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Hi from Champs-Élysées

Date : Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Time : 7:32 PM

I had a full 15 hr in Paris in between flights connection. With a shopping list in hands (requested by friends & colleagues), Jimmy & i set off to downtown.
A special day trip ticket which allowed unlimited travel on metro & bus could be purchased at EURO 17.05. Our first stop: Galeries Lafayette - a 10-story department store. The high-fashion displays and grand architecture of Paris' resolutely old-world Galeries Lafayette are perhaps the main attraction for visitors to this famous store. One can find almost all the Paris leading collection of chic and bold international fashions here. Let me warn u first, definitely not a lenient place for ur thin credit card and purse. FYI, foreigners are entitled to 10% discount at most of the stores here, and dun forget to ask for the necessary documents in order to claim back the 12% VAT refund at the airport!
Almost broke, we continued our journey to Champs-Élysées, an avenue that stretch from the Concorde square to the Arc de Triomphe, which is well-known as the most beautiful street and the most famous shopping area in the world. There are tons of international big brother brand flagstore and chic restaurants/cafes along the streets.
Shopping craze ended at LV Paris flagstore and we all decided it was time to pamper our stomach after a long day.The mussel lover would find an inexpensive home away from home at Leon de Bruxelles, a chain of restaurants, but unlike any chain you've seen before. The food was of good quality, the prices were reasonable and the atmosphere were fun. You'll find mussels cooked in umpteen styles - Provencal, white wine, Chef's surprise, to name a few. There's a great selection of Belgian beers draft. To the convenience of customers, one could find the suggested beer to go with listed in the menu by the side of each main course.
I guess its pointless to tell u how good it tasted. U just got to try it urself!
Mussels' aftermath--
All rite, time to catch a nap and prep for the next flight!

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Witness Statement for Hi from Champs-Élysées
oh man..I love shopping too..but erm..my wallet says no...I love Gucci tho...~snigger~

Gosh I miss that LV store and the cute salesmen within!


Look at those mussels. For God's sake did you tar pow one for me at least?

*drool with jealousy*

Looks like you had great fun even during a 15 hour stopover in France. Woooo.... I wish I could visit Paris again man. The last time was like in 1993 when I was a penniless student who couldn't splurge.

Welcome home buddy.... if you are already home that is. There are lots of things to do here in Singapore too as my blog would show. ;)

Oh no!!! YOu really went to Paris!
Wah... Paris is so beautiful. And romantic to uhh? haha.... Glad that you've your 10% discount.

@ Jason,

Keke.. the Gucci flagstore in Paris real big! n the salesperson are presentable and friendly-looking too. I din buy any bags coz i m not really into brands, but helping my colleagues pick up the items of their wish-list felt real good too. Can spend without worrying of the figures in my bank account!

@ Miss Loi,
they really make u feel like Princess! =) thats wat called professional service!

@ Endoh. u love mussels too??
Emm, they r darn gd. On the other hand, its kinda weird thou, eating belgium speciality in France. =P
Are u aware is there any belgium restaurant in SG??

@ CoolInsider,

Yeah yeah, home sweet home!
=P have not been blogsurfing these days.. will definitely checkout ur blog for the latest 'IN' thing in SG.

@ CurryEgg,

Paris is beautiful and the weather now is perfect! Cooling but not too cold. I wasnt with anyone special so cant feel the romantic this time rd. However, walking alone on the street during the winter time, Paris did touch my deepest soul in a rather emotional way. Haha.. yeah, i bot some accessories from Tifanny & Co, thanks god for the 10% discount and the additional 12% VAT refund, i think thats quite a bargain!

No, not to my knowledge. I have not heard of any talks regarding a Belgium restaurant in Sg yet.

Yea... clams, mussels, oysters... woooooo... extremely sweet when fresh.

What? You come to France and u go to a belgian restaurant? How bad is that! :p I hope u enjoyed France, but 15 hours is not enough... A lot to see, i've been there for 25 years and i didn't see 1% of it!

Wah Zee, good life you are having haha

Bill Chen

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