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Oozing away

Date : Sunday, December 31, 2006
Time : 6:00 PM

Had an early New Year celebration last nite @ Hard Rock Cafe, Barra.
It was actually Ms Pauline's bday cum Jimmy's and her farewell party.
The dance floor opened at 11pm but it wasnt as packed as usual. Prob the midnite owls were all recuperating @ home in preparation of tmr's new yr's eve party.

Nevertheless, our spirit went oozing after a rounds and rounds of B-52 and sky-fly shots. Dance.. dance.. and more dance..

Results of over indulging.. Hangover for the whole day.. Had been sleeping and lying in the bed for the past eighteen hrs. So u guys who sent me smses during the countdown, pls dun blame me for late reply, okie?

Thanks Jim saviour for ur hangover remedy delivery. =) Tadas.. Fighting fit again for dinner n New Year Eve Firework Party later!!

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.My Brand New Shopping Experience.

Date : Saturday, December 30, 2006
Time : 4:07 PM

I hv nothing against people go nude in gym's or swimming pool's changing room, but seriously its hard not to stare at the variety of sizes and shapes when the public showcase took place in a big shopping centre wif mixture of customers.

Went shopping todae.. A real eye opener experience. It seems to me Brazilian ladies dont appreciate privacy at all. Or maybe its just natural to flash your boobs if u r gifted to a perfect pairs??!!

Even thou there is changing room available in the shop, I was shocked to see the ladies here prefer to stand outside or leave the curtains on while trying on the clothes. The point is: brazilian ladies generally have big boobs n most of them like to go braless. And I like them becoz.. it was really an eye feast while I stood there waiting for vacant changing room, holding on to a handful of shirts, staring at the 'sea of breast', dunnoe where to focus my eyesight at. (*lecherous smile*) I m sure shopping aint sucha bugging assignment for u guys now huh. Hmm

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Waiting On an Angel

Date : Friday, December 29, 2006
Time : 11:26 PM

Waiting on an angel
one to carry me home
hope you come to see me soon
cause I don't want to go alone
I don't wanna go alone

Now angel won't you come by me
angel hear my plea
take my hand lift me up
so that I can fly with thee
so that I can fly with thee

And I'm waiting on an angel
and I know it won't be long
to find myself in a resting place
in my angel's arms
in my angel's arms

So speak kind to a stranger
cause you'll never know
it just might be an angel come
knockin' at your door
knockin' at your door

And I'm waiting on an angel
and I know it won't be long
to find myself in a resting place
in my angel's arms
in my angel's arms

Waiting on an angel
one to carry me home
hope you come to see me soon
cause I don't wanna go alone
I don't wanna go alone
don't wanna go
I don't wanna go alone

- Ben Harper -


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Crime Paradise

Date : Thursday, December 28, 2006
Time : 5:18 PM

Rio hit by gang attack again last nite. It was reported that the series of attacks were planned from jail by the gang leaders. At least 12 police stations and police posts were attacked with automatic fire and grenades; 4 buses were burnt; and gunmen were reported to stopped the firemen from getting close to the scene. This wave of bloodshedding violence were finally put to an end this morning but the deaths and injured had casted a dark shadow to all residents and tourists who rushed to the city in preparation of the yr end firework party at Copacabana's beach cum Black Eyed Peas live concert.

Be frank, i am kinda scared after reading the news. Imagine u worked in sucha city and the tragedies occurred at your usual hangout places. On one hand, I am glad dat i wasnt any where near the scene, on the other hand I feel a deep sorrow for this city of which I hv stayed for more than 7 mths.

The mafia rampage is no longer a news to the residents in Brazil. The corruption, the poverty, the social inequality which leads to endless violence attack in the past years. All of this has become almost normal, something the people want to stop, but in front of which they feel powerless. Hence, life carries on. And in the center of the city, the culture of Rio continues: the concerts at Teatro Municipal, the sunbathing on the beaches, the endless parties and nothing can stop a soccer game in Maracana.

Brazil could really be a paradise to stay if the crime and violence aint pulling the country from its potential. This is a problem which cant be solved in years, and a worry that cant be eased by praying. I am only hoping that no more tragedy shall fall upon the innocence and helpless people before the new year come. Sad but true, until the political will can be found to tackle the root of all problem, this 'social civil war' seems set to continue.

Update: Just when i finish writing this entry and abt to pack and go home, I am told by my colleagues that another bus was set into fire in Niteroi (near the place where I stay). Haiz.. scary sia. Still hv to take ferry and go home now.

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Xmas Intruder!!

Date : Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Time : 11:00 AM

Santa did not come on xmas eve. However, i got myself an unwelcomed intruder on xmas day itself!

Was happily watching a Japanese animation : Brave Story. Wat an irony, my bravery, on the other hand, was tested to the max!!

First, it was a lo...ong, weird, deafening kettle- boiling sound which gave me a startler. I muz had tilted my head exactly like wat Zico always did while trying to figure wat the hell it was and where the hell it came from. After maintaining the same position for ten seconds, it came to me that the only possible source hv to be the fan's motor since there aint anything else in my tiny little studio hallway.

I stand up to off the fan and continue to indulge in my fantasy world of Wataru fighting his way to change his destiny. ( the animation dat i was watching, rem?)I was so engrossed in all the adventures and fightings and magics in front my 14" laptop monitor, and Holy Crap!! A huge black shadow (together wif chilly flipping sound) flew passed quickly through the corner of my eyes.

With feelers slithering in every direction, accompanied with a high pitch screaming, I swang opened the bedroom door and slammed it shut behind me. The next moment I knew, i was hiding inside the blanket, counting the thumping sound of my pounding heart. And i swear.. i can still hear the flying demon flipping his monstrous wings outside the door, trying to knock open a hole to join me in my blanket!!!

I dunnoe how long i had been hiding.. but apparently i struggled into sleep not long after.....

I was in the middle of my sweet slumber... and suddenly i was awakened by the strange yet familiar kettle-boiling sound!! Huh?? I tot i ored off my fan?? Gosh.. I took a peep at the clock which shows 2:30am, the wee hour in the morning. Here it came again!! That shrill, sharp, piercing voice resounded through the house, and seemed to twinkle in the outer darkness like a devilish fire. It repeated for a few times and finally my mind was clear enuf to match the sound with the flying demon outside my room. It dawned upon me that it muz be a cricket!! For god sake, i had not seen a cricket nor heard one b4. I thot cricket was supposed to chirp merrily in the story book i once read??

There was an indescribable trill and tremble in the chirps, at its loudest, and which suggested that flying demon had being carried off its legs, and made to leap again, by its own intense enthusiasm. The intense flipping sound of his wings shows that the demon too must had been struggling to get out of this unfamiliar place too! Nonetheless.. all these flipping .. chirping.. darn little bugger making racket outside my room was too much to bear and i cant imagine if it hadnt found its way out when i woke up the next morning without my skin started to crawl.

I was deadbeat at 6am when i finally concluded and confirmed that the stupid cricket had failed totally in searching his way out. I had been hiding in the bedroom for almost twelve hr then(Lucky me has a built-in bathroom)!!! But i really dare not to step out of the room with the cricket flying and chirping ard outside. I was 100% sure dat i will hv fainted if the cricket flew rite into my face at the moment i opened the door! Yucks..!! I had to get out and set off to work!

Then.. i spotted the hp on my desk. Not dat i had any other choice... I had to rang Jimmy and Pauline who hold the spare key of my apartment to come for my rescue.

Jimmy came armed with weapon- SHELTOX!! Wimpy me and Pauline can only peeped thru a narrow opening inside the room while Jim- the Great Warrior fighting a battle with the flying-midnite-killer-singer. The whole process took abt ten minutes and the war ended wif Jim the warrior declared his triumph and Pauline & I sweated in pale. Well.. Pauline was much better than I was thou. Shame but true... I completely lost my dignity in front of this ugly flying monster.

For god sake... I wonder how a cricket can come out with such a chirping sound? With a voice so astoundingly disproportionate to its size!! My only wish is no more cricket shall ever ever come into my house animore, this gotta be a full-blown phobia, i swear! No cricket when i open my door and enter my house today, wif my finger crossed!! Fingers Crossed

P/S: Pauline and Jennifer came back from their 'SA-conquering-tour'. see wat my dear Pauline got for me from Peru. Peachy!You're The Best

P/P/S: Update- I had done some research online and decided that it wasnt a monster cricket that broke into my place yesterday. Its actually a Cicada. Click the link to hear a Cicada,On ur speaker to the max n thats exactly the horrible sound i heard last nite!!!


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My Neighbour

Date : Saturday, December 23, 2006
Time : 3:12 PM

My neighbour-Vera, invited me to her place for tea.

Her husband is a pilot and most of the time she is at home with her two grandchildren, Melissa and Atum. Two brilliant and lovely creations of God.

Vera's place is nicely decorated wif xmas decorations and ornaments, I can actually picture a great xmas party going to be held here: Love ones gathering around a table with yummy food and the obligatory turkey, xmas carols playing in the background, red suede hats atop the heads, stolen kisses under the mistletoe, and the presents opening session under the xmas tree. Gosh.. made me miss my family n frens more...

Ronnie- Vera's son, a handsome charming Latin hunk, invited me to the coming Samba's Carnival. How cool huh. too bad.. i got my darlings waiting for me back in SG. Hehe.. had got the tix confirmed on 14th of Feb. Yea! no need to spend my CNY here =) Cant help but to jump up and down in excitement! Jump For Joy

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Have a Jolly Xmas!!

Date : Friday, December 22, 2006
Time : 12:10 PM

Funny thing abt work. When you are getting too much, you complain. When the load reduces to a trickle you get bored. Getting it right is damn near impossible. Especially wif the festive season around the corner working life has gotten a far bit slow and slack.

The last day of work before the long weekend. It'll be me focussing on doing nothing for the rest of my holidays so I doubt I'll be making any updates here for a while. Plan to mostly kick back and relax and enjoy my DVD marathon at home. House M.D. Season 3 and HK TVB series will prob be my Xmas buddy this year.

So.. If you guys n gals stop by here in that time:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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A Letter to Santa

Date : Thursday, December 21, 2006
Time : 8:52 AM

Dear Papa Noel,

They said if you believe it by all faith, things will come true! I believe u muz be somewhere out there, and you better be real. =P

Is it true that you only fancy good boys and good gals? I hope that's really not true, because first, I am no longer a kid, and secondly, I haven't been very good during the year. I've eaten too much chocolates, spent too little time with my parents, and lost my temper one time too many at people who have been nice to me. I've also constantly forgotten friends' birthdays, and not spent enough time listening to them when they need to talk to me. In short, i ve not been a veri good gal dis yr, but i promise i shall behave the coming year.

With this, I am wondering while you are delivering all the presents to everyone around the globe if you may also be able to sneak in to my apartment in Rio and fulfill a few wishes of mine. Instead of bringing me that new Macbook I have been wanting or that Cartier Watch which i have been dreaming for, or the Travel-all-ard-the-world airtix which I could REALLY use, I thought that maybe... just maybe... you could take a look at my list below and grant me a wish or two.

First of all, could you make me a better person? So that I will make the effort to spend more time with my parents, rather than choose to spend my free time for myself only? Also, that will help me be more giving and caring to my friends and loved ones, whom I feel I have taken for granted. Please also remind me to walk Zico daily because i think i have not been spending much time with him this yr.

Also, could you give me more patience and wisdom? I hate it when I snap at people too quickly, I noe that's nasty, and I feel guilty everytime i did that. Especially when people whom I snap at do not snap at me. You know that is not fair, and I am sure you would love to make this world a much fairer place than it is. Also, i tend to behave like an idiot especially in front of the people i care, i seriously need some wisdom( but not tooth) for that.

By the way, Father Santa, could you also take away sth from me when you pop by? I shall be glad if you could take away any excess pounds that I have. It's cold where you are from, so piling up on pounds isn't a big issue. But here in Summer Rio or tropical Singapore, excess pounds just aren't exactly needed. It'll be my pleasure to give some of mine to you OR it would be best if you could actually move the excess flesh to where i want it to be.. hehe... That'll make dolling up easier for me. (I reckon that this may give me a shopaholism problem next year, but hey, that can be taken care of in my next Christmas wishlist to you right?)

Thank you soo much, Father Santa. I hope I am not asking for too much and i promise i shall be good for the coming yr!

I'll hang my sock up on Christmas eve. See you soon!!


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Xmas Miracle?

Time : 8:37 AM

Virgin komodo dragon laid egg?? Read here.


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"Okaeri Nasai"- Welcome, MASTER!

Date : Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Time : 5:06 PM

Maid Revolution on its way!!!

Cosafe Maid Cafe, the 1st Cosplay Cafe in Singapore opened recently, located at Chijmes 30 Victoria Street #01-11 CHIJMES, which is within walking distance of otakus and fujoshis' favourite gathering spot.

Based on 1980s anime theme made popular in Japan, the brainchild comes from a 16 yr old student who is also a Cosplay fanatic. Well, of course.. the bulk of the setting fees came from her parents lar.. I wonder how the cafe looks like, hows the services and charges, how cute and alluring their uniforms are and most importantly hows the standard of the Meidos aka Maids!

Frankly, i hv my doubts. Ya.. the concept itself is pretty cool and most likely will attract a pool of otakus/fujoshis and those who are looking for sth new, but how long can this frenzy selling point last before people start to get sick of it? Despite the heavy human traffic that CHIJMES get, the bars and pubs are usually filled to the brim, not the restaurants. The rental is definitely a killer if the restaurant fail to hv a constant flow of customers. Aniwae, another dining choice for us, we shall see how it goes. ^_*

A peep at the newly opened Cafe:

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Cold Turkey, any taker?

Date : Monday, December 18, 2006
Time : 9:45 PM

We were given a frozen stuffed turkey each as xmas gift. The office delivery boy happily handed over the cooler bag to me just before i stepped out of the office.

Hmm... Wat should i do wif this huge chicken looks-alike thingy? Em...

1. Dance a little Mr-Bean-inspired Turkey Dance?
2. Hold a Turkey-Pot-Luck Party on xmas eve?(since now all of us have turkey to 'play' wif)
3. Set up a stall by the road side and 'lelong' all our turkeys?
4. Oh no.. i m at my wits end, wat shud i do with this dead body?

At the end of the day... hee.. i decided to give it to CO, the couple who stay in the penthouse of this building keke.. and I earnt a new-year-fireworks party at their roof top with 360 deg vistas of Icarai Beach and Rio. Too Happy 1 hurray!!

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Me and my colleagues

Time : 11:23 AM

DD sent me a mail abt the suicide incident in the office building. Sounds scary. Cant help but to wonder, we may have spend most of our daylight hours in the ofiice, but how much do we really know abt our colleagues? How much do we care about the people around us and wat can we actually do to them when they neeed our help?

I didn't brood on this question for long, for the answer to me was simple: go to work, and keep smiling. Do your duty, whatever it may be - and be glad that you awakened this morning in good health. Fulfill your mission in life - and delight in the wonder of it all. Remember your partner of him doing his work, caring for people around you as he/she would have do to you. Above all, spread a smile or two as you go about your day - it can lighten the load of those who suffer, your burden included!

I am lucky to have a bunch of colleagues whom i can communicate with, which some of them also become friends whom i can actually confide to. Mmm.. i really cant say i hate my job, for it has given me a chance to know all of you!!

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HSA nodded for GARDASIL

Time : 9:14 AM

Was browsing thru asiaone online, great to see that HSA had finally approved Gardasil vaccine, which means gals n women in SG can now opt for this vaccine which was proven to be effective against cervical cancer.

At the moment, only females aged between 6-26 are allowed to get the vaccine. The cost inclusive of three injections and consultation is betw $600 -$700, a bit pricey but i think its rather worth it consider the fact that Cervical cancer being the world 2nd most common women-killer.

A jolly news to all females out there i presume! I have no 2nd opinion and would definitely schedule an appointment as soon as i get back to SG.

Yes, trust me fellas, being a woman sucks sometimes.
Don't get me wrong.... I love my soft skin, my hairless butt, my hairless chest, my hairless jawline, and my feminine shape. I love the fact that I get better shopping choices, and i do enjoy dolling up. I love that it's socially acceptable for me to carry a purse and wearing a dress. I love the fact that simply saying "because I'm a woman" is enough justification for having over 100 pairs of shoes.
But you know all these come at a price. Oh, what leaps of joy I would take when the day comes that a man will know what PMS is like. Or even what giving birth is like. Or knowing how scary it is being exposed to all medias and articles reminding us of how dangerous is the breast cancer/cervical cancer. It's no party! Yes, so being a woman sucks and I am soo glad that NOW we have a vaccine to protect ourselves! Gals, lets all go for GARDASIL!

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Perfect Time Table

Date : Sunday, December 17, 2006
Time : 7:09 AM

Gonna get myself one of dis watch. Spaz

Thanks to Beverly for the GREAT contribution. Thank You


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Quit bugging ME!!!!!

Date : Saturday, December 16, 2006
Time : 9:26 PM

I hate headache... but worst of all.. i m a frequent sufferer from freaking headachie.

Seems like a tension headache, but seriously i dun reckon i m under stress. Could be migraine, but i dun feel nausea either.

This creepy + cruel attacker comes and goes like nobody business and it visits few times a month without prior appointment. Sometimes it fades within a few hrs, but most of the time it lasts for one whole day.

I dunnoe wat the hell trigger the blardy headache, It can takes place anytime, anywhere: sudden change in temp, hot weather, pre n pro- menstrual, skip a meal, staring at the computer monitor for too long & etc... It seizes control every now and then shamelessly, attacking the poor helpless me. Hammer Head

Wat an unbearable pain in life.. How nice if i could change a head like replacing a harddisk of the computer. Sh*t!!! There goes my beautiful Saturday.


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Christmas Brunch

Date : Friday, December 15, 2006
Time : 11:20 AM

We had a Christmas brunch in e office todae...
Real cool.. everyone brot sth from home n it turned out to be a big sumptuous breakfast buffet.

No pix thou, left my cammie @ home. =(


Got a company BBQ at Niteroi yard todae, so hehe.. onli need to work half a day! =P

Saw the xmas tree at the office lobby.. whoo.. Full of presents for the poor Favela kids.
Thats y i lurvveee xmas.. Its the thots dat make xmas warm. I just cant get enuf of CHRISTMASSS!!!! Stocking

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Slack Thursday

Date : Thursday, December 14, 2006
Time : 10:08 PM

Half of the week has gone.. another half to go.

Woke up rather late todae. set off from home at 8. Jim n I took the slow ferry to Rio and decided to pamper ourselves with a McDonald breakfast.

Tried the Bacon McNifico, sth like BK's turkey bacon dat we hv in SG but not as yummy. Here in Rio, I still prefer Bob's burger. Thinking

Saw shrimp cracker in one of the shop, *eyerolling* !! Definitely not sth u can find easily in Rio. R$3.70 for a pkt. Hehe.. expensive thou but its worth to satisfy our short term craving. SO.. we bot 2 pkts!!
Mmm....The taste of home.. Sigh.. u guys could nv imagine how its like. Set the mood now. Can hop around with a permanent grin plastered on my face for whole day long. Sunshine


DING!!!! another surprise for the day. Hey, i think Santa 3D Santa muz hv heard my prayer.
Keke... reach office jolly enough to find a box of Praline ( DROOL....) on my desk. An early xmas token from my Muslim Algerian colleague, Mohammed. Oh...How sweet!

Took BUS for the first time in Brazil. Had long heard of the reckless drive but yet to experience it. The trip turned out pretty fine and interesting.

Conversation betw two suaku Gringos in the bus:

Jim: hey hey, i tink hor we need to pull the string when we wanna get down the bus.

Zee: Sure or not... i tink its for u to grab when the driver brakes ler..

Jim: aiya.. u try n see la..

Zee: dunwan. later people laf @ me how. u try lar..

Jim: cheh.. u try better la.. hey, if not then how? how to tell the driver to stop huh?? i tink i saw the brazilian pull the string ler..

Zee: hey, wait a min. U saw DAT?? got button wat. alamak. y u soo stupid one. got button to press still wanna stand on ur toes to reach the string.

Jim: Hurr... u sure? later the button not working how?

Zee: Hmm.. okie lar... we see wat the brazilian do lar... worst come to worst... u pull the string n i press the damn button lar.

Five mins later..... Erb... Puzzled Jim n Zee looking @ each other

Jim: Did u see how they do the job?

Zee: Ya.. i tink the brazilian prefer using mouth then hand. Just go forward, talk to the driver and ask him to stop wherever u want lar! Cheh..


Thats call COMMUNICATION my friend! Heck the technology!
(Oh ya.. btw, both the string n the button actually works!)

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Welcome To My Life

Date : Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Time : 3:55 PM

Do you ever feel like breaking down?
Do you ever feel out of place?
Like somehow you just don't belong
And no one understands you
Do you ever wanna run away?
Do you lock yourself in your room?
With the radio on turned up so loud
That no one hears you screaming

No you don't know what it's like
When nothing feels all right
You don't know what it's like
To be like me

To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you're down
To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one's there to save you
No you don't know what it's like
Welcome to my life

Do you wanna be somebody else?
Are you sick of feeling so left out?
Are you desperate to find something more?
Before your life is over
Are you stuck inside a world you hate?
Are you sick of everyone around?
With their big fake smiles and stupid lies
While deep inside you're bleeding

No you don't know what it's like
When nothing feels all right
You don't know what it's like
To be like me
To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you're down
To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one's there to save you
No you don't know what it's like
Welcome to my life

No one ever lied straight to your face
And no one ever stabbed you in the back
You might think I'm happy but I'm not gonna be okay
Everybody always gave you what you wanted
You never had to work it was always there
You don't know what it's like, what it's like

To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you're down
To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one's there to save you
No you don't know what it's like (what it's like)

To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you're down
To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one's there to save you
No you don't know what it's like

Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life



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i wanna a festive holiday too!!

Date : Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Time : 1:49 PM

Pauline and Jennifer is leaving for their long-planned SA Adventure. COOL!!

I shall be soo lonely for the rest of the month.. The office is gonna be cold and quiet, most of the people will be going on leave during the festive season.
How i wish i can put up an official notice board: "OFF in search of Santa". =P


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Mighty Beetle

Date : Monday, December 11, 2006
Time : 9:48 PM

Hv this crush on VW Beetle, nvr noe this pettite moving box can do wonder too.

Spotted this by the roadside before dinner. =)

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Sunday Excursion

Date : Sunday, December 10, 2006
Time : 9:37 PM

Today is CK's bday. We decided to go Barra for a nice lunch. =)
Bingo! My fav brazilian food: MOQUECA!! It is actually a seafood coconut milk stew, (normally using fish or prawns), very much alike to our Asian's curry but not spicy at all.

If u were to ask me, i would think Brazil’s sensual and mystique aura is all captured within this typical Afro-Bahian dish, just a sip of it, i m sure ur taste buds will be delightfully tingled!!!

After lunch, we went for coffee/tea and ice-cream @ Barra Shopping, the largest shopping complex in Barra de Tijuca. Haagen Daz Rum and Raisin. Slurppiee ^_*

Those who comes to Rio in December should nvr miss the world largest floating Xmas tree @ Lagoa. We drove past Lagoa, managed to get a glimpse at this giant xmas tree structure which lit up last sat. Tons of people crowd to the lake celebrating the festive season here every year.

Lagoa has its own signature floating tree, Niteroi on the other hand has a HUGE xmas tree on top of the hill near niteroi museum. It happened to be the light-up-ceremony tonite and lucky we came back just in time to witness the firecrackers over the sky on Niteroi bridge.

Hurray.. i just realise i get a full view of the nicely decorated xmas tree from my apartment's balcony, i shall try to take a few pix IF possible. Goofy

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Friday is here.. finally =)

Date : Friday, December 08, 2006
Time : 9:00 PM

Claudia, the office secretary made some nice bracelets and necklaces for sale.

Look See wat i got for only R$8!! Good buy huh. Thumbs Up

PS: saw that yellow racerback she was wearing? yeah... the colorful handwoven details was one of her creative work! How SMART!! Good Idea

Technip (our consortium's counterpart) has a big party tonite. Early yr end party for xmas and new yr.

Each of the employees was given a normal green T wif the company logo @ the centre, each of them were to re-design the T-shirt and wear it on the Party!!

The ladies are soooo excited since morning, hehe.. when it comes to party.. no brazilians will ever miss it.

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How come..

Date : Thursday, December 07, 2006
Time : 5:00 PM


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To all my dearest December Babies

Date : Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Time : 3:33 PM

Happy birthday to all my sagi- pals!!

Specially dedicated to the following~

Hey, bunb: happy belated birthday, hope the crystals brings you all the positive energy you need!! I might not have said this to you, but YOU, u r a REAL fren dat i treasure hard.

And.. you.. Mr Hooligan, happy bday once again. Dun worrie... I din forget.. n .. i DO feel glad knowing u!! Thanks for all the rolling good times we spent together. =)


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