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Mid-day musing

Date : Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Time : 12:07 PM

My newly invented 'Handy Fashion Tip':

Ever wonder wat to do if ur pants were too long and u started sweeping the floor like one of the volunteer cleaner on the street?? And ya, u do not hv any needles nor threads nor scissors within a good 5km2 of reachable distance.

Hehe..... grab some of the excess paper clip and improvise!! Wahaha.. i m soo proud of my new fashion statement. Okie. i m a weirdo, i reckon!

Back to my budding wisdom tooth, why do I need another molar tooth while I hv been eating well n growing fine for the past twenties yr with only 24 teeth?? Now then i got this new tooth, meaning I m now having higher risk suffering from teeth problems. On the brighter side, I m soo obsessed and thrilled by the idea that some part of my body is finally growing again, i juz cant help 'feeling' it now n then wif my tongue. Playing with my tongue quietly and subtledly (and subconsciouly) has now become my favourite past-time. Hope my wisdom tooth wont come out crooked by all the uncontrollable disruptions. =P

The only perk of hving a budding wisdom tooth - now i got another excuse return to SG. Told boss that i need to go back for dental appointment. Guess wat he said: every three out of five shops on the street are dental clinics in Rio. Wat for going back to SG? Erbb.....

Come to think of it, there is sth i always wanna blog on. An interesting phenomena i hv been noticing since i started working in this country. Brazilian are very 'dental-conscious'. It is always the 'office-restroom-peakhour' after every single meal. The everyday ritual is the must-do-3-step: floss, brush then gargle!

We hv BYOB in SG every 1st Wednesday of the month. Here in Brazil, the local practise BYOB-Bring Your Own Brush everyday. I hv seen ppl bringing their own toothbrush/toothpaste/dental floss to shopping centre & restaurants, rushing to the washroom for a clean brush after each meal. I guess its either dental hygiene is a country-wide passion just like football to 'em OR the dental fees are too high that everyone has learn his/her lesson to take care of his/her own teeth. Some restaurant/shopping plaza's restroom even hv dental floss and antiseptic mouth rinse provided. How kewl isnt it?? It is a good personal health and hygiene practise afterall.

Have you brush your teeth today?? Smile and say CHEESE!!

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Witness Statement for Mid-day musing
I always find it weird when I see people brushing in public toilet.... eeekk....

Zee, You are no weirdo at all.

During my school days, that's what me & the other classmates does on raining days.


DK, i find it weird too. And I find it weird brushing my teeth while someone else is doingn business inside the cubicle behind me.

Oooh Ivy , soka...
so we r all weirdos!!

Ei.. ur email wif the subject 'TErrible News!!' give me a big scared! I thot sth bad happened. Cheh..

hi there. thanks for dropping by my blog, and thanks for your kind words.

your profile said you're on the wrong side of 20? u sure? i dont think so... :)

and how is the samba boys? found any hunk? or there are babes galore?

hope to see ya around...

U r welcome zewt, and i sincerely hope u r picking up n getting on the track once again.

Haha.. wrong side meaning i could hv spending my youth in a healthier n more meaningful way. Still working twds it thou.

Beach hunks n babes form part of the country scenic view. U throw a stone n u will hit one. =)

Will stick my head ard, watch out the peek-a-boo from time to time.

I think you really do mean 28 teeth right? The wisdom teeth are the last 4 to erupt which makes up 32 altogether. Unless your "ying tao xiao zui" is so much smaller than the rest of us... Sorry lah I was a biologist by training.

hahaa.... ooh.. i see... thansk for highlighting, my bio teacher is gonn be so disappointed by me. shall go counting now.

hahha! you should tell ur boss u have Malaysia's dentist phobia :P

me myself also having the same prob now :( upper part 2 of them already grown out successfully, now the bottom right is giving me trouble, bottom left is on the way coming out. is not fun at all ler..

yipguseng, u meant Brazilian dentist phobia izzit?? keke..

Arr.. u too another sufferer, wat prob u facing now?? Pain?? Need to extract the bottom one?

Btw, is ur nick named after the 'Wu Shia Xiao Shuo' character??

just had my root canal operation last fri. was lying down there for 1 hr and the dentist inserted something into the end of my mouth that kept the mouth opened for 1 hour.....hahaha

Grr..... I dunnoe if its the aircon and the rainy day tat makes me shivering OR the scary experience u just shared. Ouch..

I did the paper clip thingy before!! But because I wanted to fold the jeans/pants at the desired length before I bring them for alteration.
I know they can measure for me on the spot, but oh...I was paranoid! Hahahahah!
I even used a paper binder coz paper clips were a little "weak" :O

Haha.. u another weirdo, *LOL* paper binder??!! u really kiasu. but i thot of using dat too.. 2nd thot the material of my pants prob wont need sucha heay duty one so i stick to paper clips. =P

yup, is from the ancient martial art novel's one of the character ;)
js a nickname:D

i went to see the Dr and she advised me to pull it out, but it cost around RM 600! so i did not go for it loh, then trying to let it grow and hope tat it could grow successfully, but things came out not as i wanted. It seems only half of it grew out and the other half is getting a hard time to come out. Now cant use that side of teeth to bite things and whenever i finish any meal i have to clean it with toothpick :(

no wonder i find it familiar. Gu Long; 'Lu Xiao Feng' rite?

Eeee... so scary one.. now my growing molar tooth still guai guai dei.. hope it wont gimme any trouble.

Dun u wanna pluck it out then??

hmmm... i was once given the opportunity to go brazil and mexico.... but i passed.... perhaps i should regret huh... :(

Argh Zewt.. it is a good experience for me i must said.
However, u dun hv to regret coz i believe u must hv gain/learn sth else along your way all thse while too. Who knows, the opportunity wil knock on ur door again one day?

with what u hav blogged abt yr stay in brazil, i wld want some opportunity BANGING at my door instead (knocking is too soft).

and it cost me rm1,250 for my root canal operation

Haha.. welcome to Brazil!

WAH.. RM1250, that certainly costed a bomb!!

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