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How many have you seen?

Date : Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Time : 8:20 AM

Came across this list of World's Top 100 Wonders @ HillmanWonders

  1. Pyramid of Egypt
  2. Great Wall of China
  3. Taj Mahal India
  4. Serengeti Migration Kenya/Tanzania
  5. Galapagos Islands Ecuador
  6. Grand Canyon USA
  7. Machu Picchu Peru
  8. Iguazu Falls Argentina/Brazil (checked)
  9. Bali Indonesia
  10. Amazon Rain Forest Brazil/Peru
  11. Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania
  12. Great Barrier Reef Australia
  13. Angkor Wat Cambodia
  14. Victoria Falls Zambia & Zimbabwe
  15. Forbidden City China
  16. Bagan Myanmar
  17. Karnak Temple Egypt
  18. Teotihuacan Mexico
  19. Banaue Rice Terraces Philippines
  20. Bora Bora French Polynesia
  21. Acropolis & its Parthenon Greece
  22. Potala Palace at Lhasa China
  23. Jerusalem Old City Israel
  24. Qin Terra Cotta Warriors China
  25. Chichen Itza Mexico
  26. Petra Jordan
  27. Nile River Cruise Egypt
  28. Easter Island Chile
  29. Cappadocia Turkey
  30. Colosseum of Rome Italy
  31. Fjords of Norway
  32. St Peter's Basilica Vatican City
  33. Egyptian Museum Egypt
  34. Borobudur Indonesia
  35. Valley of the Kings Egypt
  36. Hong Kong Harborscape China
  37. Sistine Chapel Vatican City
  38. Alhambra Spain
  39. Louvre Museum France (checked)
  40. Canals of Venice Italy
  41. Versailles France
  42. Carlsbad Caverns USA
  43. Mecca Saudi Arabia
  44. Kathmandu Valley Nepal
  45. Metropolitan Museum of Art USA
  46. Mt. Everest China & Nepal
  47. Antarctic Cruise Multinational
  48. Temple Emerald Buddha Thailand (checked)
  49. Hagia Sofia Turkey
  50. Pompeii Italy
  51. Kashmir Valley India
  52. Prague Old Town Czech Republic
  53. Golden Temple India
  54. Amalfi Coast & Drive Italy
  55. Meenakshi India
  56. Chartres Cathedral France
  57. Mezquita of Cordoba Spain
  58. Damascus Old City / Umayyad Syria
  59. Dubrovnik Croatia
  60. Uffizi Gallery Italy
  61. Rio Panoramic Views Brazil (checked)
  62. Golden Pavilion Japan
  63. Delphi Greece
  64. St. Basil's Cathedral Russia
  65. Abu Simbel Egypt
  66. St. Mark's Basilica/Campanile Italy
  67. Florence Cityscape Italy
  68. Kremlin Russia
  69. Varanasi & the Ganges India
  70. Li River Cruise China
  71. Shwedagon Stupa Myanmar
  72. Sahara Desert Multinational
  73. Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy
  74. Baalbek Lebanon
  75. Mont-St-Michel France
  76. Topkapi Palace Turkey
  77. Carnival in Rio Brazil
  78. Stonehenge England
  79. Angel Falls Venezuela
  80. Yellowstone USA
  81. Santorini Greece
  82. Petronas Twin Towers Malaysia
  83. Matterhorn Switzerland
  84. New York Skyline USA
  85. Marrakesh Morocco
  86. Eiffel Tower France (checked)
  87. Ladakh India
  88. Niagara Falls Canada & USA
  89. British Museum England
  90. Burj Al Arab Dubai, UAE
  91. Yangtze River Cruise China
  92. Yosemite USA
  93. Ayers Rock Australia
  94. Hermitage Museum Russia
  95. Chambord Chateau France
  96. Lijiang / Shangri-La China
  97. Neuschwanstein Castle Germany
  98. Banff National Park Canada
  99. San Francisco USA
  100. Portofino Italy

Only a pathetic 5!!!! I still got a long way to accomplish my 'wonders' list. How abt you??

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posted by the little red devil at 8:20 AM | Close-Up Evidence |
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Witness Statement for How many have you seen?
Also 5 for me. I hope to cover more this year.

Me five too.
Why nothing from Singapore, heehee.

7. Machu Picchu Peru (Too bad u miss e chance to go there)
8. Iguazu Falls Argentina/Brazil
39. Louvre Museum France
61. Rio Panoramic Views Brazil
82. Petronas Twin Towers Msia

How nice if I can plan for holiday this year, but quite unlikely.

At least I saw 11. Must work harder, earn more Vit M to see the rest. hehe...

Tigerfish and PP,
looks like we all gotta earns more $$$ like EastCoastLife and plan some time for traveling. I luv traveling, it helps yo recharge our mind, and brings us some new ideas everytime we visits a new place. Dunt u agree.

wah.. 11 arr!! how i envious.
Hehe.. wish u earns more extra $$$ in ur stock then can go to more place =) I can tag along and be ur 'kah kia' anytime.

Woah Zee..u force me to go and invest in stocks big time so I can go to these places man..keke..

but I think these places are all I went to...

- Bali Indonesia
- Grand Canyon USA
- Metropolitan Museum of Art USA
- Yellowstone USA
- Yosemite USA
- New York Skyline USA
- San Francisco USA

Still a looooong way for me man..sigh!

Zee Zee faster find a rich man, marry him and you can quit being a messenger.Then you can travel around the world and go shopping everyday. Haha.

I think I went to about at least 15 of them, most of which I covered during my Europe trip many many moons ago. Of course, I would love to visit those fabulous places that Pauline and you visited! My only Asian experience was Angkor Wat in Cambodia and boy was it impressive! I must admit that even though I am in the heritage business, I haven't had the time to see and enjoy a lot of these heritage sites. Too busy working!! Sigh.....

Wah.. not bad sia,Jason. at least u been to more places than i m.
hey strike toto oso can lar..

Haha. how i wish too, Bill!

However i think instead of counting on man, i think its betta to hv my own $$$ hehe...no need ask for money from the man and feel guilty of brushing his card. =P teach me more tips to get richer!!

cool insider,
wah.. u r the cahmpion so far. ECL onli been to 11 places. Actually if one do not hv time to travel further, one can always find new places to visit in his own country. I kinda like the excursion u & ur family had during the weekends/free time: botanical garden, fort canning, the goat farm and so on.. These are the places that i wanna visit too when i go back, =)

Zee, it is easy to be rich if you are a Singaporean.

1.)Do not buy a car.

2.)Live in a HDB flat but make sure the mortgage loan is from HDB. HDB will not take back your flat even if you cannot pay your monthly mortgage.By taking back your flat, it defeats their mission of providing homes for every Singaporean. Do not every fall into the trap of mortgaging your flat to the bank. This will conveniently allow HDB to wash their hands off you. The bank do not own you a living, they will seize your flat once you cannot pay. As far as I know, HDB offers the best interest-rate mortgage.

3.)Save 10% of your income and put into stocks and properties. Avoid putting all your money into the bank. You will only make the bank richer. LOL. The main reason is because interest rate from bank cannot outperform inflation rate.

4.)Never give up finding a rich man to marry. LOL.

5.)The above-mentioned is easier said than done. LOL.

Come and visit Rome!

Bill, absolutely agree on ur 5th point!! Mm.. looks like i gotta start hunting for golden toroise now. =P

Wendy, i shall be there one day.. save money first.

Been to 5. How about the Mulu Caves in Sarawak? Biggest and longest caves in the world.

Hey Bernard, sad to say even thou i m a M'sian i hvn really been to much places in M'sia. There r soo many interesting natural sceneries which i had missed. Really gotta catch more and contribute to M'sia tourism.

Don't forget #101: 台北101!!!

Sad to say, I've only got two. One actually because I'm sure for me the Petronas Towers don't count!

i'm not any better:-
36.Hong Kong Harborscape China
48.Temple Emerald Buddha Thailand
82.Petronas Twin Towers Malaysia
90.Burj Al Arab Dubai, UAE

Near Misses:-
a) Egypt (missed this country by a few hours as management decided to send someone else instead of me)
b) Bali Indonesia (cancelled this holiday trip in the last minute)
c) Great Barrier Reef Australia (was at Gold Coast but didn't go for the Reef trip due to insufficient time)

Frank, i had heard soo much abt Taipei 101, a shopper's paradise on earth. Always wanting to visit TW, but i think i need to loose 10kg b4 i go so tat i can indulge in all the good foods there without worrying for the extra pounds.

Hi Hui Sen, welcome!!

Haha.. oh yeah.. becoz u stay near by isnt it?

Johhny, Aiya.. wat a miss! Eqypt is a place i wish to set foot on too.

SO u not going back to Sudan animore i guess?

ZZ, glad I've covered quite a portion of your list during my backpacking days :) But I would gladly be where you are right now!

1. Pyramid of Egypt
2. Bali Indonesia
3. Karnak Temple Egypt
4. Banaue Rice Terraces Philippines
5. Acropolis & its Parthenon Greece
6. Jerusalem Old City Israel
7. Petra Jordan
8. Nile River Cruise Egypt
9. Cappadocia Turkey
10. Colosseum of Rome Italy
11. St Peter's Basilica Vatican City
12. Egyptian Museum Egypt
13. Valley of the Kings Egypt
14. Hong Kong Harborscape China
15. Sistine Chapel Vatican City
16. Louvre Museum France
17. Temple Emerald Buddha Thailand
18. Hagia Sofia Turkey
19. Pompeii Italy
20. Uffizi Gallery Italy
21. Delphi Greece
22. Abu Simbel Egypt
23. St. Mark's Basilica/Campanile Italy
24. Florence Cityscape Italy
25. Sahara Desert Multinational
26. Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy
27. Topkapi Palace Turkey
28. Santorini Greece
29. Petronas Twin Towers Malaysia
30. Eiffel Tower France
31. Yangtze River Cruise China

Wow.. Miss Loi, a good 31!

U r the backacking queen. but i do envious & admire those of opt for backpacking, esp gal. Did u go for a travel-ard-e-world-in-eighty-day kinda of trip? I m impressed!! really impressed, and makes me sooo gonna plan for a breakaway immediately!!

Juz wondering, izzit becoz ur job allows u to plan for ur time-off easier than us the 'da-gong-zai'?

Hehe not really lah - happens the majority of the places on your list was covered in one big trip I had upon Uni grad.

I think as a tutor these days, my normal working days (7/week) are definitely more than you. Just that I get to take longer breaks during school hols that's all.

But you're in the part of the world that few of us would ever get a chance to go - do treasure your time there (which I think you are judging from what's written here) :)

Guess u went for an Europe backpack then.

Yupe, reckon tat, its too far from where our home are. and u bet, I m enjoying my days here. =)

Zeee, well.. travel everywhere. In or out of Malaysia doesn't matter :-)

Yupe, agreed! As long as i get to travel, haha.

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