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Precious.. My Precious STONE.

Date : Saturday, May 05, 2007
Time : 9:25 PM

Famous for its rich soil, filled with minerals, gems and precious stones, Brasil is the perfect destination for those who appreciate not only mesmerizing landscapes but also precious stones. Brasil is undoubtedly one of the major producers of precious stones with a large diversity found in its soil. For example, Brasil has the major emerald producer in world, together with Colombia and Africa; many exquisite stones such as Imperial Topaz and Tourmaline are also found here.

Like the saying goes its a waste not to visit the Vatican if you were in Rome. Even though i aint a big fan of gems or stones, i joined the MEN's Legep trip to Barra de Tijuca - the crazy shopping trip for precious stones. We set off as early as 9am as the factory only open in the morning on Saturday.
Apparently i were the only one who had not been to Legep, all the MEN have been here for at least two years. Wow.. i was really impressed by the quantities and varieties of natural stones available here. Bettcha Izel would love to see this!!

Legep specialised in Amethyst, there are a lot huge Amethyst in different grades. Besides of stones, they also have handmade keychains, bracelets, necklace and all sorts of souvenir choices. Sotong me forgot to bring cammie, the pictures above were taken using my Nokia N6101. More pictures in Edward's camera and i shall grab them from him soonest. Why in the hell its not my purse that i forgot to bring ??? So needless to say, i juz burnt a big hole in my pocket in exchange of another 2-3 kg of luggage weight. And yep.. its all souvenirs for u guys!

Went to Nativo for lunch, one of my favourite Bahian Restaurant by Barra Beach. Had some really really really fantastic Acaraje and Fish Moqueca, and a good Concha y Torro white wine. Pictures wif Edward, to be up soon!!

My neighbour Vera had been looking for me for the past weeks. She is kind lady who always leave soem chocolate/plants/ notes at my doorstep. Went over to her place in the evening. She just bought a kitty, named after Keanu Reeves. A fat fluffy ball which resembles a lot like Mr Hooligan's fav icon - Garfield. Oooh boy he is sooo adorable, isnt he??

Went to Plaza Shopping with Vera. Need to buy another luggage for all my stuff. Spotted this at Plaza and decided to bring it home within 5 minutes. A quick catch!!

Side Track: Met a cute hunk in one of the fashion shops, and he gave me this chic newspaper-boy-cap even though i refused to give him my cellphone number. tsk tsk tsk.. sweet encounter!

UPDATE ON 17 MAY: Here u goes the pic i promised! Finally got 'em from brother Edward. Enjoy!

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Witness Statement for Precious.. My Precious STONE.
Hey Zeezee, is the extra luggage enough to bring back all your stuff? Hee hee.

Haha.. still not enuff. I got a weight issue now. Headachie!!

Keanu the Cat is SO ADORABLE AND FLUFFY!! And he does look like Garfield..... I LOVE Keanu (the cat and the actor!), wish I can hug him (the cat!) LOL!!!

Maurica, doesnt he looks perfect wif ur kitty? =)

I love Keanu Reeves too!

be careful that u don't buy the wrong type of stone as read in my blog

ya.. its really eerie.
If i were to read ur entry earlier on, prob can save me some bucks.

Anyway, din really buy anything for myself, only pick up those 'zaplang' small small stone made decoration for colleagues and frens.

REaders, in case u r wondering, read here for Johnny's Ornament Black Magic post.

Hi Zeezee,

Only came across this post of yours now.

Err... when you coming back to Singapore huh? When you are going to Brazil again, can bring me along and check me into your luggage??

Just joking... :)

Izel, I do thot of getting sth for u.. but i m not an expert in stone. I m totally lost looking at soo many stones.
I m going back to SG soon, will try to attend one of ur course n learn more.

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