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Path to the Sky

Date : Monday, May 21, 2007
Time : 12:18 PM

Weekend was again wonderful AND over-indulged in food. =P

Saturday, 5 of us drove up to the mountain for our weekend excursion. This time round, Edward suggested 'a place near heaven'! Keke.. Boss jokingly commented he did not wanna go to Heaven, becoz its a place full of Saints, and Saints aint fun at all. Keke.. if given a choice, if there is really a place called 'Heaven', would u wanna go???

Alrite.. back to our excursion, we drove all the way up to the mountain thru Petropolis. Since none of were prepared for the long traveling time so as our stomachs , we stopped by a bakery at Petropolis for a leak and and a feast. =P
Journey continued to Noguiera, (a town near Petropolis) with 5 full stomachs in the car: less grumbling but more snoring.. Poor boss for being our driver! However, when the journey reveals its destination, its absolutely worth it! Welcome to Le Siramat! It is a Mountain Resort situated at the top of Caminho do Céu, literally means 'the path to the sky'. It's a beautiful place, and I strongly recommend it to whoever is after a calm and relaxing retreat with magnificent views on the valleys below. We were all in cloud nine because we were literally surrounded by clouds!!

The view and the weather worth a zillion dollar but the food were fairly passed. The trouts were are too dry and the serving sizes were too little. I still prefer the one that we had at Araras. The Spanish wines however were a refreshing experience for the tastebuds.
In order to satisfy our very much disappointed tongues, we proceeded to our foodhunt again on Sunday. After hearing much about the infamous Satyricon- a must visit Mediterranean Seafood restaurant in Ipanema, we decided to bear the risk of burning our shallow pockets. It was a well-known restaurant which frequent by the Stars (eg Madonna) & political big shots. Turned out- Madonna choice was so-so. The food was nice but not really fantastic. with the money tat we paid(US95 each) , we are definitely looking for better taste and more creative dishes. Okie okie.. dun blame me of causing u hungry again.. I already tried my best to refrain myself from posting another picture-heavy post. Yes.. believe me, i really DID!! =P

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Witness Statement for Path to the Sky
Hmmm..... How did you maintain your figure with all those good food?

Wah...a lot of seafood hor...the grilled seafood platter looks good.

The portions at Le Siramat really quite pathetic leh....fish so little, but give more rice and potatoes...I wonder which is the main and which is the sides...

The Pao looks very chinese though. Are they called Pao in Brazil too? The Pao de Queijo looks like the Hong Kong Polo buns leh....

the mountain name is Caminho do Céu right? is the road towards to top already properly built tat u can drove up or u have to walk? how tall?:D

look at all those food....tell me, did u found urself gain any weight after went to brazil?

ZeeZee, thanks for dropping by in my blog.

I miss the Pao de Queijo, anyway to bring them for me when you back to Singapore......:P

Oh my...food glorious food!! I am always so jealous when you blog about food...and it makes me hungry everytime (~woofing down a muffin~)

always food and more food!!!
ohhh brazil pais tropical!!! ;)

wow nice Pics..specially in Clouds..ha ha..

Buay tahan already..... can you beam me there zeezee like right now? I am both roasting here and also dying from overwork.... sigh...

it's almost midnight, and you're makin me hungry again..

aw..drooling...i just had my lunch and i amd hungry again...all your fault..

damn...now i gotta go eat something. instant hunger when i came to this blog.

zee, stop it, im hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. U keep on doing this to me. I think i need to eat first before visiting ur blog! loll

Ms Zeon, you enjoying life in Brazil while all of us got to put up with coffee shop food in Singapore :(

Regarding Heaven...

There's this café in a shopping centre near my house. It's called Heaven and we always joke how it should be called Hell coz the singers there can't sing (seriously) and their customers always block the walkways.

Just wanted to share this. Lol!

OOoooo lots of nice food again!!! Wow all looks so nice!!! Good thing u dun get fat like me!! Hehehe!

@ DK, How do u noe i m not balooning behing the screen?? =P

@tigerfish, Yeh.. the serving of the fish are pathetic & inconsistent: some big some small.
Bun=Pao in Portuguese. Similar pronounciation as in Chinese. =) But teh Pao de queijo, its actually a cheesy dough made into plain bun, HK Polo buns are sooooooooo much nicer!!!!!

@ yipguseng, yep, tats the name of the mountain: Path to the sky, beautiful isnt it? We drove up, not sure if there is a route for trekking. its not really dat hiigh actually 100 metre above sea level. However due to the weather now, (its beginning of so-called winter in Brazil) its kinda foggy n cooling, temperature wise is sth like Genting in M'sia. =)
Haha. seriously.. i din gain weight this time rd, but when i first came to BZ i did put on a lot of extra pounds!!

@ aceone118,

U r welcome =)hope u enjoy ur stay too!

PP, can.. the dough powder lor.. u still rem?? Do u want, i can bring one pkt back. Drop me a mail =)

@ jason, whew... i want dat muffin!!

@ soul & body, =) wanna come to Brazil??

@ pankaj gupta: yea.. i feels like an angel or divine up in the hill!

@ coolinsider, mm. i wish i had tat Doraemon's door, the door that open to everywhere of the world.
Wat u need now is a erst, a hug from Ethan and maybe a glass of ice cold beer!!

@ shern's mom, babyfiona, zewt & fa sy,

brudder & sister,i dun wanna be the only one growing fat..
*evilish cackle*

bill, actually i dun ming kopitiam if the food is good, i m all ready to trade all these with just a bowl of authentic Laksa!

@ dieselfire,

LOL. wat an irony, maybe they shud consider employing me as their in-house-singer,wahaha!!

Thasnk for sharing =)

@ nastasshea:

i m normal gal like u, and all tasty food are sinful. =(
nvrmind, eat first, excercise later!

Ooooo.... food, glorious food again! You are living in Heaven! hehehe....

Zeon, what you said is true. When you are overseas, you will miss local food. When I was taking a holiday in the States, I miss kopitiam food. Those American food may taste good when you first try it. But after awhile, you get sick of them because they are too expensive, the serving size is not suitable for us and it is not healthy either.

yup, is very nice! :D

and FYI, genting in m'sia, neh~ is not as cool as before anymore actually..

@ EAstCoastLife,

u wont said that when u think of the extra calories intake. Temptation is everywhere, =( my diet plan can nvr be put in action!

@ Bill,

ya.. i still Asia is the food paradise. Maybe we r brought up here. =) The taste home can nvr be substituted.

@ yipguseng,

mm.. i had been 4 yrs since my last visit to Genting. Wat a pity.. the negative side of massive and rapid developement.

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