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Mickey Mouse Island

Date : Saturday, July 22, 2006
Time : 8:17 PM

Woke up early today to visit the Mickey Mouse Island.
Heard from the rest, this is the 3rd time of their visit, but none of the previous 2 time were successful.

This blue-green ceramic castle afloat on its own little island in the Guaranara bay off Praça XV, the ferry terminal. It looks like the dwelling place of a fair elfin princess, just like the castle in disneyland. We passed by the building everytime we took the ferry.

According to the brasilian, it was in fact built as the headquarters for the Brazilian Customs Service. Initially a quite prosaic building was planned, but Emperor Pedro II intervened, demanding that to have a unique building that is different from the usual. and so.. the Designer Adolpho Del-Vecchio complied, making charming use of the Gothic Revival and now we got another tourist attraction to visit.

Well.. the island name was actually was actually 'Ilha Fiscal', which i found out later at the ticket booth. It was originally used to keep an eye on naval operations, and now belongs to the Brazilian Navy. The Brazilian Navy used this island between 1913 and 1998. Today, it is a museum housing exhibitions about the history of this landmark and about the Brazilian Navy. It was also the sight of the last Imperial Ball which was held 6 days before the King was kicked out of Brasil.

We reached the entrance booth at twelve but it was already closed. We were told that only 90 tixs will be issued per day hence only the early birds get to visit the Mickey Mouse Island.

=( No choice but to head for luch at Chinese Association. I swear i shall come earlier next time to pay the micky mouse family a visit!

Went for a stroll at Camboinhas. This beach is placed in a residential neighbourhood, enclosed by luxurious houses and buildings. The name originated in a naval accident in the 1950s. In that decade, a ship called Camboinhas went down in the ocean shore of the present neighborhood. A second ship was sent to rescue the cargo of the sunk ship, but went down itself during the attempts to raise the debris. Today, the remainings of the hull of the Camboinhas can be seen during the low tide.

I din noe taht there such a nice neighbourhood in Niteroi. The water is clear and the sand is white. There are people fishing.. walking the dog sun-tanning and swimming... The sunset was really a beautiful scene, just too bad i din carry my cammie.

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Farewell with Steve

Date : Friday, July 21, 2006
Time : 11:16 PM

Its Steven last day in the office. The office crew decided to throw a farewell lunch at the double storey kilo restaurant nearby.

It was soo sweet. Our brasilian colleagues gave Steven a Caipirinha Making Kit. =)

At nite, we had our very own Singaporean Gathering at a Italina Restaurant in Ipanema.Milano Doc- where we had our dinner after the Sugar loaf visit weeks ago.

I guessed like what he said, this two months stay in Brasil shall always be part of his fond memories with all the warmnest of the Brasilians and their simple touch of hospitality. On the other hand, his short stay here had definitely brought lots of joy and fun to me!! And here I want to say: Thank you so much, Steven!!

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Pauline is BACK!!

Date : Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Time : 12:16 PM

Yeah!! My beloved Pauline is back in Town!! Hip Hip Hurray!

Bringing with her, Steven's wife - Anna and all my barang barang! =)

And .. hehe.. the most importantly.. My SIM Card. Now i m contactable again. Cheers!!


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Trout Hunting

Date : Saturday, July 15, 2006
Time : 12:12 PM

We missed the trout at Itaipava too much... hence Five warriors decided to triumph their way up to the hill again in search of the legendary trout.

The food was still nice.. the almond flakes and the fresh trout were a perfect match in heaven!

After the super duper lengthy lunch, we drove by to Araras Pousada, the one that we stayed over the weekends three weeks ago. (Remember the Sakura??!!)

With wistful hopes, we were actually looking forward to a welcoming scene of a mountain full of Sakura. Bad outsome, the whole place was still beautiful.. but not even a tint of pink. It was peacefully green.. a total green.

I cant help to feel how lucky we were the other time. We hit the rite time and rite spot without pre-planning. On the other hand, I cant help but to feel the lost.

Then I finally realized, just like the transience of life, the appeal of the sakura goes beyond their evident beauty. It lies in the fact that the flowers are only in full bloom for a few days. The real "moment" of hanami is not so much looking at the flowers on the tree but watching with a tinge of sadness as they fall from the tree, flutter in the spring breeze on their short journey to the cold earth below. It's a beautiful but melancholy reminder that all life must come to an end. Hence, we should really treasure what we have now but not to be regret over what you had lost, time is too short for us to be remorseful all the time.

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The Final Match

Date : Sunday, July 09, 2006
Time : 6:55 PM

France plays Italy for the World Cup Final today. Billions are watching around the globe. The final goes to Italy who won the game in penalties. The second overtime included a bizarre headbutt attack by France star Zidane that had him sent out of the game. It was a vicious headbutt and a very silly move considering what was at stake. It was Zidane's final game and the final World Cup Game. I cant imagine what did Materazzi said to bring it on.

Well.. Got to wait for another 4 years to catch the fever again. I cant help but to wonder. Where will be in the next world cup??

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Date : Saturday, July 08, 2006
Time : 7:42 PM

I am flying!! I am really flying!!!

I had always wished to do the para-gliding ever since I seen it in aussie. Its a tempting sport where you can enjoyed the incredible bird view of the landscape. I knew how difficult and dangerous it could be but hey I can always do a tandem flight to get a taste of the thrill to soar like an eagle!

And finally the opportunity came. This vendor of mine had been practising hang-gliding for quite some years. He agreed to introduce some friends of him who provide tandem flight services and I managed to drag Dawn to go with me.

The flight took off is from the Pedra Bonita (525m high) and landing is on São Conrado Beach. My pilot was Bruno, and young and energetic guy.

I had a chat with him while signing my affidavit of responsibility (basically to sign my life off to some pilot that I hardly knew). In the next minute, I was getting kitted up. Bruno helped me to put on the security equipment which includes belt, snaps, hooks, helmets and emergency parachutes. The harness, which is quite a snug fit....you have to make sure your head and limbs fit through all the right holes. It was quite daunting. By the end I felt like the Michellin man!

I was then given some explanations about the flight which is simple. We practice a running together, running side-by-side and that is it. For a perfect take-off, I need to run down a 33-feet platform alongside the pilot.

Soon it was our turn to take-off, we were being hooked up side by side to the huge glider, I was instructed to put my right arm around Bruno's back and hold his shoulder. My left hand was to hold on a strap linked to the glide. I noticed he was holding a remote to control the DVD-camcorder, and we both posed at the camera and here we go, smiled, clicked, and set off!!

Wat an adrenalin thrills! The next seconds we were lifted off the ground. It felt so smooth and wonderful! I wasn't nervous at all. We rose higher and higher, the views of Sao Consador beach and the nature forest beneath were spectacular! I could not stop grinning and smiling at the glorious view! Soon we were on top of the sea.. woo.. the head of the swimmers appeared to me like floating coconuts in the sea.

The flight was short, (probably ten to twelve minutes) and bruno told me that its time to land. He was a good pilot and the landing was smooth and fast!! It's the most thrilling part of the flight as I was so scared that I might fell with my face plunged deep into the sand.

In short, it sums up a real refreshing, unforgettable memory!! Glider 1

Update: I checked the DVD and there aint’t any images in there!!! I called Bruno, the pilot and he agreed to let me have another free flight. Hohoho.. so .. more to come!!

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Friday nite-out!

Time : 4:54 AM

We had a farewell breakfast for Claudia and Dawn this morning. Wow.. a big spread of food. Yum Yum...

Its Sexta-Feira aka Friday nite, so off we went! To Dawn's farewell party at down town near Assembleia. What a havoc week i had!

Again, we were there eating.. My stomach was grumbling, and hell!! We ordered two grand pizza, tons of fried chicken and two big plates of french fries with bacon. Daniela, Lisandra and Livio, 3 pretty gals from the other office were staring aat me with their eyes popped and mouth opened. Haha.. they couldnt imagine how i manage to swallow so many things in one go.

Vivianne was there too. Boss's ex-secretary, a pretty lady whom he greatly praise. Haha.. i still remembered wat he told me last nite abt his criteria of choosing secretary: Looks outweigh capability. Well.. Vivianne really lives up to her baeuty and watmost she is capable too! She is currently working as a world famous company's director's private secretary and she is doing her part-time degree too. I can tell she likes me a lot and apparently she too had heard abt me from her little sister Lilian, our office's receptionist like wat i had been told abt her. Even thou its the first time we seen each other, but it felt like we had known each other for a long time.

Different from Cosmopolitan, the ventilation here was better, and the crowd was younger. There was a dancing platform at the corner, and soon it was packed by crazy dancers.

A rockingly fun nite, exciting and insanely sexy! Well.. cant share the details but two words, THUMBS UP!

Towards the end of the party, i helped Boss to finish up his caipirinha and they set home. Dawn and I joint Monica and Barbarra to Midnite Bowling at Barra. I was real bad at it and still not getting any better. Hehe.. but it was real cool to bowl again after such a long time.

Monica and her husband Rudiner was kind to send us back to Niteroi, Dawn and I had a hearty chat, a cool nite!

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Claudia's Cosmopolitan

Date : Thursday, July 06, 2006
Time : 11:59 PM

Just got back from 'Cosmopolitan'. We had a party for Claudia, who is leaving the company. She is a good fren of Pauline, too bad Pauline was not here for her farewell.

The pub was kinda small and crowded. As usual the Brazilian started with drinking and talking, and we SGrean started the party with ordering foods. =P

The party got heated up when the music start blasting. My Brazilian colleagues are all born dancer. They were really good at twisting and twining, blending their body movement into the music.

It was such a scene to see so many people crowded in a small space, dancing with the music even without a dancing platform, how casual and passionate!

I had a few caipirinha, and boss too started telling me a lot of his love adventures. Haha.. I think in Brasil, people tense to loosen up and learn how to enjoy life more. Merrily hanging out and enjoying the fun and get sweat from dancing and dancing!

I am too tired now.. Gotta jumped into bed with my wet hair now..

Dun forget dat I am still a pathetic OL who need to wake up early tomorrow. ^_*

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My Red Flower

Date : Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Time : 3:55 PM

I received a pot of red flower todae. =) A tribute from a sweet kind soul.
And if you're reading this, thank you heaps! Its lovely. =)

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Brasil Lose. =(

Date : Saturday, July 01, 2006
Time : 7:54 PM

It only happens once every four years, but when the World Cup comes around the exciting mix of sport and nationalism draws the world together like no other tournament can. And, in a football-maniac-country like Brasil, neighbourhoods shutdown with crowds of revelers waving their flags and taunting their opponents. So if you can't beat them, join them.

What better places to watch World Cup action than at the street near our apartment, surrounded by soccer-crazed fans, with a beer in hand. It would be a mortal sin if I didn't do at least one real-life football street-watching. Hence, since Pauline was not ard, Jimmy and I decided to catch the big game between Brasil and France outdoor.

As we passed by all the hair salons and supply stores on my way to the street, the shops were closed and I saw men and women gathered around television sets much in the way I suppose the people were when we first put a man on the moon. That was so sweet, to see all the full grown acting like kids obsessed with cartoons.

The street was so crowded, there was a tentage with a big projector placed in the middle of the street, accompanied by Brazilian party music. People were dancing, chatting, drinking and eating. Wat a party!

Jimmy and I tried to get a best spot to enjoy our game. However, it seems quite impossible to catch a glimpse of the match with so many Brazilian hunks in front of us.

I spotted a road-sign post with square base and guessed wat, I had been maintaining this same post throughout the game! A guy passed by and requested if he could take a pix of me, hah.. I think the brasilian must hv thot I had gone mad.

The game started with slow pace, no goal conceded in the first half, the crowd seems less excited and some began to worry. 0-0 at the half of a France-Brazil match? Not in anyone's predictions. The chances were there, the finishes not quite. Jimmy and I ran quickly back to our apartment to relief ourselves after two can of Itaipava.

Second half began. Two young brasilian approached us and expressed their disappointment in Brazil's performance. They bot us more beers and we start talking and commenting the game in two different languages.

Time passed, a disappointing show by Brasil, still not rising to the occasion. France on the other hand is more crafty and hard working and.. GOOOOOOAL!!!A cross into the box from the far wing rite to Henry's boot from Zidane for a slam against the net! 1-0 France!

The game continues, the crowd were as panic as the Brazilian team, however none of the substitution of players (which happened many time) nor the last-min strike-back helps. The Brazilians were playing frustrates, getting carded and booes and sensing loss.... It's the end of the world as the crowd knew it, and I din feel fine as this will marked the end of my time-off from work after Brazil was kicked out.

BEEE!!!! The game ended officially. Brazil's star-studded team is leaving Germany without the trophy many assumed it would take home.

I watched the crowds shedding tears, hugging each other, shaking their heads in grief AND some immediately went back to party when the party-music was played before calling it quit. The World Cup has ended with a bitter taste for Brazilians but life still has to go on.

To tell the truth, I was never so involved and committed to a World Cup like this before. I was so glued to the event that most of my friends in Singapore were constantly asking me about everything. My World Cup experience was enhanced in many ways.

I remember the few games that we watched in Jimmy's apartment. Usually when Brazilian scored their goal, although the streets outside were empty, through the open window we could hear loud cheers and shouts of excitement coming from the open windows of other homes and buildings. The guys in the apartment above us would start stomping their feet with joy and perhaps jumping up and down, cheering loudly. The uproar was contagious; it was so endearing to see how excited a whole street (and in that sense a whole nation) could get over one simple goal. Now towards the closing moments of the World Cup and the official end of Brasil attempt to be the 6th World Champion, I already feel nostalgic of these times, this fever and this madness that took over the world. I must wait another 4 years to have more heart attacks. I know that the next coach will endure heavy criticism and constant watch from the Brazilian, and the players will have to prove themselves more than ever. For the Brazilian fans the fall was too hard. Not only because of high expectations but for the lack of dedication of the players who din seem to understand what does that canary shirt means to their country.

"Football is a religion, the stadium is the temple, and the fans are the
worshippers. There is no other way to explain what happens when people gather in
one place in the name of football."

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