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Brasil Lose. =(

Date : Saturday, July 01, 2006
Time : 7:54 PM

It only happens once every four years, but when the World Cup comes around the exciting mix of sport and nationalism draws the world together like no other tournament can. And, in a football-maniac-country like Brasil, neighbourhoods shutdown with crowds of revelers waving their flags and taunting their opponents. So if you can't beat them, join them.

What better places to watch World Cup action than at the street near our apartment, surrounded by soccer-crazed fans, with a beer in hand. It would be a mortal sin if I didn't do at least one real-life football street-watching. Hence, since Pauline was not ard, Jimmy and I decided to catch the big game between Brasil and France outdoor.

As we passed by all the hair salons and supply stores on my way to the street, the shops were closed and I saw men and women gathered around television sets much in the way I suppose the people were when we first put a man on the moon. That was so sweet, to see all the full grown acting like kids obsessed with cartoons.

The street was so crowded, there was a tentage with a big projector placed in the middle of the street, accompanied by Brazilian party music. People were dancing, chatting, drinking and eating. Wat a party!

Jimmy and I tried to get a best spot to enjoy our game. However, it seems quite impossible to catch a glimpse of the match with so many Brazilian hunks in front of us.

I spotted a road-sign post with square base and guessed wat, I had been maintaining this same post throughout the game! A guy passed by and requested if he could take a pix of me, hah.. I think the brasilian must hv thot I had gone mad.

The game started with slow pace, no goal conceded in the first half, the crowd seems less excited and some began to worry. 0-0 at the half of a France-Brazil match? Not in anyone's predictions. The chances were there, the finishes not quite. Jimmy and I ran quickly back to our apartment to relief ourselves after two can of Itaipava.

Second half began. Two young brasilian approached us and expressed their disappointment in Brazil's performance. They bot us more beers and we start talking and commenting the game in two different languages.

Time passed, a disappointing show by Brasil, still not rising to the occasion. France on the other hand is more crafty and hard working and.. GOOOOOOAL!!!A cross into the box from the far wing rite to Henry's boot from Zidane for a slam against the net! 1-0 France!

The game continues, the crowd were as panic as the Brazilian team, however none of the substitution of players (which happened many time) nor the last-min strike-back helps. The Brazilians were playing frustrates, getting carded and booes and sensing loss.... It's the end of the world as the crowd knew it, and I din feel fine as this will marked the end of my time-off from work after Brazil was kicked out.

BEEE!!!! The game ended officially. Brazil's star-studded team is leaving Germany without the trophy many assumed it would take home.

I watched the crowds shedding tears, hugging each other, shaking their heads in grief AND some immediately went back to party when the party-music was played before calling it quit. The World Cup has ended with a bitter taste for Brazilians but life still has to go on.

To tell the truth, I was never so involved and committed to a World Cup like this before. I was so glued to the event that most of my friends in Singapore were constantly asking me about everything. My World Cup experience was enhanced in many ways.

I remember the few games that we watched in Jimmy's apartment. Usually when Brazilian scored their goal, although the streets outside were empty, through the open window we could hear loud cheers and shouts of excitement coming from the open windows of other homes and buildings. The guys in the apartment above us would start stomping their feet with joy and perhaps jumping up and down, cheering loudly. The uproar was contagious; it was so endearing to see how excited a whole street (and in that sense a whole nation) could get over one simple goal. Now towards the closing moments of the World Cup and the official end of Brasil attempt to be the 6th World Champion, I already feel nostalgic of these times, this fever and this madness that took over the world. I must wait another 4 years to have more heart attacks. I know that the next coach will endure heavy criticism and constant watch from the Brazilian, and the players will have to prove themselves more than ever. For the Brazilian fans the fall was too hard. Not only because of high expectations but for the lack of dedication of the players who din seem to understand what does that canary shirt means to their country.

"Football is a religion, the stadium is the temple, and the fans are the
worshippers. There is no other way to explain what happens when people gather in
one place in the name of football."

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