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A Saturday when the Dark Lord rules..

Date : Monday, January 29, 2007
Time : 7:55 AM

When u find urself wake up at the wrong side of bed, its betta to get back to lala land n sleep the day away. Trust me, i learnt it the hard way after I did an extremely wrong decision on Sat morning.

Woke up with a goggy head, struggling my way to the bathroom. Something just didnt feel right, i bet it must had written in the stars. Couldnt care less, I took my dirty laundry to the shop n went for breakfast as usual. Saw this lil gal walking her nice sturdy beagle along the street, gorgeous mum followed at the back. Mr Beagle refused to move n the lil' gal had to drag the poor dog along. Mum was busy talking on the phone and din really pay attention to the gal n the beagle. Turned out that poor Mr Beagle need to pass his motion, and apparently his masters did not see it coming. Mum kena the top prize but she din notice it either. Worse, she kicked the poo poo as she moved n the poo poo did a nice 360' somersault in the air b4 it dropped on my shoe!!

I was cursing and swearing inside but there isnt much i can do except running back to my apartment's carpark for a quick wash up. Okie.. now i m angry n starved.. but the worse had yet to come. I finally got back to the backery shop where i use to have breakfast at, just in time to witness a fat guy wif big belly bought the last ham n cheese croissant n shamelessly start eating in front of me. ARRGGGG!!!! That is my crispy Ham n Cheese croissant!!

Fine, i ended up settled with 4 piece of Pao de queijo and a cup of hot chocolate which is not so hot at all. Got home grouchy enuff to find the whole apartment had no electricity supply due to some stupid technical problem!!

Gosh.. i decided to call it a day b4 declaring it The DARKEST DAY of my 20++ life!! So believe me, bad hair day is REALLY bad!! Not only bad but BLACK!!


Caught The illusionist on Sunday. I prefer 'the other magician movie'-The Prestige thou. Edward Norton is still as cool but the female actor Jessica Biel screw up big time. She seriously cant act, at least not well. Nevertheless, the show is kinda intriguing and i think it worth 3.5 star out of 5.

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Witness Statement for A Saturday when the Dark Lord rules..
Ooei! just a few day did not visit, looks like u got some new devil followers. I prefer illusionist than prestige, my dear.

Why so suai? must be blur blur looking at handsome guy is it?already tell you, dont miss me too much liao.

just downloaded this movie and will watch it soon

=) sit back relax n enjoy the show!

you big-head prawn 大头虾 always kena wan huh? Why like tat?

Wat else can i say?
Life sucks shit happens.

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