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Happy Hour

Date : Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Time : 5:00 PM

4:30pm in the office. Wat would you be doing?

For me & my colleagues?? Hehe.. We had this..
this.. this..this..this..this..and this...(the longest sandwich i ever seen. Its called Pao de Metro, literally means: Bread of Metro, the bread which looks like their underground public transport -Metro service)Its Office Happy Hour!!Wats happening??

Our friend Roy(a Dutch-born-Indonesian, who married a Brazilian) is leaving the company and moving back to Holland with his newly-wed-wife. We had a small farewell party for him.All the best to you Roy! (P/S: Dun bother to search, i m not in the photo, hehe.. i m the great camerawoman aka keropokgal!)

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Witness Statement for Happy Hour
Wow, looks like good working environment, there's even happy hour!
Haiz...but there's always good side and bad side, right?
Don't tell me no bad side, if not I start to envy envy...

Daily working atmosphere is good, and colleague are warm and expresive. We greet each other good morning loudly every morning in the lift, at the doorway, in the toilet.. no matter if u noe each other. Colleague(be it guys or gals) will always give u a hug from time to time, or kissing on ur hair/cheek/hand everytime they passed by ur working place. Thats very 'brazil'.

The back(bad) side: when it comes to real work, u hv to tolerate wif the extra slow pace n all the dilly dally. No bullshit, they dun give it a darn no matter how urgent the job is, everybody will stick to their own tempo which is like 2 BPM(beat per min). However, that is general speaking, there r some exception of those who is very hardworking too.

Btw, union here is very strong, so the worker here always strike. Greatly affect the working progress. aiya.. i can go on n on.. then this will become anothe rlong post, so i betta =X now.
cant get the best of both side of the world!

How I wish my company has such happy hour too. Any vacancy over your side? I don't mind going brazil. :D

Oh... do you need my help to photoshop a keropok on your face? :P

Err.. no IT/programmer related vacancies leh, okie. i keep a look out for u =P FOC one..

aiya.. cant even find my face in there, no need to put keropok lar.

fwah..gonna cut ur entry out and show my organisation how your company runs...and hope they will follow suit..iJealous leh...keke

Keke.. if they dun follow, welcome to brazil!!

Time flies, so fast Roy is leaving BZ for another stage of his life. Too bad I didnt get his personal email address.

And I do miss all of them there. At least the office astomphere and the greeting, hee hee.

aiyoo... you never tell the name of the yummy snacks. I'm more interested in the food. hahaha...

As a Management, I dun like to have this happy hour on the job. But if the staff appreciate my gesture and work harder, heck, why not? :)


Pauline, i will ask for his email addy. Today is his last day in office, u can still reach him thru office email.

ECL, these are mostly snack. I cant call their names too.. haha.. in general, they are all 'salgadinhos', literally meaning small snack. Most of these are rather cheesy, which isnt really my type so i fail to register their name in my brain.

Haha.. i doubt any management will like it if its held too often. But we only hv it once in a while. and this time rd, its for Roy's Farewell.

伊森 ,

U r Welcome and hope u enjoy ur stay!! sorrie, i cant type chinese using this pc. =P

Wow... Look nice to eat. :)

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