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Friday Nite

Date : Friday, May 05, 2006
Time : 10:48 PM

Well.. 5th of May, Friday Brazil, while you guys and gals are enjoying the election holiday.
Tonite came home rite after work. CK scheduled a meeting tmr hence i gotta meet him downstair at 9:30am. The meeting will be held at Rio at 10:30am and after that we shall head straight to a local colleague, Melissa's housewarming party.
This gal is the secretary for the floor where i am sitting at. Not a very helpful gal. She is probably same age as me, but she has a ten yrs old boy. A single mum. I dunnoe whether it is the culture in Brazil or its just her, she got this house-warming wish-list which she enclosed in her invitation letter. Those who is going or who wish to give her a gift will then take the list as a reference. This is actually a good idea, however her list is basically those big tix item hence it caused some complaints from the floor.
Well.. for me, i got no choice becoz boss is going and i got no transport to go home if i dun follow him.

My lunch this afternoon was again at the Chinese kilo restaurant near the office. Here in Brasiil, there are a lot of restaurant where you can take watever food available and then thay charge by the weight of the total food taken. The rate per kilo varies from restaurant to restaurant and this one that we went to charge R$16.90 per kg, which is considered quite cheap.

After lunch, the Negro-looking IT guy Bruno, came to look at my desktop again. Yesterday he tried to configure my outlook for me but not successful. The problem is i dun understand portuguese and he dun speak English. Nevertheless, he is cute and helpful. We end up using the web translator to communicate and chatting. It was fun and we both laugh heartily over the awkward way of communicating. I felt that the people here are frenlier in SG, probably because of the relaxing lifestyle. Ppl therefore tends to have more time talking to each other, sharing stories and get to know each other. I asked Bruno to help me on a few problems and to move my pc to another workstation, he agreed without any hesitation. If it were back in SG, i bet the IT guy will ask me to send email to helpdesk and then waited for another two more days before each problem get solved, not to say doing the odd jobs of shifting the pc here and there. After everything is done, Bruno even left me his extension no just in case i encountered any other prob. Reminds me of the only good IT in SG, my beloved KengChong thou. If onli he were here, he will probably do the same good job.

Chatting wif dd on MSN just now, tried out the audio converstaion. The sound quality is cool! Free and good! Thats the advantage of technology.. brings the distance shorter. Ok.. going to slumber land.. boa noite!

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