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Museums Alive!!

Date : Thursday, May 17, 2007
Time : 4:49 PM

For travellers who come to visit Singapore, do you know that besides being a shopping paradise, this little island actually has some unique heritage stories to share with you?
For local citizens who stay and live in this small yet intricate country, are you aware that there are actually more places than the zoo and birdpark to kill your weekend?

Here is a great chance for everybody to know Singapore more from a different perspective -International Museum Day 2007 (IMD'07)!

IMD'07 starts from this coming Friday, 18 May 2007. IMD'07 promises more than 80 activities and events spread over 24 museums over 10 days. Unlike other commercial events, most of the activities are FREE or at very low cost. The idea is to make heritage and culture more accessible to everybody, especially the heartlanders and the masses.

There will be lots of fun things to see and do at IMD'07. You can hop on free museum bus tours, wiggle to exotic middle eastern dances, form a group to participate in the Heritage C-Race, dine with your favourite toys plus of course the ever popular MIA Night Tour. Those who are into art collecting and trading can find out all about the art markets in Singapore and Southeast Asia. There is something for foodies too, with the
Eastern Surprise Food Trail which combines culture with cuisine! Who said heritage and culture is boring and unapproachable?? It shall nvr be the same if you join in the fun this coming Friday!!

Bring your families and friends along, make it more meaningful as a special gathering! More details are in the official IMD'07 website here.

Want to know more? You can also check out Yesterday.SG for more information.

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Witness Statement for Museums Alive!!
Thanks for blogging about this Zee! Its certainly going to be a party here in Singapore with IMD'07. Hope that when you are here, you will have the time to visit some of our unique and fascinating museums. Culture excites!

U r welcome, Walter. We all need some cutural indulgence from time to time.

i wish i can hop on the culture bus this time round but pity pity pity. For those in Singapore, do treasure the opportunity and go experience the fun yourselves!!

Malaysian get 50% discount off the published rates for dunno what package which includes admission to: The Merlion; Fort Siloso Tours; Images of Singapore and Sky Tower. not bad huh....

haha, ur image shown does let me feels like it's gonna be like the movie "The Night in The Museum" where everything comes alive at night :P

Museum..really don't remember when was the last time i went to it..

keke...when I first read this..I figured that brudder Walter would be happy man...snigger~

But thanks for pointing that out man..I saw the posters a few times but din go further to finding out what it is..until your article here...kudos..kudos... :)

drama div@,

REALLY???!!! Hey that sounds like a deal! Keke. so u going??

yipguseng, keke.. same here actually. my last visit to a Museum is prob three/four mths ago in Paris. Malaysia do hv some nice museums too, i bet it shall attract lotsa media attention if museums really come alive @ nite! Haha. i wanna go then!

@ jason,
haha, bingo!! Its bro Walter's baby project. Go support support!

Sounds good! But it will be difficult for me to be there :p I'd really like to go in singapore one day! How much does it costs to get an hotel for one week ?

wondering whether i cld experience what ben stiller had experienced in "night at the museum"

U shud come n i shall show u ard.
The hotel rate in Singapore ranges from SGD70 - SGD200 per nite, which is abt EURO35 - 100 per nite.
u shud be able to get a pretty decent hotel at EURO50++ per nite. =)

@ Johnnny, LOL, that shud be a lifetiem experience!! KEke.. get to play catch with the dinosaur =P

Interesting! Would love to visit! Hey did u use to live in Boston? I had a class with a girl from Singapour once and her name was zeze :) and its amazing how u guyz look alike! What a coincidence!

fa sy, nope.. i wish to but i hvn get the chance to visit Boston. Hehe.. thats fun!! two person having similar name n look =) i wanna know her too!!

Oh, Im sure u will one day! yeh its crazy, I really thought it was u coz I lost track of her after college, lol. Oh well, maybe she is ur unknown twin lol :)

Fa sy,
i m going to call my mum to check wif her. Do i hv a long lost sis??

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