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Current Deed: Job Assignment in Brasil.

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. Prank Call . Fried Tomato Egg . My Nest in Rio .

Date : Sunday, May 07, 2006
Time : 3:11 PM

Slept late last nite.. Received three prank calls in the middle of nite, at 3am.
A guy spoke portugues and asked what is my name in English. I got freaked up Nervousand immediately unplugged the phone line.

9:30am Waken up by mum's call. Was told that Zico has been mischievous lately. This notti little scandal. I wonder he knows that i m away from home. Nevertheless, I miss Zico 'a lot x infinity'. Especially the Brazillian loves to walked their dogs, always remind me of Zico whenever i saw one. Yesterday, i noticed quite a few Pet Shop near this area, some selling very nice sofas and bed for pups. How i wish he was here with me too! Oh.. My dear Zico!
Puppy 1

Mum told me that dad had not been quite himself the first few days i left. Kept on writing the wrong date as year 2008 on the cheques he issued out. Coz that is the year when my assignment end. My emotion got all churned up and tears began crowding in the eyes as soon as I heard this. Hurriedly hung up the phone just in time not to let mum hear my crying voice.

Decided to cook myself a 'sumptuous' breakfast today.
Flippy Hehee... got some tomatoes in the fridge hence i decided to tried out the fried eggs with tomato.

A fail trial
Embarrassed for the beginner. The egg came out not in one piece but it tasted okay thou. Well.. not a bad start lar huh... if Larry saw this he sure laugh at me.. He is good cook thou!
The prank call happen again!You Suck This time, i am not afraid anymore, I got so fed-up that i scolded the guy back. Told him not to call again or i shall report to police. See if he dare to try that again or i shall get Daniela to change the phone number.

Ohh ya.. now i realised i have not upload any of my apartment's pix.
Okay.. guys n gals there you are.. My cosy nest in Niteroi, Brasil.

Oh No!! Ouch Forgot that i got an appointment with Pauline to 'look at the Gym'(hee.. not 'to use the gym'), Tciao!

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