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Slack Thursday

Date : Thursday, December 14, 2006
Time : 10:08 PM

Half of the week has gone.. another half to go.

Woke up rather late todae. set off from home at 8. Jim n I took the slow ferry to Rio and decided to pamper ourselves with a McDonald breakfast.

Tried the Bacon McNifico, sth like BK's turkey bacon dat we hv in SG but not as yummy. Here in Rio, I still prefer Bob's burger. Thinking

Saw shrimp cracker in one of the shop, *eyerolling* !! Definitely not sth u can find easily in Rio. R$3.70 for a pkt. Hehe.. expensive thou but its worth to satisfy our short term craving. SO.. we bot 2 pkts!!
Mmm....The taste of home.. Sigh.. u guys could nv imagine how its like. Set the mood now. Can hop around with a permanent grin plastered on my face for whole day long. Sunshine


DING!!!! another surprise for the day. Hey, i think Santa 3D Santa muz hv heard my prayer.
Keke... reach office jolly enough to find a box of Praline ( DROOL....) on my desk. An early xmas token from my Muslim Algerian colleague, Mohammed. Oh...How sweet!

Took BUS for the first time in Brazil. Had long heard of the reckless drive but yet to experience it. The trip turned out pretty fine and interesting.

Conversation betw two suaku Gringos in the bus:

Jim: hey hey, i tink hor we need to pull the string when we wanna get down the bus.

Zee: Sure or not... i tink its for u to grab when the driver brakes ler..

Jim: aiya.. u try n see la..

Zee: dunwan. later people laf @ me how. u try lar..

Jim: cheh.. u try better la.. hey, if not then how? how to tell the driver to stop huh?? i tink i saw the brazilian pull the string ler..

Zee: hey, wait a min. U saw DAT?? got button wat. alamak. y u soo stupid one. got button to press still wanna stand on ur toes to reach the string.

Jim: Hurr... u sure? later the button not working how?

Zee: Hmm.. okie lar... we see wat the brazilian do lar... worst come to worst... u pull the string n i press the damn button lar.

Five mins later..... Erb... Puzzled Jim n Zee looking @ each other

Jim: Did u see how they do the job?

Zee: Ya.. i tink the brazilian prefer using mouth then hand. Just go forward, talk to the driver and ask him to stop wherever u want lar! Cheh..


Thats call COMMUNICATION my friend! Heck the technology!
(Oh ya.. btw, both the string n the button actually works!)

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