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Arpoador Beach & Azul Marino

Date : Saturday, May 26, 2007
Time : 9:53 PM

My last Saturday in Rio, Met up with Marlin who was also in town for lunch.

We went to Azul Marino, a small seafood restaurant by Arpoador beach. Arpoador is the border between Ipanema and Copacabana. The name comes from the rock formation, that gives you a wonderful view to both neighborhoods. Ipanema Beach is renamed Arpoador Beach once you go past Rua Francisco Otaviano. Arpoador Beach is a favorite with surfers, and there are spotlights for night surfing. The restaurant-Azul Marino is situated on the beach lane- Rua Francisco Bhering which is open for pedestrians only (see map).We parked the car some distance from the restaurant and took a stroll along the beach.The most captivating part is the seaview in front of the restaurant, listening to the seawave, the laughter of the beach bums, and the music played by the buskers made the food taste better than ever. We would like to take the alfresco seat but the pigeon flying over our heads seemed rather unfriendly. We had to give up the option not wanting any extra ingredients dropping from the sky while we gobble up our meal.

Complimentary entree was fish broth. We ordered casquinha de siri (stuffed crab meat) and some fresh oysters for starters. High on the hog!!

Main courses were Moqueca de Peixe(Fish Moqueca) and grilled seafood platter. The moqueca was nice but not as fantastic as the one we had in Siri Mole. The grilled seafood platter was okie but half of the hotplate was filled with fruits & vegetables. Felt kinda cheated by the menu's description. Nothing to rave about.Dessert choices were somehow simple and limited, the fruit salad with vanilla ice-cream looks good thou. =)

In short, its was a close but no cigars, I dun feel the 'Oomph' from the food but the ambience was definitely a highlight esp to aesthetics sucker. It will make a good choice for lunch after a suntanning session at the beach.

My greatest satisfaction?? Hahaha.. wat else but oggling at the beautiful beautiful Ipanema Gals for the whole afternoon! I wonder why they could still wear the skimpy bik- even durinng sucha a cold weather. o_O

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Witness Statement for Arpoador Beach & Azul Marino
OMG! I love the fruite salad with aiscream! You've made me ene hungry now... gruurgg... haha...
And you've nice pictures!
I love them.

Look like a nice place to be at. :)

I love their dessert, yummy.....:p

nice pics there though ipanema girl huh? reminds me of a song titled that also

I thought the bikini gal in the first pic is you! hehehe... Look so similar.

The beach looked so inviting.....


the fruit salad are WONDERFUL indeed.
thanks for visiting!
ur nick reminds me of the infamous HK Curry Fishball! yum yum


its a place to see and to be seen.


i finally met Marlin!!
Hehehe... lets go Bakerzin for dessert when i go back.

@ calv,

yea...'The Girl from Ipanema'!! thats exactly the song in my mind when i sat there looking at the gals.

@ EastCoastLife,

Wah.. how i wish i had the perfect hourglass shape too!!!!
Brazil has the best beaches in the world.

oh my god...look at all the seafood!! the seafood platter!!!! but is the green color thing a cucumber?

wei wei, larger the beach photo mer, ngek ngek >:)

lol... haha... HK Curry FIsh ball? haha.. wish to try it...

@ yipguseng,
bingo, it is cucumber.
half of the seafood platter is filled with vegetables, =( wat kinda seafood platter is dat? Its not even sea cucumber!

@ curryegg,
i hvn tried it too, shud be nice! hehe.. u got q yummilicious nick!

@ yipguseng

Haha.. need me to send u the full size original picture onot?

hoiyo! if got full size original picture i dun mind having it woh! keke :D

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