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I aint Hobbit u noe!

Date : Friday, May 11, 2007
Time : 7:40 AM

Some of you might know i stay in a studio apartment in Rio, its actually paid and rented by the company. I love the beautiful seaview outside the window, i heart the convenient location of my apartment and i simply cant complain more of the ideal space which is perfect for a single bachelorette who doesnt have a maid to make up her room.

However, there is juz this small lil' flaw which i cant stand with any further- why would one design a shower room juz huge enuff for a hobbit?? and where in the hell will people buy a house with such a tiny shower room????

See.. this is the plan view of my shower room, a pathetic space of 0.8m x 1.2m which even I (a shortie) could not stretch my hand straight. (Hey, its not even a sweet square/rectagular area) Okie.. so why does this cute lil pettite shower room annoyed me soo much?? All the sorrow caused by the stupid protruding door knob!!

It has been the 3rd time within this week i knocked my elbow on the doorknob while hving a sweet time scrubbing and massaging away all the sleepiness n tiredness. Can u imagine i was like humming n singing in my favourite tune, hving a high time stroking my smooth n fair skin, and here it came a huge, gigantic 'BANG', followed by a numbing sensation and soon a tragedic 'Awwwwww.....................' surrounding the four-walled space in the middle of hualala-ing water splash, waking up all the other tenants who is drifting happily in th lala-land.

Hey mind u!! Its not a light bang like 'pom' but a cold,hard,steady big 'POOOOOONGGG' can!! Dun be surprise if u see a single-handed lil' devil jumping ard one of this day, as i think my right hand is paralyzing. Eww.. how un-kewl its gonna be, a small red devil wif only one hand?? I cant handle the heavy devil-fork wif my left hand. =( Single-upper-limb image is only suitable for irk-evil-uncute-sloggish- pirate head!

So people, the lesson du jour: dun ever buy a house wif a small shower room. You dun wanna risk ur hand i assure u, yuck! No No No

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Witness Statement for I aint Hobbit u noe!

i want to laugh when i read your post.
so small meh?

No joke no joke, look at the dimension. The sketch are not to scale but the dimension is accurate!! well.. *blushes* i got so pissed off n i actually measured the dimension.

So small, if for a fat person will be a big trouble.

Cant scrub, can only let water splash on e body or else Blu-black all the time lor..

Poor Zee Zee, you are always being sandwiched. Remember this:

Dear Zeon,
please print out hard copy of attached form and get Manager K to access Section C(i) and sections D & F. He should then sign off and e-mail back to me. also please remind him to confirm that he will do the same for xxxx by next week 3 rd May07, Ask him to get all forms signed and e-mail back to me.

Manager C


LOL. ya man.
Is dat a fate or wat??

=.=" that is really small. Hehe, i alwayz knock my knee & feet even though da area is wider Zzz... pity u... must extra careful when u take a shower

Haha.. u too a clumsy pie like me. no wonder ur boi doesnt allow u to play paintball!

Maybe the shower head is supposed to be installed at the tip of the longest diagonal ler? * you know what I tokking about? *

Like that same as bathing in airplane toilet!

BTW, if you check out Maksim, make sure it's the right one. It's him. Enjoy!

Yeah.. i noe wat u tokking abt. but it wasnt at where it shud be.

Ha, bathing in the airplane toilet, ya. almost like dat. slightly bigger nia.

I guess they must have thought that all Singaporeans are very petite and small? Tiny bathrooms are apparently also quite common amongst some budget hotel chains in Europe. Of course, no luxurious aromatherapy spa-inspired baths for you then, with champagne and strawberries and a good book? ;)

omg, it's not even one metre!

sounds like some squatter settlement, muhahahha!

Cool Insider,
That would be a heavenly treat =) provided there is space to put a bath tub

chillicraps, im an exploited expat in BZ.

Ha ha, I also had the same problem when I was at Brazil. Knock myself few times, but luckily the glass did not break, hee hee. I wonder those who are big size take shower in that little tiny.

if it's already too small for you.. I will not really get a house with that small shower room. (I think I am quite taller and bigger than you zee.. hehe)

Poor thing. Shower room so small. Can't even invite another person over to shower together. :P

exactly dk... LOL

Thanks for dropping by my blog, so I will just return the favour. Haha!

Rio is a nice place... I wanna party in Rio! I heard property prices in Rio is quite pricey too?

I really want to visit rio. The blog is funny yet true. It should be a rule that showers have to be big enough to fit several adults in them.

P.S. How did you get your blog to keep track of the different countries that are represented? Its hot

I can't believe you posted a picture of yourself in the shower.

You go girl.

Hey Chino, u felt my pain!!
Dun u ever ever ever get a house without a shower room wif a decent size. No shower together or any other stunt inside! =P

Arlow DK, i m considering putting up an invitation like wat Veron did, u noe sth like 'Splash!! wif Little Devil Z' or some sorts. But too bad- blame the designer.

Pauline, hah. so u kena b4?? din hear u complain, but i think ur showroom layout is betta than mine, at least it is rectangular.

Hi Endoh, dun mention! A great site u got there.

Yea, u r rite, buying a house is kinda expensive in Rio. Not as bad as in SG thou.

Well, you can do that when you reach SG. I'll be the first to apply. :P

Hey, Andrew, Rio is not so far away from US-the A anyway. The babes will welcome u with open arms.
Wowo.. u worse man. 'several adults'?? dinnoe u into threesome.. foursome.. n may be more.. KEKE..

U can try Neocounter, pretty easy to register n install. Click on my counter n it will direct u the webbie.Hv fun!

Hui sen, Oh no, u caught me dead!

that's horrible! better live under somewhere else!! LOL
maybe better than nothing!!
no, they didnt find the girl yet, unfortunlly :(
thanks for dropping in my blog!!

LOL, another 'DK-esque' comment.
wat r u doing at this wee hour? fantasizing??

@ soul&body. well actually the apartment is pretty nice, so i shall close one eye on the tiny shower room. Haha, since i do not hv someone to shower together.

your shower's about the same size of my tiny student accomodation one... I feel your pain... lol...

Lol that's pretty funny post. Keep it up

Bee nee, welcome!!

haha. teh size of the shower room, thats really a pain in the a**!

Alex, thanks for swinging by =)

They do it so people won't make children in the bathroom. I believe this is the goverment scheme to reduce population growth.

LOL, really, thats too small. I always think tat bathrooms must be spacey and comfy... thats where u do ur business ya know, and get urself relaxed with a warm shower/bath... LOL poor girl.. :P

Fwah Zee..if I would be so screwed if I had the same shower dimension as you man...turn left..."BAM!!"...turn right..."BAM!!"...before I open or close door.."BAM!!"

Tsk tsk tsk..cannot lah cannot..wide load here...oh btw..ur view nice man..fwah...iJealous.. :P

We'll have to do something about that shower. Perhaps a ride on the friendship bike ;)

I usually sleep very late.

fantasizing? No lah... not yet.

Haha.. Cherry, u & ur cute theory!Mmm.. but i thot makingbaby can be done anywhere??!!

evie aka calv's wife, make sure ur future house equipped wif a huge, comfy bathroom. =)

Jason, i cannot imagine u in the tiny space too.

U noe wat, i realized u r realli jealous. this is most the frequent comment i get from u. =P Haha. i gotta do it more often!

Eugene, u cheeky!

DK... not fantasizing, then lusting? LOL. nitie nitie!!

OK, I think fantasizing is a better word to use. :P

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