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Brasil First Match vs Croatia 1:0

Date : Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Time : 10:42 PM

BrazilVai Brasil!! Vai!!! Todae was the first match of Brasil in this yr world cup. We were allowed to knock off at 2pm in lieu of the soccer game. A hectic day for me thou. I had to goto Niteroi yard for medical checkup early in the morning b4 going to office. It was quite a scene on the street. Almost everyone were wearing brasil national team jersey. The shopvendors, the supermarket patrons, the taxidrivers, the office-boy... everywhere u go was flooded by yellow n green!! Everyone was parading in colors of their national flag. The car owners swayed their flags proudly while zooming along the street. Every corner of neighbourhood had been decorated with confetti, roads are painted, banners hung high up the buildings. Wat a city in yellow n green!! The high and passionate spirit was so contagious that i cant help to feel as 'high' as the brazilian. World Cup Fever
The medical checkup was fast thou i felt a bit giddy without any food for the past 12 hr. Stopped by Assemblia to look for HR, had my breakfast with Ed at a nearby bakery. A nice morning to sit down by the street, sipping my orange juice, biting my sandwiches, chit-chatting wif Ed and enjoying the yelloe-greenish parade.

Reached office ard eleven. The office were also full of yellow & green & white. Jovial and excited. World Cup fever was upon us. The world’s most watched television event had commenced and all of us need to rush back to catch brasil first match in this yr world cup!!

Left office at 2pm and the traffic was terrible. The street situation was similar to our Chinese New Year Eve when everyone was hurrying home for reunion dinner, whereas in this case ppl hustled home for the TV live match. The roads were congested, several streets were cordoned off by party people getting ready to celebrate Brazil’s victory. We was caught in a heavy traffic jam hence it was already 3pm by the time we reached home.

Jimmmy cooked some porridge and a lot of good stuff, preparing us for a feast while watching the game!! The game start at 4pm sharp. Having the forever smiley, talented cool fella -Ronaldinho, (ex-)superstar Ronaldo, add the talents of Kaka, Robinho, Adriano, Juninho AND the Adidas Teamgeist ball, Brasil team seems to having a recipe for goals. Brazil getting the samba into play early with Ronaldinho dancing around like a ballerina. What a joy to watch. He was such a cool guy and i simply admired his joyous attitude. I believe he must be a happy-go-lucky guy in real life. The solid Cratia team was playing great too. Their defence was good However, i was quite disappointed as Brasil wasnt playing as passionate as wat i had expected. A bit of a slow start to the game as both teams work out the nerves. Neither team looked especially sharpe. Finally!!! 43:25 GOALLLLL. Kaka with a blast. He took two dribbles and smacked it from outside the box with his left foot. Great shot. A handsome guy who even sweat in a cool way. Wat a luxury brasil has.. Croatia played them even but a late first half goal gives Brazil a huge lift heading into the dressing room. With a blink of an eye Kaka hammered that shot. Can’t turn your back on Brazil for a second. The cheering was sooo loud that even in the apartment you can hear it clearly. People start walking out to the Balcony, swaying flags and blowing horns.. Before that, the street was like a ghost city.. no cars or patron on the road as everyone is either sitting or standing in front of a television set. Haha!! Football is really in the Brasilian blood.

The 2nd half was so-so. The obstinate croatians tried to fought back but without success. Not much excitement except for a streaker on the pitch. He got down and kissed Prso’s shoe. Well played streaker but you are gonna spending the night in a German jail. That might have been the highlight of the game. He was fully clothed and painted face with croatia colors. Finally, Brazil came away with a 1-0 win thanks to a great goal by cute Kaka in the first half. Croatia played the defending champions even but Brazil earns the three points and is now tied with Australia atop the Group F table. A fairly yet uninspiring win. However, it doesnt stop the Brasilian from celebrating the victory. Beeps and honks and shouting can be heard all over the building and neighbourhood. Streets were once again full of people and cars.

I was rather appalled by the performance of Ronaldo, hoping that he can proed that weight issue is not a problem for him. Looking forward to a better coordination, improve defence and more stunt from Ronaldinho in the nect game. Not to forget my fave- Kaka's gifted talents and spped( and of course his cute face too)!! . Soccer Girl

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