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Mad Woman On Loose

Date : Thursday, February 01, 2007
Time : 8:13 AM

Wat a morning!!! Phew... Ladies n gentlemen, the following broadcast is brought to you by Zee, the brave lil' devil, Life in RJ, Brazil.

It supposed to be an usual Thursday and me in my extremely good mood. As u guys might hv known now, Thursday is my fruity day! Thursday is the street mkt day where i can pick up my weekly grocery supply.

Boss need to go Angra today, hence he dropped me off the road in front of our office. I alighted gracefully from the car, crossed the road carefully, and headed straight to my favourite fruit stall. There was some fresh persimmons on the rack that caught my eyes and boy must I picked some. Then there was some plums lying there, beckoning me to bring them home, so i started choosing leisurely while chit-chating wif Gergie, one of the owners of the stall. And that was the time when i started smelling some intense air. Raising my eyesights reluctantly from those juicy plums and there she was! Standing less than ten steps in front of me, a skinny tall lady waving her hands frantically with the middle fingers up, cursing and swearing with mouthful of words which i din understand at all. WORST of all, this lady had been cursing for quite a while and apparently I was the last person to notice her presence. The rest of the Brazilians understood her language but not me. And maybe becoz im the only odd one, wif yellow skins n tiny eyes, AND THAT MADE ME AN EASY TARGET!!

I was stunned for a moment and not knowing wat to do. She seemed harmless at first, but as she got more n more agitated, the lunatic woman waxed profane. To my astonishment, she picked up a box from the street and came pressing forward. It all happened in a split second, I m sure my face turned white when the mad woman came pressing forward. The next moment i regained consciousness, I was shielded by the mongers behind their stall. All of them were holding some sort of sharp objects, i.e. screwdrivers n knives in hands for precautions. One of the grandpa-looking guy handed me an apple, talking to me in a manner like an adult trying to hoax a kid. I noe he was trying his best to distract me from the mad woman, but my heart was thumping so loud that i cant hear him at all.

The mad woman did not give me up. She was still circling near the stall, cursing in anger, gritting her teeth. I was really freaked out by then. All I wanted was to get back to my office which is only 1 mins walk away, but now it seemed so farway from me. And if only you could understand, it was very much like the scene in Babel when BradPitt and his wounded wife were trapped in the bus. All i could do is to figure the situation out by guessing the word and gesture. How i wish i were tad bit more hardworking during my Portuguese lessons.

Not knowing how long it took, the mad woman seemed to simmer down. I told the guys I need to get to my office where the sturdy security guard was. The next moment i was transormed into a superstar, donned by sunglasses and hat, surrounded by three hunky bodyguards, except the fact that I was chasing not by paparazzis but a crazy female stalker!!

All and all, its a chaotic morning, added to another chapter of my Brazil's adventure.
I was well aware of the crime rates and the social problem in Brazil long b4 i came to this country, but never a time i encountered one that was close to what i have been hearing. Not before today. Besides, we always moved in a group when PP n Jim were still here, but now I m a lone ranger. That sort of increase the danger in a way. But if u were to ask me, is it really that bad staying in Brazil, after a solid ten months here, I would say it is still a country worth visiting. Despite the negative sides, Brazil true charms lies in its people: the simple, helpful, kind and passionate folks! I like wat DD said, "But Rio is Rio, however the 'feel' towards Rio might shift or change over the time and place. deep down, we probably consent, or to the least, not objecting to the notion that, hmm..., Rio is, indeed, a beautiful city. despite we might still dislike the slum and the violence and the corruption, we still like to come to conclude the beauty of Rio, against all odds."

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Witness Statement for Mad Woman On Loose
guess you're hte lucky one

just like khartoum, capital city of sudan........ heard from many foreigners that sudanese ppl do think that foreigners are here to take away their earnings,country treasures,resources.....

Talk about Dangerous Living! It must be quite exciting working in Brazil in a world that is diametrically opposite from Singapore both in distance and culture. I guess life in Rio isn't just all about partying from dawn till dusk and Mardi Gras yes?

BTW, you do seem to know that I am alluding to something in my recent posts. When the time is right (which may be soon), I will announce it. And no, it is not parenthood. ;-)

Aiyo, my dear sister, u ve to be extra careful since we cant be there to 'protect' u anymore. Pls try to go at least in a pair next time u going to this mkt,ok.
Worry here.

Zee, Intresting story.

I am not too sure how I feel about it, I can't believe you remained calm.

Here in the states, we would have "shut her up" in no certain terms.


TJ,of coz I m 'lucky'. Out of so many ppl, she deliberately picked me!
But of coz i m not blaming her, she dinnoe wat she was doing also. That poor lady prob thot i looked like an alien to her which might be an eyesore.
But fortunately, the rest of guys did offer their helping hands. =) If not for them, i seriously dunnoe wat to do.

Johnny, hows Sudan? izzit safe loitering ard? Wat is e most widely used language? Do u understand the native's language by now?

Cool Insider, Life in Brazil is exciting. Not only the partying part but also the extremly high crime rate. My case is nothing compared to the shooting in Favelas n robbery case at Coppacabana Beach. If u watched e movie 'City of God' b4, u will noe. thats exactly how it was. This few yrs, its getting better but still social prob is a pain in the arss in this country.

PP, i will sure grab Marilea or Carmen or whoever is there to go wif me in the afternoon next time.

Czenfam, I m kinda freaked out when it happenened, i can feel my heart pounding even when i finally seated in front of my desk. It is definitely the first time (n the last plz)I felt so close to danger. But I got out of e trauma rather fast, shooing away the bad thots n tried to think of e better side: e help i got from e folks, n how lucky i was that i m not hurt afterall.
This is a social prob tat the gov here is looking at.(Mind u, they r only looking at it, NOT solving) So its really lucky of us who r born in countries that r more developed n safer.

Waahhh! Cool. What an adventure! hehehe....... I hope you not too shaken arh. 无端端被攻击! suay lor.

Pls come back in one piece.

haiz, yalor. suay lor. can not blame her also, she cant control herself.
Keke.. worry not, i m coming back for CNY SOON, cant wait to smell the lil' island air.

Sounds like a fantastic adventure you are on ZeeZee. Working in different countries, experiencing the different cultures (up close and personal in this case).

Beware of strange cursing mad women.

Thanks for the smile!

Living by urself in a foreign country is always risky, in the way that you dun understand the language and general behaviour of the people. Find a companion next time!

=) yep, esp in a country which is rather well-known for its crime-rate.

I learnt my lesson, so i shall try to stick to the grp whenever i can.

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