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Takuya Kimura is my long lost brother

Date : Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Time : 7:53 AM

This 'celebrity look-alikes' thingy has been spreading on the blogosphere for quite a while. Was pigging ard last nite while hving some fun with it.
Ooops.. do I look like a guy from certain angle?? Or prob Takuya Kimura is the one who resembles more of a gal ??

Tried out another photo, turned out i got some ebony's blood in me too?? *puzzled*

Well... if u too eat too full and got nothing to do, check it out n kill some time too!


posted by the little red devil at 7:53 AM | Close-Up Evidence |
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Witness Statement for Takuya Kimura is my long lost brother
73% Sophie Marceau. Wow! I'll have to look at your photos more carefully from now on. :p

gasp~ good stuff man..I must try this one...abit late lah..but must try..

eh eh..but at least you look 72% like Fiona Xie okay...drool~

Hi Beaman,nice to have u here. thast every gals' dream to look like Sophie Marceau, no need to be 73%, 5% is enuff. but somehow.. this heritage matching thingy isnt very accurate, i reckon.

Jason.. haha.. fun ler.. post it on ur blog n i shall check out whom u look like. Well.. 72% like Fiona Xie.. Mmm.. can i hv her bod instead??

Waow! This looks pretty cool! Nice! I will have to try it later myself! Ciao!

I wonder if I put my profile pic, what will happen...

nice thing, should try.
I think you do look like Joey Yung, at least two photos are more than 75%, haha.

Well at least not too bad lah the choices.... Don't have one of you looking like Lydia Sum right?

try it out !! try it out!! maybe looks like Mr Bean.

Hey Fasy & Pauline , go post it on ur blog too !! =)

Mm.. yalor.. the results shown like dat but i dun think i look like Joey Yung thou.

coolinsider, Lydia Sum not bad wat.. chubby chubby got the wealthy look. =P

mayb the hair tat makes u looks like Joey Yung, and the face shape :D

wow! and kyoko fukada somemore :P

i say joey....and yes takuya kimura does look girly

yipguseng, haha.. then i wish i can hv Joey's voice too =)
Kyoko fukada, mmm.. thats cute!!

Frank.. kewl kewl.. finally someone ease my worry...

Takuya Kimura? hehehe...
You have a celebrity face!

Haha.. everybody is a star of his/her own style. i got a celebrity face but u r a celebrity urself!! Can be this close to GCT leh..

GO try this out n post it on ur blog too!!

hey chiobu, I am still here. A morning ritual to read your blog daily. More and more readers leaving their comments so I chose to be the silent reader(killer).

I cannot tahan animore lar.. this heritage generator not accurate at all. Knowing you in person, I think you look more like Fann Wong.Remember the incident when we were having group coffee at Lido McCafe? Even F*l*c*a Chen mistook u as Fann. I think you are chio-er than Fann thou! You are always my No.1 Chiobu!!

Hey J!! Long time din hear from u indeed. So u r still alive n kicking.

Alamak... u still rem dat arr. I cant even recognise her actually.
aiya.. plz lar.. i m too short compare wif Fann Wong.

yr original face is already pretty enough

>.< wow, thanks for the compliment. I m flattered. but hey hey.. picture can be deceiving. =P

Joey Yung appeared twice! And you have the "genes" of most of the worlds' beautiful faces/pple!
Takuya Kimura....? buahahahah...this one too funny but he looks a tad feminine, as always *lol*

Eh.. i think this celebrity collage 'kelong' one lar... if i really got all these 'genes' i wont be sitting here earning peanuts animore.

Wah. beware... Takuya Kimura's die-hard fans might come after u by saying so. Well.. on the other hand, he isnt dat popular nowadays, is he?

No popular liow lah! Koreans are more IN now!

Oh ya.. global warming, everybody like RAIN now..

hey i tried my ang gong kia, they say can't recognise face!!!

erb.. i shall try my zico's face.

So you look like a french girl? Good! But i think you're a lot cuter than Sophie...

Welcome, Moderateur!!

=P I m a pureblood Asian.
Yea?? but she is a lot more charming.

Zee Zee I told you already, ur pics are mouth-watering. I am not talking about the sun by the way :P

*_< , i shall take dat as a compliment then, thanks bill aka lionsault!

hmm I'd have to say between brenda song and joey yung ? wow..you're on an assignment in Brazil and wondering if you could find any Brazlian celebrities look alike there hehehe, First time to your blog, interesting post, see ya around, cheers :)

Hi melting wok, welcome to my blog.
okie.. i shall start looking now but i doubt there will be any chance, Brazilian's hv more defined features than us Asian.

You really beautiful. If you at Malaysia....well, I will ask you for a date! :p Anyway, you really have a nice face + nice blog. Wish to c ya in Malaysia....(Brazil and Malaysia time differentiate 12 hours. I think you are sleeping now, g9)

Louiss, thansk for ur visit n ur sweet comment. nitie nitie!!

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