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Rainy Saturday in Rio

Date : Sunday, May 07, 2006
Time : 2:09 PM

6th May 2006, May

Woke up trembling in cold... So.. It was raining outside.. My first Raning day in Rio. CK said everytime it rains, the temperature will drop further. Its gonna be a cold day, i reckoned.

Rushed out without having breakfast, met CK downstair and then we set off to look at the apartment. We have been looking for apartment for Steven and Chen Ying who are coming on mid May. Picked KC up near the apartment and he showed us the way to the plan destination. This apartment is situated near Rio Su, a shopping centre. Quite convenient but its too cramp and there is no view from the window. Somemore its located at 3rd floor. Not much privacy as its meant for two person and i dun think the guys who is coming to Rio somewhere during Mid May will like it. Hence CK decided to abandon this choice.

Saw the famous Jesus Christ on the hill of Corcovado during the drive.

One fine day, i shall definitely be there! Convertible Female

Continued to the meeting scheduled. Held at one of the brazillian's home just opp Rio Su. 4 of us sit ard the dining table as if having a conspiracy round table meeting, planning for the mission impossible. Arg... looks like i got a lot of work need to be done next week. Luckily Mauritius and all are very experienced and definietly offered a great help to rope me up in the scene.

Were supposed to goto Melissa open house after meeting. However, we couldnt find the way and ended up in a favela.
A favela is a brazillian shanty town or slum, primarily on the hills of Rio. They are units of irregular self-constructed housing that are occupied illegally. The people stay in a favela are usually very poor and it can be dangerous to walk into a favela without an insider guide. Coz favelas have been troubled by drug related crime and gang warfare. And these people sometimes have very powerful gun supplies that can cause a threat to the federal police. There are rumors that common social codes in favelas forbid residents from engaging in criminal activity while inside their own favela. Ck said there was once a SG colleague of us accidentally drove into one and got shot by the favela's resident. Hence we are actually having quite an adventure especially i am onli in Rio for one week! Imagine even the local people dare not to step into a favela.

We gave up searching for Melissa's house and headed for lunch instead. My stomach was grumbling like an orchestra inside. CK brot me to a place near our office and we had lunch at one of the kilo restaurant. Here they charged twenty sth reais, considered as one of the better kilo restaurant in town. One of the few KFC in Rio can be found here. CK paid for the lunch and the cashier gave us a tix. That is the receipt and we have to pass it to the gal at the door before leaving.

After the meal, we went to a chinese provision shop called: Mei Zhou Shi Pin. Its owned by a China man and they sold a lot of Japanese tit-bits and cooking ingredients. I was so glad to see so many asian faces and stuffs. Bot some peppers and chilli flakes and got Pauline her Bihun and Tau Sar Pau.

Reached home ard three thirty, bumped into Pauline downstair. She was helpful to wrote doen the instruction in Portuguese so that i can show it to the gal at the laundry shop. We planned to go for a weekend trip as there is a long weekend holiday mid June.

Took the old bedsheet and worn clothes to the laundry. there was an old lady named Eunice who speaks perfect English. After that, i decided to explore the vicinity. T here is a Plaza Shopping Centre within 15 mins walking distance. The shops are rather modern and its kinda similar to wat we have in SG. The fashions are trendy and the tags are priced high. I got myself a black heels to match with skirt as i din bring any from SG with me. The Brazillian are real friendly folks. The sales gal talked to me although we spoke different languages. They liked the watch that i was wearing. And we somehow managed to communicate with all the self-invented handside and gesture. There was also a family who kept on talking to me even though i had explained to them i do not understand wat they were trying to say. They thot im Japanese and in fact they took all oriental people as Japanese.

6pm. After my shopping, it was already dark. The dusk came early during winter. I hurried home, walked as fast as i could towards Sendas. Collected my laundry and went home.

A cold nite.. Browsing thru internet, and decided to change the blog skin.. Hehee.. i like the Red Hot devil theme. Do you??

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