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Current Deed: Job Assignment in Brasil.

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Expertise: sleeping / eating / self-encouraging / forgetting names / losing things / procrastinating / lending a listening ears / bullying zico / shopping

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I am going away..

Date : Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Time : 11:55 PM

La.. la..la.. I am going away from all the hustles bustles and the stupid tin-can of work.

Pre-holidays symtoms are driving me hysteric. Nevertheless, i manage to finish my part of work just before knock off. Whistle

Hehe... i am going to not so far far away trip tomorrow.

Will update you guys on my trips soon. Tciao.. nitie nitie...


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Taste of Happiness

Date : Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Time : 11:20 AM

Have you ever realise how blessful you are to have someone waiting for you at the door after a day-long work?
Have you ever realise how grateful you should be to have dinner cooked and waiting to be served for you after a starving two hr traffic jam?
Have you ever realise how thankful you should feel to have someone mending and patching the hole in your pants with love and tender?

It suddenly dawned upon me.. happiness is sth which you thought you might need to spend your life searching for.. and finally realise it can be so simple when it comes knocking at your heart.



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Loafie Van

Date : Sunday, September 10, 2006
Time : 10:45 PM

Hehee.. finally took the loafie van todae.
Cheap and conveninent, only took me R$4 from rite in front of my apartment to Ipanema Hippie Market. In fact these vans are generally privately owned. A very economic option with many different routes. It is not advisable for tourists to use these as many are not licensed. However, it is always full with local people who travels ard the city. Hence.. consider a small adventure of mine.

There went my diet plan. Jimmy cooked us some curry prawns and stingray for dinner. Gee... i think i can nvr stick to my slimming plan wif Chef Choo ard.

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Up in the mountain

Date : Saturday, September 09, 2006
Time : 12:47 PM

Hehee.. i earned a Saturday dayout.
Due to the extension.. we decided to put aside the work and enjoy our Saturday.

Set off to Teresopolis for lunch.
Passed by 'Finger of God' and we alight to to take some pix. I still remember the first time i came here.. How time flies and unknowingly it had been 3 mths n 4 days since my last visit. I am beginning to build up my memory bank in Brasil...

Traveling together with Ed the poet, there is always tons of impromptu to adapt. That kinda make life more exciting and unpredictable. We spotted a nice little cottage restaurant. It turned out to be a fusion restaurant serving Italian + Japanese + Brasilian cuisine. There's a little brewery and the BRAHMA draft was whoo.... real refreshing.

I kinda like the interior design of the restaurant.. magically enhance my appettite. Rosie!!

After lunch, we began our little adventure... According to the restaurant owner, there is a waterfall called 'Cachoeira de Frade' not so far away..

Mm... a nice, hidden place.. best for a late noon rendezvous.
Sorry to the couple for spoiling their plan of a close-to-nature sexy naked swim.
Shy Girl

Despite the setting sun, we drove all the way to NovoFribugo, a town which is famous for lingerie. The shop was mostly closed, and the weather was damn cold for us who were wearing bemudas and shorts - 13 degree C.

The journey back would take us another 4 hrs. Ed suggested to spend the nite in one of the town's hotel. Well.. another impromptu and apparently not all can take it hence we end up driving home despite the late hr. The driving situtaion was bad. We were in a grp of 6 pax with two cars. Half way of our journey back, the other car hit into a horse which somehow got into the middle of the road. No one dare to look back and they simply drove away. Hit and run with a poor horse victim. I wonder wat happenend to that unlucky horsie...
Horse 1

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Date : Friday, September 08, 2006
Time : 3:48 PM


I dont know..

Was working my head off in the dead-city office..( its holiday today!!) then comes the happily smiling face sharing the great grand news of the tender extension.

I dun even know whether shoudl i be shring tghe same cheerful tone or not.
I m homesick, i miss my folks, , my pals n my dog back in SG, i need to go home.
I already booked the air tix to Chile, n now wat should i do??

Three BIG BIG BIG hugs to boss who generously, understandably letting me go for my breakaway( OR runaway, should i put it??).

Now i gotta crack my head how to finish everything b4 my vacation!!



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Date : Thursday, September 07, 2006
Time : 10:44 PM

A terribly 3++ hrs drive.. from Niteroi to Rio to Angra then finally PARATY... well.. the view was breath-taking but my butts was suffering..

The last town in the west of Rio, Paraty is a town surrounded by beautiful beaches...
It has a beautiful name called 'flooded city' as the
town beacome a little Venice during the rainy season. It was one of the most important towns in Brazil during the old time when it was from here that gold from Minas Gerais was tran-shipped to Europe. A large part of Brazil's wealth passed through here.Today Paraty is a small town with elegant stores and many quaint hotels and inns that receives visitors from all over the world... We only have less than one day hence we have to gulp as much of the fresh air as possible.

well.. seriously and dangerously.. i felt like a goldfish jumping out from my own aquarium pot into the big ocean.. Could i just swim freely ever after or would i soon become a piece of tiny little meat stuck in betw the big shark's teeth?

Pauline and Jimmy bot quite a lot of thingy. Retail therapy doesnt seems to interest me (SURPRISE?!!!) and i was feeling rather uncomfortable with my PMS.

Some pix to share...

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Groaning..De-stress.. Groaning.. and GET BACK TO WORK!!

Date : Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Time : 12:04 PM

These few weeks is a real horror... the stress level shoot up to RED ALARM.
I was telling myself to relax and be calm.. but the nvr ending work and the always full mailbox was beckoning me to work harder an harder n harder n harder...
The worst thing is .. we all know that its an impossible target to meet, the dateline is ridiculous for us to produce sth which is within our confidence level.

The best part is all the holidays are lining up as if to make our mission impossible more challenging than ever. We had a long weekend starting from tomorrow (Thursday) and most of the vendors will not be working..

I have to come back to work on Friday and Saturday, there goes all the plan to Buzios, Cabo Frio n etc...

Thanks to CK, my boss. He actually volunteered to drive me back on Friday and work together with us. In fact, I am kinda glad to work under him, a boss who is quiet but funny, demanding but not bossy. And most importantly, someone who can lend a listening ears to your work problems.

I dont know whether its some sort of rewarding or consolation, he actually agreed to drove us all to Paraty tomorrow for a day trip. =) Hehe.. well... i guess it really time to shut down to pc and hv some fresh air out there.


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