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Titan & I

Date : Monday, April 23, 2007
Time : 7:12 AM

Just realized i m a good multi-tasker. Or betta to say, my 'nose' is the one excel at it! How can a nose do sneezing, blocking.. and running.. at the same time???!!!!! My voice sounds so nasal and i think i frightened the neighbour's kids this morning. =P

Today is public holiday in Rio. No need to work on monday hence no Monday blue for me. Went out for an early morning jog along the beach.. that was cool.. with the 6am breeze blowing against ur face and skin. Exercise does help, doesnt't it?? But still holiday sucks when u r down with all the flu symptons. (>_<)

I think i m becoming overtly-attached to Titan, isnt a very good sign huh.. The thing that I touch and breathe and smell most on a daily basis - alright, no smell maybe - is this IBM company provided thinkpad which i brot to Rio. I still got my own Fujitsu-Lucia lying @ home back in SG. I m suffering' from that tied-to-the-apron-strings syndrome with my lappie. Arrg.. beyond hopes! And no.. i m not gonna get rid of it till i finish this entry. =P

Haha.. now u guys know how boring i m when there isnt trip planned for a long weekend like this.

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Witness Statement for Titan & I

No Jogging when you are having Flu or Cough...

It will do you No GOOD!!!
  • Statement made at 8:44 PM | By Anonymous Ivy

It's no good to multi-task while you are having a flu...eg..you should not jog while having a flu/cough. No good! Best to just drink lotsa H20 then go and sleep.
Take care.

Heard the above comments. Be good girl and rest well at home.

Do plan for some getaway holiday when you can do so over there. Difficult to have this kind of chances when back to SG. Ohh, how I wish I can go for a short trip again. I need it so much now..... :(

yeap yeap, like tigerfish sez, take care man..drink drink drink lots of water and sleep...oh yes..lovely lovely sleep.

eh, btw..when you got back to Rio man? Tot you finished your term and back in SG for good..keke...

ya, no jogging or excercising when having flu. Can get pneumonia. Can die orh! Take care, have lots of rest.

Is the Ivy above the one who voted for me at Hottest Mommy Blogger? :)

wah.. i din noe tat cant jog while hving flu/cold. For godsake, i thot exercise does help. Thanks for the highlight guys n gals, luckily still surviving!

Jason, i oso thot i can go back for good. who noes?? never say never. Haha.. but this time short term lar.. going back to SG soon.

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