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I dun mean to see ya naked

Date : Monday, May 28, 2007
Time : 9:42 AM


An ear-piercing screeeeeaaam + a door-slam at less than in inch from the tip of my nose. Erbbbbb... I m deaf + shocked + stunned for a good 10 seconds or more. Shocked

I can register the image of a round, shapely and maybe smooth butt in my pupils a minute ago and then kaboom a pink color wooden door just shut the full monty behind. WTH!!! I din mean to see ya naked anyway, watever u hv i oso have. Imma aint a pervert who enjoy watching you doing ur big proj in the loo!

I have lost count of how many times i encountered this situation since i came to work in Brazil's office. I dunnoe WHY this particular lady in my office can nvr remember to lock the door properly before she start to undress. Sometimes i wonder, are you really dat rush?? If that is the case, why must u wait until the last minute then looking for the loo??!! The worst part is: it isnt my intention/fault to disturb you in your midst of ur system-clearing project. You are the one who din lock the door in the first place, y still shouted like there was an alien-invade. I m pretty sure I m not the only one who knocked at ur door. You shud hv seen that happen since it is not the first time you left the door unlocked! Duncha think you are being inconsiderate and if I were to have a faint heart, i would have suffered from a heart attack by ur life-threatening scream.

This happened in Singapore too. Once, I was looking for the restroom inside the cinema just after the show. There was only one ladies restroom near the exit. The moment i pushed open the door, a gal inside screamed and slammed the door in front of my face, attracting all the attentions of the leaving audience. I felt like to hide into a hole immediately if there is any in front of me.

There was also this incident when i was on my flight to Chile. The lavatory's light was green so i pushed the door open, and hell... i caught a brazilian gal with her pants half-pulled. I was kinda awkward but the Brazilian gal was kinda polite. She came out in a minute, fully-dressed this time, smiled at me and apologised.

I dunnoe if this happened in the Gents too. Anyway, people, the point is: try not to wait until your tank is fully loaded before you start looking for a place to release. Even if you are in a rush, please do remember to lock the cubicle's door. By doing tat, u can take your own sweet time, indulging in ur private moment without worrying any unwanted interruption. You dun want to embarass yourself neither do others, BE CONSIDERATE! Also, try to look underneath if u can see any hanging feet before u push the cubicle door, just in case.


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Witness Statement for I dun mean to see ya naked
Maybe she purposely don't lock the door so that you will see her? :P

wow, luckily she's not in the middle of doin big. If u pushed the door when her "thing" is in the middle of coming out, u got big possibility of getting faint! lolz!

Gross! Well, I guess it could be part of the culture over there and perhaps plain laziness to lock the door. Hopefully you could still keep your dinner that day.

Probably the door lock is spoilt?! LOL

@ DK,

choi choi choi.. even thou i enjoy watching beautiful gals, i m absolutely not a Les. Eee...Betta go wash my eyes!

@ yipguseng

Thats GROSS!! not onli faintz, i think i prob will suffer from public toilet phobia since then.

@ coolinsider,

hey, its a habit i believe. A bad one somemore. =(
Dun worry, no permanent damage done to my appettite, dinner anytime. =)

@ Kev,

Thanks for visiting n ur comment. Door lock working perfectly, prob her hand too busy.

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