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Pointless Scribble..

Date : Friday, April 20, 2007
Time : 12:27 PM

For obvious reasons the news of the last couple of days has been dominated by the bloody rampage at Virginia Tech. The bit about there being no restrictions on the purchase of assault rifles eg the AK-47 is highly baffling. It's one thing to sit a thousand miles away and scratch our heads at the happenings yet the fears are real for friends who stay in US. I can understand the feeling perfectly after a year in Rio. Luckily, gun is still not so accessible to the citizens. You might be able to get one, but its most likely not thru a legitimate way. Aint it scary if you were to wake up one day finding ur neighbour holding a gun at ur head while you pick up the morning milk delivery? Isnt it irony when u make out to the world that u would kick up a storm defense against terrorist yet allowing the potential massacre from happening in ur own land?? Wat a terrible world out there!


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Witness Statement for Pointless Scribble..
Its sad isn't it that misunderstanding, loneliness and and inability to fit in to the rest of society can cause such carnage, destruction and sorrow. I am sure you have met your fair share of loners before either in school or at work. Sometimes, I wish that I can give more of myself to understand them but the vicissitudes of life necessitate us to keep a distance from those who are less conformist. Well, hopefully this will awaken American society to the sheer folly of allowing guns!

Problem with this is that America don't seem to wake up. First it was Columbine and then they all forget...we then get a few more incidents and finally leading up to this Virgina Tech thing. They will never learn..for them time will heal and time will forget.

What really disgust me more is that America weeps over this one incident while people in Bagdad dies everyday and the US government aint doing much. I saw a comic in the Sunday Times today about this and truely agree with their illustration.

But hey that is just me..I am really anti on the violence bit..why can't we get along?

Cool Insider, how i envy u can always put ur thots into words so appropriately.. Exactly juz wats in my mind.

Wah.. Brudder J.. chill. chill. u go chiong shua chiong until so hot blooded arr!! But true lar.. i dun understand y other countries' citizens can survive without owning gun but not big A. Stupid self-pride and overabused liberty.

keke..I chill lah..I am just a person who really hates violence..violent against violence..keke...:P

Haha.. think u need some beer to cool down man. I will organise when i go back this rd.

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