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My Looo....oong Weekend

Date : Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Time : 10:33 AM

Well.. the initial plan to Macchu Puicchu, Peru was cancelled as my traveling kakis do not hv the proper travel documents, but still my long weekend is one hell-o-a holiday!! Eat, drink, partee, chill, and rest, accompanied with 5'S'- Sun, Sea, Sand, Seafood and Shopping!!

Started on Friday nite, we went to Copacabana, the star gourmet delight - Marius Seafood Churasscaria Restaurant, some-said the best restaurant in Rio. There are two Marius restaurants located right next to each other: Marius Carnes (Meat) and Marius Crustaceos (Seafood). For those who crave a juicy steak, grilled to perfection, Marius Carnes is a typical Brazilian, good quality churrascaria, which translates as the perfect place if you are a meat lover. With an exquisite and interesting decor, the restaurant overlooks the Beach and offers more than 30 different grilled meat dishes. There is also a superb salad bar with colorful, tasty vegetable combinations. After many years of success of this all-you-can-eat rodizio system for meat, the owner start thinking.... why wouldn't it work for seafood? And thus was Marius Crustaceos born. All my colleagues had been there hence i m the only who was anticipating eagerly. We started off with a trip to the buffet, helping ourself to the feast of antipasto, cold seafood such as prawns, oysters, and crab, as well as warm seafood favorites such as paella, pasta with seafood, and popular dishes from Bahia including moqueca and vatapá. But the prime catch was the lobster, prawns, tuna steaks, cod fillet, salmon and crab which the waiters brought to our table. The food was okay, but my colleagues claimed that it was one of the restaurants which hungry crowd queueing to enter this palace of seafood nite after nite. Their food used to be superbly done previously. The service was great, and the waiter even peeled the hairy crab and crayfish for me. The price however was a tad overpriced maybe becoz its a well-known place especially for tourist. A dinner in Marius Crustaceos cost R$135++ per pax, which is ard USD 60. I would not have come if my bill wasnt picked up by someone else =P. So if you go, make the most of your visit: go hungry, don't eat bread or any other useless nibbles, linger, and don't be shy to ask for your favorite seafood.

Address: 290 Av. Atlantica, Rio de Janeiro 22010-000, Brazil
Tel: +55 21 21049000

Saturday went shopping with Jimmy, bought all the slippers, coffee powders, peanuts candies and coffee sweets pre-ordered by colleagues, friends and familes, now the onli prob is to find a slot for all these in my over-stuffed luggage.

Sunday nite, hehe.. managed to get boss to bring us to
Siri Mole & CIA - the best Bahian restaurant in town. I had been wanting to try out their moqueca(Baiana style seafood stew), my favourite Brazilian dish. And all the goo-gaa turned out to be worthy!! The moquecas are outstanding, perfectly balancing the coconut milk, palm oil and fresh cilantro that give the rich flavor to this signature dish. Not-to-be-missed-dish is their casquinha de siri(baiana style stuffed crab shell) and acaraje(bean rolls with fried prawns), great choices of starter!! I shall let pictures paint the words. If you happened to swing by Rio, make sure you visit this award-winning restaurant.

Monday went dress-hunting in Rio. There are very nicely design cocktail dresses in Rio: sexy and sophisticated! Even thou i hv been here for 1 whole year, shopping in Rio still nvr fail to impress me. First of all is the excellent service of the sale assistants. The shop assistants are alway smiling and helpful even if you din buy anything from them. Then is the eye-dropping shopping adventure! I was hanging ard in a shop downtown, hving trouble deciding on the colour of a dress i spotted, then my attention was drawn by a sweet young gal with only bras on, asking for assistance. It was actually nothing especially since i went thru the 'sea of breast' in Niteroi Plaza. However, there were only three sale assistants in the shop, one was at the cashier and the other gal was busy with customer. The only sale assistant available was a young handsome guy. He seemed rather used to the situation and immediately went fwd to help the young gal pulling up the zip and tying the ribbon. Well.. juz i was envious in green with his job and then came another beautiful tai-tai with absolutely NOTHING on her torso except an half-worn dress came out from one of the changing rooms. I could see my mouth opened widely when she waved the guy over to help her reached the back of her dress. Haiz.. if i were a guy, i would be more than happy to hv this job!

Labour day on Tuesday. Boss brought us to his new found chinese restaurant at Tijuca. While I m not a fans of chinese food except for my mum's cooking, the food here was not too bad, at least now we got another option for dinner.

Went chilling out at Campoinha beach after lunch. An afternoon with seabreeze, spectacular sceneries, icy cold beers and fried tapioca. Thats basically summed my Labours day long weekend, and urs??

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Witness Statement for My Looo....oong Weekend
At least you got the chance to go around BZ w boss. I miss those days.
See what I ve to spend my wkend at home to rest, poor me.

yalor.. that wat i like in Brazil. Summer is going to end soon, gotta savor every minutes of the sun now.

Pauline, is anwar back in Angra ored? U got his contact?

wah Zee..u living life man..shiok weekend I must say..and the buffet ah..drool~ iHungry... :(

Wow the food all looks so YUMMY!! *Slurp drool*

Oh my god those oysters look really good.....

Jason, i wont be humble, the past weekend was really fabulous!! Hohoho...

Nastasshea, u come to visit me then i treat u to all the good food lar =)
but seriously i miss those laksa, nasi lemak and curry..

Hey Frank, those oyster are darn fresh man! Super slurpi-li-cious (^_*)

wah Zee..u good man..u good!! iJealous

Im hungry just reading this entry :(

Hey! I enjoyed looking at the sea food!!!!
Thank you so much for the compliment! Do you understand Chinese?
It looks like you do! Oh yeah, I finished my SAT today! It was OK

Fa sy, chilled.
more good food to come =P

Wendy, of coz i do. =)
Congrats, finally can 脱离苦海!Go enjoy n pamper urself!! U deserve it >.<

wat software did u use to squeeze few photos into a template?

Johnny, I m a photoshop idiot. so all the picture posted here are beautified using online software. U can try scrapblog.com, i myself find it incredibly cool!

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