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Perfect Pair

Date : Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Time : 7:23 AM

I hv been looking for a substitute jeans as te current pair of mine is getting too rugged and baggy. Jean shopping is a nitemare. Esp for an in-between-size like me. (LOL. Lionsault, betcha gonna say i m always the one being sandwiched again) In case u r wondering, i'm in between sizes 6 and 8(UK), sizes 25-26(Asian) and sizes 4 and 6(US). I thot this nitemare might juz end in Brazil, but reality is always cruel, i 'm again stucked in between sizes 34 and 36(Brazil). You can probably imagine my frustration when trying on two pairs of jeans during a fitting session, wondering whether to get the tight-as-skin pair or the more comfortable but slightly baggy pair. My legs are to blame, definitely, because they never increase in length, despite my hips hinting desperately for them to grow more proportionately in alignment with the hips expanding in girth.

The search for the perfect pair of jean started since the past ten years or so, when i started to realize how essential it is for one to get the perfect flattering pair. At some point of time, i thot i found the almost perfect pair, only almost. Soon i will pick on the colour, the cutting and after a while i will just settle with it while continue searchign for THE perfect pair again. Also, old jeans are dangerous, u get addicted wif the comfyness, without realizing it can seriously ruin ur finest outfit.

Searching the perfect pair is an art. An art which u could only master after many years of experience.. Searching the perfect pair is a journey which one need to go thru.. A journey which be smooth and effortless for some; yet bitter and wearying for the others. The irony, hunting for the perfect pair is somehow similar to searching the perfect soulmate of life.

You walk into a shop which seems pleasant 'nuff to make you feel comfortable, start looking for the perfect jeans for you. You select many different styles, even if you think they may not be flattering, and bring them into the dressing room at the same time so that you can compare them. You put them on in the buff, walking ard, looking into the mirror, building the connection with 'em possible candidates. Sometime u find the exact colour, but not in the right cutting; sometime the cutting seems well-suited but the prices are too steep. And finally when u find the perfect jeans with the correct colors, perfect cuts and incredibly affordable price tags, there juz dun hv the right size for you. So you are left with no choice but to move on.. move on to the next shop.. continue the steps and have your finger crossed that you are that near to THAT perfect pair made in heaven, that perfect pair which makes ur butts looks perkier, ur legs seems slimmer n longer... I always believe there is bound to be a jaw-dropping jeans for every figure. Just like everybody will eventually find the missing puzzle in their life.. u meet someone whom u hv a hitch wif, u brave urself and try on to see if there is any possibility to develop a stable relationship, there are times u thot u found the prince riding on the white horse, but you soon realize being a princess might not be the life that u r looking for. So u continue searching till u find the frog prince who might not be appealing at first sight but you two juz hit it off immediately.. Love comes in assorted forms, assorted genders but thats another story.

I m still pussyfooting ard for the perfect pair: one versatile low-rider which is suitable for dressing up and down, will not ditch me when i grow out of shape, provide me the perfect hugging-effect as always. If u had find urs, i must say u r a lucky one!! If u hvn, may i juz say: dun give up & god speed in ur hunt!

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Witness Statement for Perfect Pair
Ah, but what about th perfect price too? :)
What's your upper price limit for a pair of jeans?

I thought I'm the only person having problem finding "the perfect jean". Hee hee

I used to have one that I considered perfect, right cutting and colour and stuff. But I wear until got 1 hole already. Haiz. Still can't find another jean to replace its position.

Hey price is definitely a key factor. My budget is below SGD200, i dunnoe if u consider it reasonale. Keke.. i m posting this b4 i find the perfect pair.. i m not too sure if i really see it one day what other crazy decision i will make!

DK.. this need 'yuan2 fen4' one.. its hard to find the one that can click wif u..

Hmmm... I think if one has the perfect butt, one doesn't need to worry about finding the perfect jeans. Its just like what I tell some people. If your body is great and you look like a dream, you will look good no matter what you wear. Or not wear.

=) coolinsider, hehe.. i obviously dun hv one i guess. but how many of us have that one billion dollar butt and perfect hr glass bod?? That y we all need that perfect jean to go wif.

hoho I have given up on jeans for more than a decade, cos jumpy me can't kneel down with those tight jeans!

perfect jeans, im still lookin for one. my hips are quite small compare to my body. so out of proportion in a jeans. especially after havin a baby, everythin went from bad to worse.
you have such great figure, can't believe it's botherin you too..

zeezee: you said until finding jeans like finding partners like that. :P

@ chillycraps, i noe chillicrab certainly dun need a jean but din expect u do not like wearing jeans either. I portrayed u as one of those guy wif black rimmed spec + sporty jersey + a pair of blue jean, wahaha.. my imagination my bad!

@ shern's mom, i always thot small hip and tight a** looks gd in jeans?? I actually envy u coz I always feel my hip is at the slightly broader side. Aniwae, a tips to share: wear sth jeans wif lower pocket will make ur butt looks perkier, wear a slightly baggy jeans might help to cover ur flaws too. =)

@ DK: ya wat.. almost the same.. u got to the find the right jeans at the right shop at the right time. just like u look fwds to the right person at the right place at the right timing.

Keke.. or simpler, lets just forget abt jeans n wear sth else like khakis pants, bermudas, shorts or even boxer.

I'm always looking for my perfect pair of jeans. Oh, the hip vs buttocks ratio, and the length.....everything just needs to fit :(

Welcome to my world. I can never find my size in anything: pants, tops,..... im always in between. Either its too big or 2 small, maybe i have a weird body lol! Anyways good luck on ur search! Lol, no internet still for me so i cant stay long. I will come back to read ur other posts!

When in doubt I go to tailor and ask them to made the perfect jeans for me. It can be any model that I want. But I don't know the quality and style of tailor in Brazil

Great info. This will not only help a covert agent find a pair of jeans, it will also give them something to talk about without revealing classified information.

Some friends I saw got some very nice materials, and then if it fits their size they would make changes on it... HORRIBLE CHANGES that involves scissors and knives! But the ultimate result? It looks great!

wow, the way u illustrated about looking for perfect jeans...it's deep....real deep! hahaha
anyways good luck in ur search for your destined jeans

same case here, long lanky legs but thin waistline, its either they are long to fit my legs but the waist is meant for beer belly or they fit nicely on the ass but couple of inches shy from my feet. sad sad case, have to resort to wearing khakhis and linen pants as casual wear.

Hard to get a good pair to fit the butt just right ya know ? hehe, I feel u, I like to get mine at steve and barry's, everything for 7 bucks :)

tigerfish, how i agree. Its juz headachie. Not to mention how troublesome its is changing up n down, trying for the jeans.

Fa sy, poor gal, i feel ur pain!
stuck the in-between world, hah..

*frown* No internet access still, ouch.. well. juz treat it as a break! Might do u some gd to stay away from the pc n maybe get some exercise? Talking abt tat, i think i need some myself now! Cheers, n hv a gd day ahead!

Cherry, now then i realize i nvr have a single custom-made clothing. Mm.. think i shud try this suggestion!

Hey the OE, a big welcome to u, hope u enjoy ur 1st visit! u got some interesting theme in ur blog, secret agent n stuff.. that very creative!!

Jase, i m pretti sure ur friends hv magic hands. DIY is the IN thing now, its kewl to hv a customised pairs which look good, isnt it?

@ Calv, I gonna give u BIG BIG hug!! seems like u r the only person who understand wat i truly wanna say. oh yea.. may lady luck shines on me soonest!

@ Munak, hah.. im surprised! from wat i see, u got a rather good proportion. Hey. dun worry.. there r more n more jeans with diff length to choose from. Oh ya btw, i gonna visit the Hippies mkt this sunday n hopefully i can find sth tribal there. =P

@ Meltingwok, wow.. tats cheap n gd, good find!

Fuyohh.. sounds like the perfect pair of jeans is as elusive as the perfect partner. :-)

I like the way you make it so dramatic.. haha.

Ah, you got my sympathy there! My favorate jeans are starting to DIE and I am panicking because I know I can't replace them - they were faded and aged just right. Why must the God of jeans be so cruel? They die so young :(

@ Bernard, haha.. i m a drama queen in disguise.

Funny yet true, we r learning everyday in life.. start from the daily marketing to the big decision making.

@ Pat, ya.. they die young and its hard to substitute. =( cruel cruel cruel, but gve us more excuse to shop, happy happy happy LOL!!

fwah..u are quite detailed in your quest to find the perfect pair of jeans ah...

as for me..as long as it fits,its cheap, doesn't make my butt too big, its cheap, have to be blue, its cheap..then sold!! I got me a new pair of jeans..did I mention that it must be cheap? :)

go to zafu.com. You fill out a little questionnaire on how you want jeans to fit, and how they usually fit you. No names or emails required. It then gives you your perfect jean(s) that include a wide range of prices. It really helps.

I've got an identical problem, but I recently found a pair of Levis Jeans that are almost ok! I have to loose some weight, though... Too many chocolates and bread, you see...

ufff good that im not the unique to find the right hjeans too!!! its almost like a nightmare!!! eheheheh

@ Jason,

Ya ya ya, i saw the word 'cheap' at least 3 times, u cheapskate u!! Keke.. kidding larr.. must be at reasonable price indeed.

@ drama diva:

Thanks much for ur rescue tips!! thanks for swinging by too =)

@ sailor girl,

ooh choc n bread, that heavenly but sinful. y must tasty food always give us lotsa calories?? but dun u worry, u go sailing so often, betcha u burn away the fats easily too.

@ body&soul, haha.. i m exaggerating lar =) perhaps its not the case for ppl wif perfect bods.

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