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Current Location: Samba Land, SA.

Current Deed: Job Assignment in Brasil.

Devilish Indulgence: sleeping / travelling ard the world / good movies / good books / playing wif cammie / ice-cream n chocolate / retail therapy / exploring & experiencing new things / falling in love / rolling with zico / singing in the shower

Expertise: sleeping / eating / self-encouraging / forgetting names / losing things / procrastinating / lending a listening ears / bullying zico / shopping

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Vista, YES or NO??

Date : Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Time : 3:54 PM

Everybody seems going goo-gaa over the Window Vista Launch, here is an opposing sound, which totally makes sense to me: 6 reason not to buy Vista.

1. Vista is Incomplete
Microsoft is already planning its first service pack and seeking input from users on what to include. Vista probably won't be truly ready for prime time until that first service pack version, possibly later this year

2. Vista is Expensive
Microsoft offers three versions of Vista to home users in the United States: Home Basic, Home Premium, and Ultimate. The cheapest way for current Windows XP users to get a legal copy of Vista is to buy the upgrade version of Home Basic, which is $99. But sure you don't want the cheapest version.

3. Vista Needs a New PC
To get full value from Vista, you're probably going to want to buy a new, Vista-optimized PC. Many of the benefits of Vista require hardware your current PC doesn't have.

4. Vista Is Time-Consuming
Installing any new operating system is time-consuming. Buying Vista now, and installing it on old hardware, means doing additional, time-consuming tasks--possibly an additional day or two. Why? Chances are, you'll have to hunt down, install, and troubleshoot new drivers for your old peripherals and system components.

5. Windows XP Isn't Obsolete
Windows XP--after years of service patches and strong, industrywide support--is a solid, well-understood, and highly functional operating system. And it will continue to be well supported. Microsoft itself has committed to at least seven more years of XP support, and even plans a Service Pack 3 next year.

6. Vista May be the Best Reason Yet to Buy a Mac

Haha.. So do i need to say more?? This last reason is the one I dugg!!!
A MacPro on the wishlist!! Hulala...


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Little Orange Buddie

Time : 12:19 PM

Kudos to the genius who came up with this!! A new trick for the comin' CNY =)

Ladies n Gentlemen, lets put our hands together for Little Orange Man:

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Wake ME Up with an Espresso

Date : Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Time : 12:45 PM

Everybody needs an espresso. Couldnt agree more?? Read Becky's post abt her newfound morning booster. Who needs crazy horse if starb*ck is like this.
I still prefer my Lavender Tea, espresso is juz too MUCH for me.


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A Saturday when the Dark Lord rules..

Date : Monday, January 29, 2007
Time : 7:55 AM

When u find urself wake up at the wrong side of bed, its betta to get back to lala land n sleep the day away. Trust me, i learnt it the hard way after I did an extremely wrong decision on Sat morning.

Woke up with a goggy head, struggling my way to the bathroom. Something just didnt feel right, i bet it must had written in the stars. Couldnt care less, I took my dirty laundry to the shop n went for breakfast as usual. Saw this lil gal walking her nice sturdy beagle along the street, gorgeous mum followed at the back. Mr Beagle refused to move n the lil' gal had to drag the poor dog along. Mum was busy talking on the phone and din really pay attention to the gal n the beagle. Turned out that poor Mr Beagle need to pass his motion, and apparently his masters did not see it coming. Mum kena the top prize but she din notice it either. Worse, she kicked the poo poo as she moved n the poo poo did a nice 360' somersault in the air b4 it dropped on my shoe!!

I was cursing and swearing inside but there isnt much i can do except running back to my apartment's carpark for a quick wash up. Okie.. now i m angry n starved.. but the worse had yet to come. I finally got back to the backery shop where i use to have breakfast at, just in time to witness a fat guy wif big belly bought the last ham n cheese croissant n shamelessly start eating in front of me. ARRGGGG!!!! That is my crispy Ham n Cheese croissant!!

Fine, i ended up settled with 4 piece of Pao de queijo and a cup of hot chocolate which is not so hot at all. Got home grouchy enuff to find the whole apartment had no electricity supply due to some stupid technical problem!!

Gosh.. i decided to call it a day b4 declaring it The DARKEST DAY of my 20++ life!! So believe me, bad hair day is REALLY bad!! Not only bad but BLACK!!


Caught The illusionist on Sunday. I prefer 'the other magician movie'-The Prestige thou. Edward Norton is still as cool but the female actor Jessica Biel screw up big time. She seriously cant act, at least not well. Nevertheless, the show is kinda intriguing and i think it worth 3.5 star out of 5.

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Crazy Horse. Dying Horse .

Date : Friday, January 26, 2007
Time : 1:45 PM

Came like a mad horse, gone like a whirlwind. After a year of heavy loss, Singapore Crazy Horse Topless show is shutting down on 1st of Feb.

I guess wild horses can only survive in the run-freely-green, its just an suicidal act breaking into the gates of confined farm without quality turf grass. Despite much debates and attention during its debut, the very own SG Crazy Horse fails to survive in an environment lack of nutrition. The way i look at, poor marketing and advertising strategy of its management, Asian's prudishness and the comparatively high tix pricing are the main reason of its demise. The locals might go once or twice out of curiosity or lack of new activities; the paserby-tourist would rather goto Paris for the authentic show, or the neighbouring BKK where the horses are probably crazier, so where else is the potential viewer market??

With the premature death of this naughty horse that once created sucha buzz n hoohaa, will there be future players dare to explore into this piece of land? Lets sit back and watch.

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Grr.. No doctor plzzzz!!!

Time : 10:42 AM

Irritating chronic nonproductive cough lasts for three weeks. It all starts from a flu.

Had finished up PP's whole bottle of Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao, but still no signs of recovery. Now i start consuming Boss recommended cough syrup.. Haiz.. hopefully it helps. KC strongly suggest i should pay a visit to the doctor, well.. considering the fact of my 'cannot -make-it' Portuguese n the 'half-cooked' English of the Brazilian's doctor, plus all the stories i heard fromPP and Dawn, I m tad tweeny bitsy scared to see the doctors here. Besides, i have to take the undecipherable prescription to the pharmacy where i have to go thru another round of gesturing n guessing games. Read
Imsonity's post on dear Doc's handwriting, has anyone ever wonder izzit a tradition or a skill an intern has to master in order to become a real Doctor?? Need to ask Dezz when i see him next time rd. Boy.. i certainly wish the cough syrup can do the trick this time round!

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Confession of Pain 伤城

Date : Thursday, January 25, 2007
Time : 11:00 PM

I know this show has been out in the cinema for like.. months ago?? and its officially declared as last yr production as 2007 has since arrived. ( so outdated i know, but I'm in Brazil, okie?!) I have not been able to catch the so called "Hong Kong Cinema savior" for year 2006. So.. since i got home earlier than usual, i decided to sit down n thrilled myself with a Cops Drama.

Given the Infernal Affairs-sized expectations, I have to confess despite my huge likings on Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Takeshi Kaneshiro, i still find the movie somewhat disappointing.

With such an insanely heavy pedigree production crew(Andrew Lau, Alan Mak and Felix Chong), the storyline is unbelievable predictable. Tony Leung as the bad guy in disguise, and Takeshi as the desperate PI. There is an heavy efforts in acting by both the leads and advertly point to the lack of chemistry between them. The supporting characters had so little to do, Xu Jinglei as Tony Leung's wife, had fairly else to do except to love her husband, and to show pain when she found out the truth. Shu Qi was largely wasted in her role as a beer maid and Chapman To, an Andrew Lau and Alan Mak film regular, finds himself as a fellow cop in yet another role for comedic effect, in trying to lighten up moods whenever Tony Leung and Takeshi begin to wallow.

Ever since Infernal Affair, I seriously lost my interst in HK films production. Unless u have absolutely nothing to do (like me), i suggest you can skip this.


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SUV Affair

Date : Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Time : 9:34 AM

I suppose SUV mkt in Brazil is more established and competitive, which is good for the consumers. Despite the debate raging on whether it is politically incorrect to purchase a gasoline-guzzling SUV, Latino buyers have become a significant force in the booming market for these 'bigger than normal' vehicles. Besides of the compact SUVs, here in Brazil, u have various model of mini SUVs which is a totally hit for lady-driver.

Two of the most popular: Volkwagen Crossfox and Ford Ecosport.

The VW Crossfox is produced in Brazil and sold in Latin American mkt, available only with front-wheel drive. It has a rugged, chunky looked despite its compact size. Sexy and safe! Definitely a catch for mini SUVs lover. Selling Price: R45k = SGD 35k, how tempting!

The other one worth mentioning is the Ford Ecosport. Its is also built and designed in Brazil, solely for the Latin America mkt. Slightly longer than Crossfox, Ecosport is characterized by its robustness, another off-roader rocker! Selling Price: R66K = SGD 48k.

In nutshell, Latin America is the paradise for all SUV lovers!! JJ asked y i like SUV.. haha.. rem i told u my ultimate fantasy of a summer ride in a Red Hot Jeep Wrangler Convertible along Great Ocean Road with only bikinis on and a cute hunk by the side. =) Wahaha.. i m a desperate DREAMER i reckon.

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vroom.. vroom... vroom...

Date : Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Time : 8:00 AM

Its all abt car-talk in the car these days. Boss is trying to convince me into gettin' a Peugeot 206. He thinks the car size suits me well.

Well, i m rather pettite in size but i m rather sure i m a big gal trapped in a small body (Just like Zico.. boy I m hundred percent sure he is a big dog trapped in a miniature size). I dun really fancy small cars. (except for mini cooper n beetle cabriolet, it'll be a sin for one to say NO to these GORGEOUS creation!) Impractical i know it might sounds, i m sucha fans of the small SUVs. Current Fav is the Forester Sports 2.5X. Gosh.. Its such a head-turner which can absolutely brings me down to knee.. I m not a speed demon but i simply enjoy the un-tradeable sense of security sitting in one. Higher seating position for a better view of the road, traffic, and surroundings but not too high to make me looks too 'dao'. =P Not to mention it is soo much pet-friendly compared to econobox.

The only hindering problem is my parking skill. Its aggravating to maneuver an SUV through small lil' tiny twiny parking lots. If only i had better parking skills!


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Nice n Easy

Date : Monday, January 22, 2007
Time : 12:14 PM

I m pretty sure that Mr. Sun in Rio only come to work on weekend. It came peeping its way since Friday mornin', working extremely hard on Saturday n Sunday and here it goes again on Monday Morning. How nice Mr. Sun can juz throw tantrum and hide in its bed becoz of Monday Blues, i wonder whose Mr Sun's boss is. I wanna work for him as well.
Despite the killing stomach cramp, i still have to come struggle to work. ("~")

Well, since the past weekend was my first weekend alone, as requested, i shall write sth abt the weekend. Dun worry, I'm doing pretty fine n enjoying the solitaire. =)

Warning: Long and boring entry ahead. Read @ ur own risk.

Late dinner on Friday nite at Churascarria Verdana Grill in Charitas. PP will be whooping happy to see the great variety of salads here, a good dining place for both vegetarians n meat lover. A two hr buffet dinner wif 4 SG uncles. Nvr noe dat man can be chatty too, had some good laf over the jokes shared. One of them revealed his decision to tender. His wife is going to further her study in Melbourne, so he decided to give up his job, move to Melbourne, stay at home, take care of his daughter n be a houseman. Not an easy decision, i guessed.

Saturday: went to my neighbour-Vera's place to play wif Atum - the sweetest boy i ever known in the world. Rem the litlle boy whom i had fallen in love with at the 1st sight? The lil' boy who always ran towards me and threw his arms over me the min he spotted me. Nvr fail to melt my heart with his heartwarming hug!

Sunday: Went to gym in the morning and ended the weekend wif my best (and only) dish: Penne with bacon and tomato sauce.

Sipping a glass of wine while enjoying the twilight.. Nice and easy...

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I've Been Tagged!!

Date : Friday, January 19, 2007
Time : 11:48 AM

Tagged by fellow blogger from Globe of Blogs.

List top 5 criteria of Your Ideal Lover
A. Faithful and loyal.
B. Wise and Positive.
C. Loving and Caring.
D. Confident and not shy to declare his love publicly.
E. Romantic Surprises once every three months.

From a Scale to 0 to 5, how many points your most recent BF/GF/Spouse score
A. 4
B. 5
C. 3
D. 2
E. 0

Test Objective: So Now You Know How far apart betw IDEAL and REAL huh?! =) In fact, I believe the moment you meet The One, you will just fall in love with all the criterias way behind ur head.

Tag 5 Blogger of Your Choice:
Mashibaby, PP, Nicholas, Bibi, AneesT + Ivy + DD
And to all the other people who is interested, take the test and leave a comment!

By the way.. I just realised if you think of someone REAL HARD.. he/she might juz be able to feel it too. If you prayed REAL SINCERE for sth.. it might juz happen miraculously..=D


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Blood Diamond

Time : 8:35 AM

The sun is out finally. The magic of Vitamin D sysnthesis, making me feel energetic.

Thou this post might seem outdated, but true enuff, I only managed to find time for "Blood Diamond" last nite. One of the better movie i had watched for the past months. I m not a Big Fan of Leonardo Dicaprio, but i would say he did a gd job this time round. His skillful South African accent and the way he conveyed his warped upbringing and poignant love/hate relationship with his home continent. Seems like DiCaprio is making an earnest bid to change from pretty boy to tough guy with his dual roles as the hard edged undercover cop in The Departed (Hollywood version of HK's Infernal Affairs) and the mercenary with shifting morals here in Blood Diamond. Only regrets, I personally feel that equal weight should be given to the two male characters. It will be more convincing if an effort was made to portray the situ from the perspective of Solomon Vandy (casted by Djimon Hounsou), the African Black. Hounsou is a tough actor and i think he should be given more to work with.

Another scene that left an impact is how the rebel army kidnapped the innocent kids and trained them into killing-machine. Watching the innocent kids being brainwashed to bloodshedder, seeing the skinny kids held tightly on the machine gun they could barely carried, its just too heavy to bear the gut-wrenching facts. War is cruel and ugly enuff.. even more undesirable involving children in armed combat. Today, as many as 300,000 child soldiers are engaged in military fighting in approximately 30 countries on every continent except Antarctica and Australia. In addition to Afghanistan, for example, child soldiers are serving in armies in Angola, Uganda, Pakistan, Burma, Sierra Leone, Colombia and Chechnya. Not even little girls are exempt from this conscription. Often they find themselves forced into sexual slavery or used as human minesweepers. Children are being used as soldiers; there are countries increasingly coercing children soldiers into military action, raising moral dilemmas that can be matters of life and death for the opposing troops. The consequences? These people are digging their own path to death. They are putting the future of their countries in stake.

After watching the show, I wonder how many diamonds in the market are 'conflict diamond'?
I read an article about Ernest Blom, the president of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, saying that conflict diamonds are now all but 'an historical fact.' I do not know the reality, but does consumer really care? Apparently, not many people are concerned that their coveted “bling-bling” status symbol might be a 'blood diamond'. I myself being a vainpot too lookforward to Tiffany and Cartier Engagement D-Ring, but if this diamond is the cause of so many innocent lifes, i would rather forsake the carats.

So.. in order to own a stone without involving human misery, i did the following research:

How can you help to STOP BLOOD DIAMOND?

Always ask for certificate. Consumers should ask retailers the following four questions when purchasing diamonds:
1. Do you know where your diamonds come from?
2. May I see a copy of your company's policy on conflict diamonds?
3. Can you show me a written guarantee from your diamond suppliers stating that your diamonds are conflict free?
4. How can I be sure that none of your jewelry contains conflict diamonds?

As consumers, we have the power to change that by demanding details about the diamonds we buy. Demanding proof that a diamond is conflict-free sends a powerful message to the world that we will not support an industry or nation that helps fund terror groups.

Change won't happen overnight, but it will happen if we are persistent.

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Date : Thursday, January 18, 2007
Time : 8:03 AM

There once was a woman who woke up one morning,
looked in the mirror, And noticed she had only three hairs on her head.
"Well," she said, "I think I'll braid my hair today."
*So she did And She Had A Wonderful Day.*

The next day she woke up, Looked in the mirror
And saw that she had only two hairs on her head.
"H-M-M," she said, "I think I'll part my hair down the middle today."
*So she did And She Had A Grand Day.*

The next day she woke up, Looked in the mirror

and noticed that she had only one hair on her head.
"Well," she said, "today I'm going to wear my hair in a pony tail."
*So she did And She Had A Fun, Fun Day.*

The next day she woke up, Looked in
the mirror and noticed that there wasn't a single hair on her head.
"YEA!" she exclaimed, "I don't have to fix my hair today!"

Attitude is everything.

~Courtesy from Jerry~

True enuff.. Happiness is a
choice, start your day with a BIG GRIN and u shall find ur day end wif a BIGGER GRIN =D

Happy Birthday Alan.


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Goes on with life...

Date : Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Time : 12:02 PM

Taking Ferry to & fro Rio/Niteroi.. Having Breakfast at the Cafeteria near the office.. Carpool to work.. All these daily activities seems to hv lesser fun without companions. Not to mention ending the day coming home to an empty apartment, so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

It suddenly dawns upon me that i hv been so used to surround by friends n families, living in the centre of attention thruout the past twenties years. I do still hv the local friends to chit chat wif, to go lunch wif which in a great deal makes the days past e
asier n faster. But sth is missing, i can tell.

Bad it might sound, thou tolerable still. At least, I'm trying to enjoy the hiatus, adapting to the new practised individualism.. Marching fwd wif a brave heart, at the same time contemplating for a new outlook in the near future. The following week might be a lot busier for me @ work. Pushing forth..


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Bidding Goodbye to Ms PP & Bro Jim

Date : Monday, January 15, 2007
Time : 9:01 PM

It is Ms PP n Bro J's last day in office. Tmr evening they will be on their way back to SG for gd.
We had a real cool farewell breakfast for them.

These two buddies have been real nice n supportive since my arrival in Brazil. Its kinda sad to part wif them (thou we gonna c each other soon in SG). No more homecook food, no more DVD marathon cum slumber party, no more listening ears to borrow and no more shoulders to lean on.

Brazilian colleagues asked me if i will feel lonely without their company. Frankly, there's a tad bit. However, life still goes on.. I shall miss the carpool thou i shall hv plenty of space of my own from now on.

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Pizzateria in Zona Sul

Date : Sunday, January 14, 2007
Time : 6:08 PM

Pizza is one of the favourite food for Brazilian. You can even find pizzateria in the Zona Sul, the biggest chain grocery store in Rio. Not only do you get to experience one of my favorite activities as a gringo (that kinda walking around a foreign country's grocery store, peep-a-boo at the local culture by looking at wat people shop for their daily needs), but you’ll get some excellent pizza at the same time.

Here, you can have real good thin crust oven-baked pizza at an incredibly low price of $7! You can also order 'Meio e Meio', which gives you a chance to taste two flavor at the same time. Another tribute goes to the wide range of wine selection.

Went to Ipanema Hippies Mkt for a quick spree. Nothing to buy in mind but i did enjoy the leisurely strolling, eye feast on sexy Ipanema gals and well.. of coz, flirting with the cute puppies!

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Date : Saturday, January 13, 2007
Time : 10:55 PM

No doubt that Xmas is over n the next festive season is yet to come, we were off in search of Santa for the weekend!

Penedo also known as Little Finland, located 170 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, is a city inhabited by Finn immigrants since 1929. Today, this historic town has become a tourist attraction with lotsa nice Pousada.

Its abt 2 hr drive from Rio. It started drizzling as soon as we arrived. =( Din get to see the Pico do Penedinho( little Penedo Peak) which enables the visitor a whole view of the town. However, we still had some good time hanging ard the Casa do Papa Noel aka Santa Claus House. The “real” (the first and traditional) Santa Claus’ House has already been in place, for a long time, in Finland, above the Arctic Polar Circle. For many years, Santa Claus’ image has been associated to the very cold Arctic regions, and people believe Finland is the hometown of Santa Claus. Hence in Brazil, the Finnish immigrants built a Santa Claus Summer House here, the only offical Santa's House outside Finland. This is also the place where Finnish Spa was first introduced!

Had our late lunch at a famous local restaurant Casa do Fritz. A grand feast of trout fish and pork knuckle. Pix is badly badly badly badly taken (>.<)! Noorsani's face was even cut out of the frame, Oouch! Ended the nice and easy weekend outing with a cup of hot choc at Casa do Chocolate. There is nothing better for a rainy day than a cup of McSteamy Hot Choc. Satisfeita!

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Weekend is comin'

Date : Friday, January 12, 2007
Time : 3:36 PM

Lalalaa.. just the thought of these two precious days will set me in a auto-springing mode even on its eve! Ha! And to top it odds, i finally got the greenlight for my homeleave on CNY! Yea.. finally found my 2nd pot of gold of 2007 at the end of rainbow. The first pot?? Mmm.. the flooding LOVE from all ppl i love!! ("v")

Yep. Weekend is the only days when I don't have to drag myself out of bed at an unearthly hour, no rushing out of the house without a proper breakfast and no struggling thru miserable tail-gating early morning traffic into the office. Yes, yes, on weekends, I can sleep as late as I wish... on weekends, I have the luxury of time of cleaning up my lil' cosy nest and making breakfasts at leisure... on weekends, I actually get to see the morning sun-rays streaming into my home giving me the wonderful wake-up pat.... can't wait for the next sunny weekend to come and embrace me!myspace codes

Wats wrong with the weather btw? News reports claim that foreign countries are having spring temperatures during this winter season. And in tropical area, the constantly humid temperatures have hit a new high while rainy days bring a new low in chill. I heard SG had been raining nonstop for the past two days. Cheer up, folks. At the end of every rainfall, there will always be a rainbow. And at the end of every thunderstorm, there will always be a clear sky. =)
Poor Skyfly is as ill as me.. Pal, lets get well soon n hv a toast the soonest!

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Heartfelt Gratitude..

Time : 9:15 AM

.. to the lovely soul out there, you guys know who you are.

And Larry.. i will save my tears for happiness and gratitude rather than lowering my head to the small disappointment in life. So dun worrie, I m marching forward again wif my chin up!

Some goodies to share.. Pinky Oinky Calender for the coming Piggy year! Click here to download.

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An Apple A Day

Date : Thursday, January 11, 2007
Time : 9:14 AM

Apple finally unveil the real iphone after months of speculations and expectations.
A real sweet, glorious specs of the 11.6 millimeter device (frickin' thin by the way) include a 3.5-inch 480 x 320 touchscreen display with multi-touch support and a proximity sensor to turn off the screen when it's close to your face, 2 megapixel cam, 4GB /8 GB of storage, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP, WiFi that automatically engages when in range, and quad-band GSM radio with EDGE. Runs OS X with support for Widgets, Google Maps, and Safari, and iTunes (of course) with CoverFlow out of the gate. 5 hours of battery life for talk or video, with a full 16 hours in music mode.
I promise I will be a good girl and use my MOTORAZR V3 ALLLLLLL the way until this revolutionary iPhone comes out on the local market. Then i swear i m going to get one the MOMENT it hits the store in 2008. By hook or by crook !

For Apple fanatics, u might wanna try this papercraft iPhone made by Matt J. for you to print out and assemble at home with some scissors, scotch tape, and a little love. Maybe you can use it as a case for your nano/phone until 2008 when the real one launches in SG. (=>.<=)


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Date : Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Time : 4:03 PM

I was told my trip back to SG during CNY might need to cancel.
I was told i might need to stay till at least end of March.

I m upset becoz my plan to go home is not going to come true.
I m lost becoz i dunnoe wats gonna happen to me after March?

I m in a dilemma. Go or not go? Stay or not stay?

Ms PP advises me to list down all the pros n cons in a blank paper.

Still.. I m in the midst of tidying up my hemorrhaged brain.


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thank YOU

Time : 8:58 AM

Here's a dedication to Ivy.
After 9 mths since i left SG, dis gal has been the only living person who constantly send us news, pixs n emails to keep us updated of what happenened in SG's office.
This might seems a lil favor to most of u, but to me: it means a whole lot. Its the thots dat matter.
Weird n rather disappointing to think of those who nvr fail to remind you how much they missed u when they see u, but the minutes u r away, u nvr hear from them anymore. Outta sight outta mind? True it is, but I learnt who are the real frens.

Being away from ur frens n families, sometimes wat one needs is just a lil connection to those dat were once so close to u. I might not have voiced it out but now I m going to dedicate a BIGGY-BIGGY 'Thank You' to those who bother to send me smses ocassionally, ring a call to listen to all my grumblings n musings, send/fwd emails wif concerning notes, spend time to read my blog n esp to those who make the effort to mail me handwritten scribbles thru postmails. Your caring is one of those things which can never fail to put a smile on my face and a laugh in my heart.

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Beat the FLU bug

Date : Monday, January 08, 2007
Time : 9:38 PM

"ARRRR- CHEEEW" Down with an extremely unpleasant cold- sick as a dog.
Hate the nasal congestion, the teary eyes and the unstoppable dry cough.

Kind Jimmy specially cooked us some porridge for dinner. Aw.. how i wish he n PP no need to go back so soon.. Cry Baby


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The Peak

Time : 7:27 AM

Interested in wat i do for living?? Here's a Mediacorp drama series sponsored by the company i worked for. This drama serial is a collaborative effort by partners in the offshore, marine and maritime industry in a move to showcase the diversity and dynamism of this vibrant industry. It aims to inspire Singaporeans to carve out careers in this thriving industry. Filming for 'The Peak' took the cast and crew as far as Brazil . =)

Initiated and led by Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M), long waited 'The Peak' premieres tonight (Monday, 8 Jan 2007) at prime time 9pm on MediaCorp Channel 8.

Cast: Christopher Lee, Jeanette Aw, Qi Yuwu, Dawn Yeoh, Elvin Ng, Ben Yeo & Ann Kok.

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Sneezie went Trouting

Date : Sunday, January 07, 2007
Time : 7:16 PM

Amid the body pain, sore throat, fever, and seal coughs, I’ve managed to keep myself entertained. Went trouting up in the mountain again. Haha.. they said getting close to nature can improve your health & well-being. Well. the true motivation is the oven-baked almond trout! *DROOL*

My third visit to this lil' trout farm. Its like a secret den to me.. no stunning views here, its all about clean cooling air and experiencing simple pleasures. Regardless the sneezing and blocked nose, i thot i could smell summer coming..

The best weekend one can look fwd to, i know i would hate to say goodbye to this piece of wonderland when going back to SG.

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1 Litre of Tears 1リットルの涙

Date : Friday, January 05, 2007
Time : 1:55 PM

Cozzie marathon Jap dorama slumber party with Haagen-Daz ice-cream n pigging out. Finished watching Jap Drama Series 'Ichi Rittoru no Namida' aka 1 Litre of Tears' last nite together wif Ms PP. Not a new show, prob a yr ago. I always find out the good stuff when it becomes far less accessible. But at least i find out abt it =P, thanks in no small part to wonderful INTERNET. My strong recommendation: dun ever watch it the nite b4 an important meeting/date unless u dun mind a pair of puffy eyes.

For those who hvn watched, A lil' intro of this dorama. Based on a true story, '1 Litre of Tears' is about the life story of Kitou Aya-a girl who was diagnosed with an incurable disease called 'Spinocerebellar Degeneration Disease' at a young age of 15. A disease which caused her to lose her balance, coordination and speech, and eventually bed-ridden with almost no ability to do anything. However, Aya gradually learnt to accept the cruelty of life and fought it with dignity together with the suppport of her families, frens n bfs. While struggling and fighting with her disease, she wrote her deepest thoughts in diary form till the last day she could hold a pen. Her diary “1 Litre of Tears” was published after her death, because of its inspiring and courageous message:“Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing.” So far, over 18,000,000 copies of her diary have been sold.

I still remember vividly how we used to stay up late in the hostel during uni days watching Jap doramas. As heart wrenching and tear-jerking as most Japanese dorama is, this dorama however kinda set me in an inspirational mood. To tell the truth, i had not been feeling this way for years. So many questions ponder in my lil' head.. Will my family bond strong enuff to deal wif sth like dis? Will I ever/ Have I already met someone like Asou-kun who will stay by my side despite all illness? Will I be determined enuff to take care of my loved ones no matter what horrible things strike on him/her? Will my friends despise on me if I ever contracted a weird disease? Will I be wise n courageous enuff to come face to face with all odds in life? I reckon I gained some insights from the drama. However, how long can I retain the courage? Or m I just soak in the emotions until maybe a week, a month later b4 I jump out of it?

I do not hv answers to all my questions.. but one thing for sure: I will keep on reminding myself not to take things for granted. I used to appreciate simple things in life but along the course I no longer luf as heartily and i no longer cry as contentedly.. Through all this year of tripping and stumbling, i wonder have i grow wiser or have i lost myself? Regrets not, I only have one life. So here I go: My resolutions of 2007 - to be a better person, to self-reflect more, to love wholeheartedly, to be more forgivings and less demanding. Another better 5 yrs?

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Warm Rainy Day

Date : Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Time : 8:11 PM

Raining still... Jim & Pauline suggest Mister Pizza for dinner. Need some carbo to warm up the internal system.

Dun really fancy Brazil pizza thou.. its either too cheesy or too salty, kinda miss SPIZZA in Holland V. Keropokman recently posted some pix of Holland V on his Singapore Daily Photo. Absolutely helps to ease some of my melancholia caused by lovesickness.

Got home juz in time to receive a surprise from my sweet neighbours: Vera & lil' Atum.

Heart melted immediately when the lil' eye-candy handed me a box full of chocolate. Yep.. and the generous big hug which nv fail to touch the softest spot of my heart. Wat a warm rainy evenin'.

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Listen to The Rain

Date : Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Time : 3:10 PM

The sky in Rio is all misty and grey.. However cuddling in a thick jacket, listening to the rain hurtle from the heaven to the roofs and then to the pavements is relishing. The weather makes me want to mark it as a beautiful start of the year. It's certainly not beautiful for the people who have to put up with the inconvenience of crowds and traffic jams and floods, but receiving the rain just as it is - watching it cleans the fields and slosh against brick walls, feeling it chills the air and cools my feet - leaves me a renewed sense of wonder at this time of the year. I guess its Mother Nature reaching out her hand to lift our lil' chins up from the endless chores and problems, sending us a reminder to forget the unhappiness, to forgive the misdeeds and to appreciate more on what we are having.

Looking at back at the past year, what a journey of trial and error. All the things I had done, I m glad I did & I wish I did not - and I certainly hope 2007 is going to be a year where I am given a chance to make life better.

At this moment.. Listening to Joe Purdy's Wash Away, with a cup of steamy of hot-choc and some fresh-from-oven potato wedges will be totally perfect!!

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Welcome "Two-O-O-Seven"!!

Date : Monday, January 01, 2007
Time : 2:25 AM

Thanks to the kind couples who stay in the penthouse, we (Pauline, Jennifer, Jimmy, KC & Edward) were all invited to their rooftop party. Its a tradition in Niteroi to stage a spectacular fireworks show during countdown. People gathered by the beach, dressed in all white, placing offerings, flowers and candles in honors of the Sea Goddess: Iemanja while waiting for the magic moment.

Party had long started when we arrived. It was an awkward entrance as we din expect the hosts and the guests to be all dressed-up. We were all in our T-s and bermudas while the Brazilians ladies especially in their carefully selected outfits. However, the hospitality of the Brasilians soon made us feel @ home. One of the best party I ever attended, packed with fun & frolic, good food, great entertanment and free-flow of alcoholics beverages, not to mention the non-stop chit-chatting and gesturing in the happiest mood !

A lil' episode during the party: I'm really really in my shittiest moment wif a weary hangover look and crumpling polo-shirt. Still, was approached by this Brazilian guy soon after arrival. I DO hv to salute the guys in Brazil for their confidence and persistence. They simply do not care abt getting dissed AND they dun care abt foreplay either!! Warning ...Brazilian guys will go for the kiss right away so keep your guard up! I was blushed when he openly declared his love to me and asking for a kiss. Arg.. Welcome to Brazil!! Poor KC ended up to be the one entertained him in order to stop him from getting any nearer to me.

It was drizzling but the rain did not cool down the hype of celebration. The exquisite fireworks started sharp at midnight and lasted for more than half an hour. My eyes turned goggly but I still couldnt stop myself and my dropping jaw from all the "Woo.." & " Wah...."!! Hurray!! Fireworks ushered in the brand new "2007"!! My New Year resolution?? Mm.. after a serious five sec thots: I resolved to keep on searching for my resolutions. ^_~

Cheerios, May all of you have a GREAT and FRUITFUL year ahead!!! Happy New Year

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