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Date : Thursday, May 04, 2006
Time : 4:05 PM

3rd May 2006 11:30pm

The routine here is go home straight after work. Boss will drive us back to the apartment and if you feel hungry, you would have to cook for yourself. Only once a week, mostly on Friday, we will have dinner together in the restaurant after knock off.

Today, Jimmy suggest to grab sth b4 Well.. when the guys n gals first mentioned Chinatown, you cant imagine how happy and excited i am! A chinese gal away in a Portuguese country, anything associated with your own culture can be killingly tempting.

However.. The truth is the chinese population in Rio probably has not been big enough to form a chinatown district. The so called "Chinatown" is just a Chinese restaurant located in Rio, run by a China family from 'Wen Zhou'.

Look at the menu! It is written in Chinese character. Haha!! This was the first time i saw chinese word since i came to Rio. In fact most of the restaurant's menu are written in Portuguese. Saved me a lot of time choosing my dinner. I took a pix secretly.. hoping the owner wont caught me red-handed for spying his menu. ( Bad Jimmy kept frightening me by saying so!)

We ordered a corn soup, veges, Ma Po Tofu, and a hot-plate named 'Chuan Jia Fu' (meaning One- whole family in English). Basically, the dishes in Brazil is either too salty or too sweet. So as the chinese cooking. I dint eat much, partly because i was rather tired and partly due to the saltiness.

Daniela arranged the IT guy to came to my place for the modem set-up and laptop configuration in the afternoon. Gosh.. dunnoe what happened, i still i cant login. Another day without internet access.. I felt like a modern man living in the ice age. Tomorrow will write an email to her, hopefully they can get it done by tomorrow!

4th May 2006 4:30pm

Thursday is Fresh Market Day. There are these stalls selling vegetable, fruits and some other groceries setted up along the street outside our office in the morning. The veges sold here are so fresh and i cant help buying some tomatoes thou i still got one or two in the fridge.

Ms Dawn skipped her lunch, and I had lunch with Pauline and her colleagues. A bunch of nice ladies.. their names are so hard to remember, esp by ears due to the pronounciation. We walked to a nearby restaurant called Taneba or Tanaba.. (Well.. i told you its very hard to remember the name) and the food there is rather nice!! I shared a plate of steamed veges and tomato spaghetti with Pauline. The gals ordered broccoli rice and a dish made with beefs. cheese, tomato and potato. It seemed really nice so i tried a slice of it. Hmm.. Really good stuff!! Sinful thou.. Cost us R$15.20 each.. rather reasonable, ya?

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