to be one of the guest, I enjoyed myself sooo much haha =)

Nastasshea, hehe.. ur link ored up. U too get well soon ya!

PP, Jimmy spent time to put on his evening finest can.. He brot the Mandarin collar coat from SG. Certainly looked good tat nite. Haha.. one of the most popular guy during the party.. Brazilian lady drooling at him... Heng i was there to protect him.. Oops..maybe he din want my protection at all, hiakz.. hiakz.. hiakz..

EastCoastLife.. i LOVE that veil too!!!!! Such an art! who wanna marry me so i can wear that??

what a beautiful wedding!

I have already finished your survey! Go and see it!
Sorry i put it on kind of late but...
There are Italian restaurants all over the place! It’s quite a popular food!

Wat a pity that I miss all the fun there. Can really tell all of you were havin lots of fun from yr pic.

CK is as usual having funny pose when taking photo. Tell him I miss him alot when for sure will want to go meal w him again when he is back.

I was here!!!
Cool brazilian wedding... no samba dance haha?

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