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Grr.. No doctor plzzzz!!!

Date : Friday, January 26, 2007
Time : 10:42 AM

Irritating chronic nonproductive cough lasts for three weeks. It all starts from a flu.

Had finished up PP's whole bottle of Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao, but still no signs of recovery. Now i start consuming Boss recommended cough syrup.. Haiz.. hopefully it helps. KC strongly suggest i should pay a visit to the doctor, well.. considering the fact of my 'cannot -make-it' Portuguese n the 'half-cooked' English of the Brazilian's doctor, plus all the stories i heard fromPP and Dawn, I m tad tweeny bitsy scared to see the doctors here. Besides, i have to take the undecipherable prescription to the pharmacy where i have to go thru another round of gesturing n guessing games. Read
Imsonity's post on dear Doc's handwriting, has anyone ever wonder izzit a tradition or a skill an intern has to master in order to become a real Doctor?? Need to ask Dezz when i see him next time rd. Boy.. i certainly wish the cough syrup can do the trick this time round!

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Witness Statement for Grr.. No doctor plzzzz!!!
that's bad. get well soon.:)

Hey, I think u better pay a visit to doc before too late. Juz ask e secretary 2 call e hospital 2 ensure they speak English there. Best is to get one local colleague to help u. Hmmmmm Roy is the best candidate that I can think of.
Its been quite sometime that you has been coughing so dont 'play play' ok, worry here!

thnx, stellar. speedy recovery to avoid doctor!!

dun tell me u kena bird flu huh! You had their ducks after reading my post izzit?

Choi Choi Choi, dun want bird Flu man!!

LOL. dun hv guts to anihow eat, still prefer home-raised duck. At least u noe wat it has been eating.

hey, Pauline, thanks for the suggestion. i m getting betta after taking the cough syrup thou. Drowsy all day but it does help stop the coughing. =)

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