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Date : Thursday, May 24, 2007
Time : 9:30 AM

I dunnoe if i were standing at the high risk spot, or I'm the one that falls into the high risk group.

Jimmy and I were doing our weekly marketing at the fresh market. I was standing at the exact same spot where the lunatic woman's attack took place few mths ago. I was wearing my not so perfect jeans while looking at the big round melon and it happenend!!!

"PIAK!!" a steady sturdy PAT on my butt!!! I was pissed and stunned at the same time. I raised my hand and turned my head in the next nanaosecond, all geared up to give whorever the ham-sup-low (aka shameless detestable despicable maggot!!) a big slap on da face. Then an innocent baby-like broad smile on a wrinkled face appeared in front of me and suddenly my anger disappeared and i found my heavy hand awkwardly hanging in the air; pretty much like the scene in Matrix. The wrinkled face belongs to a short skinny old folk(i cant tell whether is a HE or SHE) who apparently was not having a clear mind. You can tell he/she did not know what he/she did to me was wrong and.. his/her smile.. that genuine, undisguised smile on that pickled face melted my heart and all my anguish and insults magically vanished like vapor. Its kinda weird, one second ago i was as mad as a hatter and the next moment i was as calm as a hurricane's eye. Just the other day, i was commenting on Walter's post, abt how contagious a smile can be, and then it happened on me.

However, still having the phobia from the last loony's ambush, my inctinct reaction was to hide behind Jimmy immediately. Everybody including the fruit stall's owners were laughing at me and the naughty old folk. And wats next, i found myself grinning foolishly too. Keke.. wat a day...Wat to do, i cant blame him/her because he/she has a mental problem, Jimmy said i got a blur blur look which makes me an easy target, Boss said maybe my butt looks like a magnet to the molester's hand, AND i said: Hey, Duncha think u can grab my arse without getting slapped juz becoz u got a baby-like smile. Mind u, I bite!! Grr~~

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Witness Statement for Molest!!
Maybe you need a bodyguard.

awww... that was a scary moment. I was worried the loony guy would hurt you.

You're right, shouldn't let any guy think you r easy target nor anyhow grab you.

Hmm, Zeon, is the person who touched you looks something like the picture of the old lady that you showed? If that is the case, maybe you are so attractive until an old lady also want to 'eat' you. Haha :P

Oh dear you're a nutcase magnet!

shoulda slapped him/her in the ass back

haha, u really should put a warning note like wat is on the picture :D

anyway, next time walk infront of ur friend to cover ur arse ;)

Looks like Brazil has lots of frisky old folks.... I wonder what keeps them behaving this way? And are you sure your pair of jeans are not perfect? ;)

On a more serious note, do take care of yourself and maybe find ways to protect your derriere. Perhaps one way is to stand in a formation with the two macho men beside you as "bodyguards"? Also time to brush up on that Capoeira!

Get Jimmy to be with you at all time no matter where you go or your favourite secruity guard on thurs mkt.

hmm..come to think of it..guys do get slapped in the butt too eh? But mostly buy other guy friends..keke..

Seems like you might want to avoid that area while you do your marketing eh? Or ah..or..you can adapt to the elbow first ask later kind of move :)

Em...How rude.. You should be extra careful next time. If not, bite them. haha.. ;0

funny old folks..

@ DK,

Mm.. wanna send in ur resume??

@ EastCoastLife, it isnt very safe here. Keke.. good thing is, i m coming back to SG!!

@ Bill,
yea.. with a similar smile on his/her face.
i think i m really a nutcase magnet like wat Miss Loi commented.

@ Frank,

Hey, i shud hv thot of it! aiya!

@ yipguseng,

Hahah... keke.. maybe shud wear a wok or helmet kinda things to protect my pat pat!

@ CoolInsider,

Speaking of dat, i tried Capoeira b4. Its super duper fun!! Haha.. shud really brush up 'em strokes again.

@ PP, Jimmy was w/ me that day. but he want there covering my arse. =(

@ Jason, i almost did dat, but i cant bear to do that to someone who is mentally unfit.

@ curryegg:

=) yep, im preparing my teeth by biting sugarcane now. *GRWWWW*

@ shern's mom,

crazy old folks somemore. =P

Zeezee: Got vacancy ah? OK, I apply now. Need to take queue number or not? :P

@ DK,

no need to take queue number but need special skill. U noe how to cover others' backside onot?

zeezee: That my forte. :D

@ DK,
Okie, when can u start working?

Now. :D

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