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Sunny Sunshine Day

Date : Sunday, May 06, 2007
Time : 4:52 PM

After yesterday big feast on the Bahian seafood, we all hv a craving for some meat. and yeh.. some real RED meat! *Groo.. Groo... Groo... Stomach grumbling*
Today lunch was at Itaipu - a small town in Niteroi. A brazilian colleague recommended us to a new Churrascarria restaurant-Rincao. For the uninitiated, a churrascaria is a Brazilian Steakhouse. Churrasco is the cooking style, which translates roughly from Portuguese for 'barbecue'. In churrascarias, normally rodizio service is offered. Customers pay a fixed price and the servers come to your table with knives and a skewer, on which are speared various kinds of meat, be it beef, pork, filet mignon, lamb, chicken, sausages or any other sort of local cut of meat. The servers bring an offering of food to each customer at several times throughout the meal, until the customers signify that they have had enough. For those who prefer some salad or vegetables to go with the meats, there is always a wide spread of salad bar provided too.
Food was marvellous!! The meat are nicely done and served right out from the bbq rack. Juicy, tender, filling and watmost the price is kinda of reasonable. All -u-can-eat priced at R$23.90, which is abt USD14. (Beverages and desserts non-inclusive)
Weather is good. sunny yet breezy. Time to get some sun-tan on the beach, tciao!!

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Witness Statement for Sunny Sunshine Day
Does the mint jelly pair well with the meat ?
Bet you had a wonderful time tanning :O
Just don't get roasted like the churrasco beef :p

Yep, surprisingly!! I hv not tried these greenish thing till i came to BZ.

=) hehe.. i m not 'chau tah' yet. Going to zzz now.. hv a good day ahead, bye!

Waaaaaa everytime I visit ur blog sure got some nice picture of the yummy food!! YUMMY!! *Slurp slurp*

Going to eat my monitor anytime soon!

Ms Zee, the food looks good. But they are not as mouth watering as your pic :P

LOL, Nastasshea, u always hv ur cute way to put ur words =)

Hey Bill, u mean the hot sun? haha..

Wow is this expensive or not?

Looks like a great carnivorous feast! I enjoy visiting the few Churrascaria style restaurants in Singapore, particularly the one at Sixth Avenue of Bukit Timah Road. However, I bet they can't compare to the ones in Brazil. ;)

Sheez, now I am craving on cheese bread, luckily your german sausage pic turn me off. It looks like ...well never mind

Looking at the mint sauce and imagining it on the roast is making me drool d :-)...

my my.. i think your blog makes me fatter..

and i think you're my first singaporean reader too! ahahah welcome to my blog and do drop by again for updates! cheers you!

Pauline, are u referring to the price at Rincao? Its much cheaper than Porcao. Price as stated in my entry, ar dR$24 per pax. Nce food, worth it, not for vegetarian thou =P

Cool Insider, Keke.. i noe which restaurant u r referring to, i had not been there but i heard from my colleagues its unbelievably over-priced. How much roughly it cost per pax? However, i believe the atmosphere is sth dat cant be replaced.

Ooh ya btw Cool Insider, does the restaurant at 6 Ave serve the mint jelly too?? I m curious becoz i only see the brazilian eat meat wif this jelly, hvn seen any in SG. Any idea?? It wont be as authentic if they dun hv it.

Hey, Cherry.. mind ur eating. Hehe.. u r on 3 days diet programme aint u ??

Bernard, hv u tried it b4 in Malaysia??

U r welcome Leo, ur desserts and pastry makes me grown even fatter thou. I gotta stop all those midnite craving and turn into bed rite now( its 11 hr behind M'sia time in Brazil), tciao n hv a gd day ahead.

The food look tasty !!!

Not only looks good, they tasted even better!! yum..

Oh man...too many posts about food...i'm getting hungry!

Frank, hang in there, accomplish ur race then go dishing out yea!!

oh lovely lovely meat...the Brazilians sure know the meat man..gotta go try one of them buffets one day...MEAT!!

maybe can consider holding our first meetup at the one in 6th avenue??!!


Wah! Food, so yummy! Does the churrascaria's meats taste better in Brazil?

ECL, i hvn tried the churrascaria in SG, so cannot compare. We go try it out then oneday then i let u noe k?

Zee, yup! Mint sauce on lamp in particular. :-)

Bingo, Bernard! bet u tried dat b4.

uhm.. yummy..=)

Hey , gracie! Great to ya again =)
mouth-watering huh... fattening oso.. =P

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