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'M+M' Wedding Party

Date : Sunday, May 13, 2007
Time : 2:59 AM

I always like Mauricio. Being a cheerful Brazilian in nature, he has been the one offering me some great support @ work when i first came to Rio. Marilea, on the other hand is my pretty colleague, a witty lady who loves to talk and share her view AND her greatest contribution of all - never get bored playing my aunty agony's role. Both of them are wonderful souls tat i get to know in Brazil. The happiest thing was, the double 'M'-Mauricio and Marilea was finally tying the knot after 2 yrs of courtship!!

Weddings are always sweet pretty and utterly romantic. Even for a diehard disbeliever in marriage- like me, despite being jaded and skeptical sometimes, I realised that deep down the dreamy wishes of little girl on a star light star bright night are still yet alive. So yes yes, yet another wedding to smile and celebrate! Thats especially so after my wonderful
1st Brazilian Wedding dinner experience, i was actually looking fwd to another party-come-live opportunity!

Very much different from the traditional wedding, the double 'M' wedding celebration was more like a family & friends gathering. The party was aptly celebrated at Frank's parents' house -which is a huge, greenish mansion very much looks like a garden resort itself. Oh yeah? did i ored mention its poolside parrtee, sizzlin' HAWT!!It was a smackin' crazy fun nite!! The guest were all decked in their smart casual evening outfit, popping champagne and sipping caipirinha at their bubbliest mood. I think I got intoxicated with the mad vibes that went round.The boozing got us mad and the Jack Johnson's playing at the background sounded so out of place. Haha.. u shud noe by now the Brazilians (well so do I) could never pass off preening for the camera and so here's how the pics turned out despite the not-so-good quality due to the lightings and my humble photography skills. was ecstactic to share their joy! Best wishes to u guys-'Double M':

The only killjoy: The cobblestone road aint so friendly to my killer boots and i tripped on the way to the car, tat appened in a split of 5 sec but boo!! it was discouragingly ungrand. And guess wat, i m not even half-drunk! Luckily there isnt anyone ard. And our dear Senior PJM Mr KC managed to steal the limelight away from me by acting up Merlion(aka vomiting) by the bush. Gross

A toast to rose champagne and a lovely time away from the hustle and bustle of the world. For a moment, the jazzy ambience took me away to the stars in the sky.. now, all I needed was a bed and some fluffy pillows.. Nitie nitie.
For ur viewing pleasure:

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Witness Statement for 'M+M' Wedding Party
Ouch... that looks painful.

Not as painful as it seems. I got a high treshold for pain. =)

actually is consider lucky loh for falling on a "cobblestone road", it normally quite bad injured if on those kinda surface..

anyway, getting better now?

Ms Zee, why so skeptical about marriage? Is it after my blog on Honey, let's talk about money? Haha!

Oooo... I see that you had a great time partying. You looked great. Grown thinner huh.

And luckily for you, the bruise is not so bad lah.

Arf! It looks like a great party in a paradisiac country.. Too bad for your knee, but i'm sure the sun will take care of that in no time! It's raining here in France... Gimme some holidays!!!!!

Another great Brazilian party! Sigh.... I must visit South America one day.

Coincidentally, my son Ethan just fell down this morning and had two bruises on both his knees. THey look exactly like that! He was wailing away unhappily and its my fault I guess for not holding his hand while walking on the carpark.

Oh well....

yipguseng, ya.. Its actually a very light knock, but because of the rough surface, i got some cut on my right knee. No big deal thou, juz no minis for me for the next few weeks or so.

lionsault, looking at the divorce rate, i m seriously taking a 2nd thots.

EastCoastLife, thinner?? Of coz lar.. nobody jio me to Geylang for supper, no durain puff to eat neither.

Flav, there isnt any link ro ur site??
Heard from my french colleague, its the rainy season during this time of the year. Am gonna swinging by Paris by end of this month, hopefully there isnt any rain to stop me from my day trip.

zeezee: Don't worry, ECL likes to jio people go Geylang for supper one. She will confirm jio you when u come back.

I just went Geylang Serai for tissue prata with her last saturday. Not bad. :D

By the end of the month it should be better in France... We had a lot of sun in april and in the beginning of may, but the last days were rainy... Hope you'll have sun! See u in France! ;-)

coolinsider, i only hurt my right knee. Poor Ethan.. he must be in pain,so do u- heart pain!
I rem how my mum used to scream & frown whenever i hurt myself when i m young.

DK, but when i go back all of u hve to stay home for extreme diet, no more prata tissue =(

Flav, hah now i know u r the moderator in disguise. =)
Sounds good, i can hv some great time in Paris then. Which part of France r u from?

fwah..interesting to note..many people are getting married this year..and Brazil isn't spared from that too man..keke..so I guess they celebrate the golden pig year too eh? wahaha!!

Oh ya. good pt there. I had attended at least 4 wedding dinner since beginning of this year. (not to count those i missed when i m not in town) So brudder, when is ur turn?

or ya..b4 u answer, i would betta ask u r not married YET, r u? =P

U really believe ECL when she say she going to lose 10kg before coming out for supper again? :P


When u coming back anyway?

Is it? Later got one yandao who also looked cute and have a deep pocket everyday come to see you with flowers, you heart will slowly melt and you will forget about everything haha :P

@ DK:

Keke.. she keeps tokking abt losing that hew extra pounds wat.

End of this mmth, hula-hula-hoo!!! Lets go food hunting. i m suffering from serious local food deficiency.

@ Lionsault:

hehe.. dun worry.. i dun like yandao gia. if he come everyday to see me wif flower, he must hv nothing betta to do, so shallow, i dun want. =P

End of the month? Great. 1 more kakis for supper. hee hee.

I'm going east coast park hawker centre for supper with ECL later. :D We will save some stingray and satay for u lah. (I mean pictures)

I'm from the west of France, about 3 hours to Paris by car, in Britain. Yeah i'm sure u'll have some great time in Paris, the only thing is that going out in Paris is really expensive... But also a lot of fun!

Yea. its expensive, esp now EURO is very strong. Anyway, company expenses, so i gonna get myself a good meal there, any restaurant to recommend?

no durian puff ? aww..nevermind, come over and feast on some delicious tofu burger hehehe, j/k ! Anyway, I can imagine how you would look in your wedding with the tiara on, that's beautiful !:)

@ meltingwok:

haha.. u invite me over to eat ur tofu arr?? LOL!! I would LOVE to, tskk tsk!! to be frank, i ored printed out the recipe hehe.. see if my mum can help me to whip out sth similar. I m a tofu fans. everything make wif tofu i eat. but i dun eat other ppl's tofu lar.

hehe.. thats a party tiara on my head. Brazilians party hv tons of party accessories, absolutely rawk!!

Working overseas is always a refreshing thing. It breaks the boredom we get in sg despite the adjustment we need to do. I can see you are having alot of fun there.

So did you get yourself a Brazilian hunk for your return flight? Haha!

Endoh, ya its definitely a while-worthy experience despite the loneliness that might attack us when we miss our friends n families back home. I m enjoying and living teh life here fullest. =)

Keke.. only regret, cant squeeze a BZ hunk into my luggage. they r too big for even for my over-sized baggage.

hii Zeezee
haha first time i saw u post ur picture in your blog lol... u look like a princess or some kinda beauty pageant with that crown on ur head haha.

It seems u're having a great time there. Well done. Btw wanna exchange link? Bye.

i wanna be there too!! but not party till the knees get into such state...

Patchay, haha.. no lar. not the 1st time. u must hv missed out the other post.
No prob. will get ur link up!
Hv fun in Aussie!

@ zewt, keke.. thats bad indeed. blame my clumsiness. =P

I don't have a special restaurant to recommand... There is a lot of good restaurants, depends on what u want to eat! There is hundreds of different french specialities, if i can give u an advice, try a lot of it! U can get a normal lunch meal (should be good for u if u don't know our recipes) for about 10 or 15 euros, u can get a good dinner meal for about 20 or 30 euros, but if u want a famous restaurant and great great food, it will be at least twice this price... Try to order food in some caf├ęs, it's less expensive and oftently traditional. If u really want, i can give u some names of resatuarnts or some advice, but depends how long u'll stay, where in Paris and how mucch money u wanna spend!

@ Flav, i would only be there fro a day, and i need to pick up sth downtown. SO most likely i will just hang ard taht area. Will definitely try out one of the restaurants by the Seine River. Tried the cafe and crepe during my last visit in winter, absolutely love it, i guess its the whole environment, setting and weather tat made the afternoon tea so special and romantic. =)

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