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Day 1 Buenos Aires Trip

Date : Thursday, June 15, 2006
Time : 10:50 PM

We woke up at 3am in the morning, there wasnt any car in the street hence we reached airport as early as 4:30am. I should noe it was a bad sign when we couldnt see our flight number on the electronic board. After a long search and a big 'tour ard the airport', there appeared the check-in counter. Everything was in a mess, no proper queue system, no understable PA system, and then i realised why Singaporeans can be so proud of our Changi Airport .
The flight that we were taking isnt a direct flight and we supposed to transit at Montivideo. The plane shall set off from Montivideo and then picked us up from Rio b4 flying back to Montivideo, Uruguay.We were told that the airplane was delayed due to the foggy condition in Montivideo, hence we need to wait until further notice was given. It was a LONG LONG WAIT and the plane eventually arrived at 1pm in the afternoon. If i were to noe this.. i would hv spent a few more hrs slumbering in bed..

Reached Buenos Aires ard half past six. The driver almost become a giraffe and we felt glad that we finally smelled the BA's air. Our travel agent was a very very sweet-looking, beautiful young lady. All of us are ogling at her while she briefed us on the half day tour tmr and passed us all the voucher for lunch and etc. I had to reckon dat her natural beauty had charmed us over and we had to take a pix wif her b4 releasing her.

Our stomachs were playing tantrum so
we headed straight to Puerto Madero, a new port with lotsa nice and classy restaurant for fine dining and wining, intend to get some really nice seafood. We went to a Italian restaurant named 'La Parolaccia' recommended by the hotel concierge. However, we cant find any seafood on the menu. It turned out that there's actually two 'La Parolaccia' restaurant, one is 'La Parolaccia Trattoria' which serves excellent traditional Italina cuisines and the other one is 'La Parolaccia del Mare' which serves seafood. Anyway, the ambience of the restaurant was magnifient and nostalgic. Too bad we couldnt get a table next to the window which overlooks the river as the tables were all reserved. The view was gorgeous. We managed to struggle through the ordering session with the help of the English speaking captain and the spanish chef. Steven had pink salmon, Dawn who decided to abandoned her vegetarian title tried the seafood risotti and i had their signature pasta - squid-ink ravioli("Raviol neri al salmone"). This black ravioli filled with salmon mousse and covered in a spring onions sauce with caviar... it looks awesome and classy!! Oh ya.. not to forget the Peach champaigne that compliments the food. Overall, the food were a bit too cheesy and strong for our taste bud. The retaurant was very busy and i can see the Argentines love it.

After dinner, we wandered along the street here at night, among other strollers. Known as Paris of the South, B.A is indeed a nice, pretty city with lots of monuments and statues, offering a good walk after meal. The weather was damn cold and we were all trembling. Despite the low temperature and the bone-biting wind, it was lovely to walk leisurely and just looking at the restaurants front this little promenade. The nite seemed magical...but then again so was my companions. The only bad news is that my face was getting allergic with the chilly wind blowing straight onto the delicate skin, causing my face red and itchy.

At the end of the docks, there was the floating Casino waiting for us. We got the vouchers for the Casino entry and a free drink each. Out of curiosity, ( we are not gamblers for sure!!) we went in to take a look. No cameras and videos were allowed. The casino was full of smokers and gamblers. The games are standard, 99 gaming tables - Slot Machines, Roulett, Poker, Black Jack, Punto y Banca(North American Baccarat) and Craps. Pauline and I tried the Jackpot and we won 2 pesos. Ha!!

It was fun but we din stay long as all of us were exhausted after the long day. I shall jump straight into the bed after taking shower. There goes our first day in Buenos Aires. Goodnite, Argentina!

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