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Jen Arrival

Date : Thursday, November 30, 2006
Time : 11:10 PM

Pauline is extremely happi todae. Her friend Jennifer had flewn 37k miles from SG to Rio to pay her a visit.

Jen arrived yday and we decided to bring her to Porcao in Niteroi for a typical Churascarria dinner.

We were stuck in the traffic jam for nearly two hour becoz of the rain. Luckily we had stocked up our secret weapon from the recent trip back to SG, hehe, survived thru the long boring journey sia!!

Poor Jennifer was so freaked out by the bloody half cooked steak on the skewer, which Boss enjoyed like nobody business.

I just noticed Jimmy is a serial "baby" killer. He hunted for all the baby lambs and the waiters seems so amused by this great 'baby-meat' eater.

Look how ecstatic Jen was on her first glance at the desserts served here!!

Whew.... the papaya and strawberry creme is a must try!!

Dinner end at ten and we went home with huge and full stomaches. Now u noe why people put on weight after coming to Brazil -_-.

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I can SMELL..

Time : 3:30 PM

Xmas!! Yeah.. its all in the air.

I was trapped in the car along Scotts Road when i was in SG. With a thousand golden and bejewelled birds, richly-coloured ornaments, gold foliage and fairy lights, the Orchard Road district has been transformed into ‘The Enchanted Christmas Garden’.

I was strolling along Champs-Elysees and the simple yet charming xmas lighting turns the street into a paradise, heralding both the festive and commercial seasons.

I stepped into office today, surprised by the Xmas decoration and immediately lighten up by the megawatt smile of my very own three Santarinas. =)

Three diff countries in three continents, embracing the same joy in celebrating this special seasons. Oh.. Christmas... how magical! =)

PS: Xmas Freebies for U!

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Wat to do with Rashes

Time : 2:48 PM

Eeww... I hv this pinky rashes all over my neck.

Tacky Yucky Pinky Rashes which appeared on my neck while i was window shopping along the famous Champs Elysees Avenue, enjoying my up-town-gal thingy.

I thot it might be due to the cold temperature and the freezy wind in Paris, and it should come n go soon, but hey.. the stubborn rashes do not seem to subside until todae.

Wat the hell.. i hope the Aloe Vera Gel could do some serious help.


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.Back in Rio.

Date : Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Time : 11:33 AM

As those who might be wondering, yupe, i was back in SG without catching much attention thou. And now i am back. Back in Rio.

Ya. i had not been blogging. It's not that I haven't wanted to; I'm sure many of us know the feeling - you encounter a particularly inspiring or irritating person, object, or situation and you think - this would be so blogworthy, when I get home I'm going to write abt it... and the words begin to fall into place in your mind. Only you never really do get home till it's too late and the moment has passed, and then the words are either forgotten, or exhausted into nonexistence.
Time's been so short during vacation, and when I hadn't been slogging there's been so much more out there to do other than to write - perhaps it's habit-forming OR past-time, not-blogging. Watching Grey's Anatomy, walking Zico, visiting the gym (or not), seizing the few moments I can to catch dinner with or talk to a friend... blog? Where got time. and how KNS, my cammie was down eversince i touched down SG and only to discharge from the Casio Service Centre just before i flew back.

Nonetheless, here's some update on what i had been doing for the past weeks:
Catching up with colleagues - my beloved bunch of wonderful kakis, who fantasticallly made the sometimes-boring-working-life unbelievably warm and easy; spent as much time with mum and dad listening to their nagging and counselling; walking and hanging out with Zico as much as possible- this notti jackass just cant bear to leave me alone; ironing out some old-need-to-be-settled personal issues; changing my career into a full-time Asian food connoisseur (Ow.. the food..I lurveeee the food); visited Wala-wala and had a real sweet evening sipping beer over Vongole wif the 2 most precious person/object of my current life; had a series of mind-blowing marathon session(wat a sweaty-dirty-yet-feel-good workout =P, if u oe wat i m tokking abt!!); experiencing the Tai-Tai's life to visit salon, manicure and spa in the cozy noon when everyone else are working their asses off; caught two movies: The Prestige(cool!) and Happy Feet in cinema; met up wif Marg- my lovely childhood fren and well there are still tonnes of tasks i had not accomplished: din getta see a long list of buddies; hatefully dissappeared from the dinner wif Kate, Sharry n the rest due to the unforeseen circumstances; unable to get a Lasix consultation; too little shopping and hey.... I can go on n on u noe... n ya.. I do hate it when i need to get on the plane back to Rio.

Surprise!! An early X'mas gift from the great marathon runner of the year ^_*:

Muito obrigada, my dear!

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The crave..

Date : Thursday, November 09, 2006
Time : 9:33 AM

Do you get a craving for ice cream when you have a fever, and for a shot of anything when you have a sore throat? I had been thinking of Holland V Laksa for days.. Counting down.. counting down.. Sure, I miss the local food: two-dollar prawn mee near my office; seven hum chim bheng for a dollar at Maxwell Food Centre; chilli crab at East Coast Seafood Centre; dim sum at Chinatown; roti prata with egg and onions at Serangoon; satay at Bedok centre; Tau Huey + You Tiao at Geylang and teh bbq stingray at Clementi! Cravings can be satisfied even at two in the morning. But now for me local food will always be Jimmy's cuisine, the flavours of home and family. Probably the food aint wat i m missing.. Aw. man, cant wait to leave now for the big hugs and wet kisses waiting for me halfway round the globe, 11 time zones away(+1 daylight saving = 10 time zones).


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Kicka Germs!

Date : Monday, November 06, 2006
Time : 8:37 AM

Woke up on the wrong of the bed this morning, as if i had had too much moonshine last nite. Suffer from a wicked sore throat.. i can sense its coming.. first it was a yucky scratchiness which i stubbornly ignored for several days. Now the scrathiness finally metamorphose into a real serious sore, and if you know, that kinda put a damper on things.

drats. i SO wanna kick them wretched germs outta my system!


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Spring forward!!

Date : Sunday, November 05, 2006
Time : 8:30 AM

yea.. daylight saving starts todae, marks the official beginning of sweet summer and my new WO programme. Even the baby violet is generously sharing out its first contribution for this summer.

Summer is here, and its time to hit the beach! Now i m going out for a lil' jog of my very own summer!! Sunny

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posted by the little red devil at 8:30 AM | Close-Up Evidence | 1 Witnesses
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